November 2021
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320K SF data center design with 49 MW of critical load

This 10-acre site will include three facilities totaling 49MW of critical IT load and 320,000 gross square feet of space once fully developed. Built to Tier III+ standards with an annual design PUE at full capacity of 1.2, the campus offers 300W/SF average densities and can support high-density applications.

EYP MCF is providing Trusted Advisor Services throughout the process of planning, designing, construction, and commissioning of the project. 

Our subject matter experts provided guidance during the basis of design, schematic design, design development, and construction documents phases. 
Confidential hyperscale client retrofit of 15 data centers
EYP MCF was selected to provide professional Engineering and Architectural services for this hyperscale provider. 

The requested services included the development of an engineering and architectural design package for each data center to include all drawings, schedules, and specifications for all upgraded equipment, including control panels, safety indicator lights, associate cabling, and appropriate signage. 
EYP MCF will also be reviewing local permitting and code requirements of each site to verify the level of documentation required for permit review and approval.
Eco-friendly colocation data center design 

This colocation, eco-friendly campus sits on 10 acres in Quincy, WA and includes two single-story data centers. The data centers will provide 21MW of critical IT load in 90,000 square feet of space, where power density levels must scale to 240W/SF.

EYP MCF is providing trusted advisory services throughout the process of planning, design, construction, and commissioning. The client selected EYP MCF to provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) services and act as a representative for the Co-Lo provider. In this role, EYP MCF’s responsibility is to ensure the Co-Lo’s design standards and business objectives are respected and reflected in the projects. They will be validating compliance of the project BOD (Basis of Design), with local code requirements and conditions, and working with local construction teams to evaluate cost optimization opportunities. 

Colocation retrofit design of 3 data centers 

EYP MCF was selected to lead professional engineering and architectural design services for this confidential colocation provider, including support for construction administration at multiple data center sites.

Specific services included final BOD (Basis of Design and engineering calculations inclusive of one line electrical design, analysis of existing loads, pre-purchase specifications and engineering drawings for all major mechanical and electrical long lead items, and preliminary sequence of operations plans. EYP MCF is also responsible for delivery of final documents to the contractor for cost estimation;  and leading BIM coordination meetings for all disciplines. They will also issue, monitor and provide owner assistance on permit packages upon 90% completion of the Construction Documents. From there, they’ll assist the owner in negotiating and/or bidding the Construction Documents with potential contractors.
Commissioning through design, construction, start-up and initial period of operation

EYP MCF is to acting as the commissioning authority (CxA) for the third and fourth 8MW Vaults for a confidential colocation provider. The primary role of the EYP MCF Commissioning Authority (CxA) is to act as the owner’s advocate to ensure that all parties adhere to the design intent and the contract documents.
The project includes prefabricated UPS Rooms with an electrical equipment containerized solution. The vault will be served with cooling supply air via fan coil wall (FCW). The PUE for the project is an annual average of 1.3 or better.
To achieve these objectives, the CxA assists in defining and documenting the owner’s criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability. In addition to developing and coordinating the execution of a testing plan, they also observe and document the performance of the installed systems. 
Sustainability certifications and core & shell commissioning
EYP MCF was selected by this top-ranked global colocation client to provide core and shell Commissioning LEED services.
The project scope included design and equipment submittal review for equipment pertaining to LEED certification; development, implementation, and schedule of a commissioning plan; factory witness testing, and Level 4 functional test scripts. 
During the commissioning phase, EYP MCF provided on-site commissioning services for the electric unit heaters, split system cooling units, and the temporary lighting system and controls. EYP MCF also completed all the LEED documentation pertaining to the equipment listed above. 
The project will look to obtain LEED Silver and Energy Start Certifications. 
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