December 2021
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Blockchain Mining Data Center

EYP MCF was selected to provide data center design services for this newly formed US-based Bitcoin mining company, to provide hosting capacity that will accommodate 200 megawatts (MW) of power capacity for planned operations. It will also have an option to secure additional hosting capacity to allow for another 100 MW of power capacity.

This company will become a leading infrastructure service provider for advanced data processing companies and a leading hosting provider for blockchain mining companies.

As part of its Tier III+ data center designs, this new data center campus focuses on technologies that support high performance computing and is one of the first to adopt liquid 2-phase immersion cooling technology's
500 MW Data Center Microgrid Campus

EYP MCF was selected to develop a master plan and design budgeting for a data center (and cost of power) that is expected to have a 500MW capacity. This project is involving a fully island-able microgrid with multiple reliability requirements.

The development of this project included:
Defining a set of electricity supply sources to generate or store electricity. 

The difference in TCO Between 100% renewable generation and use of lower emission fuels like natural gas.

A control system to manage the interactions between demand points, supply points, and the network—as well as outside information sources critical for optimizing microgrid operations.

A set of electricity demands - one or more customers with various devices that consume electricity: For varying levels of reliability. 
Crypto mining data center
This Data Center Client was looking for a dependable and trusted Cx partner to help them with their first 2MW Data Center. 

EYP MCF provided trusted advisor support and verified the owner-performed commissioning and independently validate the integrated operation of all systems functioning together. EYP MCF’ s MEP team performed a peer review of the design.

EYP MCF’s commissioning team was also involved during the design phase providing a commissioning-focused design review to then collaborate with the client to develop re-functional checklists and functional test scripts.

EYP MCF Cx team supported the client with the test and performance of the equipment being evaluated during integrated testing.
Confidential hyperscale client data center commissioning
EYP MCF was selected to providing commissioning support and quality management for multiple data centers in the United States and Mexico.

EYP MCF performed receipt inspection, ensured that all equipment had been properly started up, all inspections and tests had been completed, all issues resolved and closed out and all inspections, tests, startup forms and documentation had been filled out, complete and uploaded into the commissioning data base so that each data center buildout could move into the Acceptance Phase. 

This is one of the multiple projects EYP MCF has participated with this existing client, maintaining a strong and long lasting relation.
Eco-friendly colocation data center design 

EYP MCF was selected to provide commissioning services for a two-story greenfield data center that will include the installation of a standard prefabricated POD system. The initial build will include data hall cooling and power equipment with a capacity to deliver 10.5 MW gross power (9.0 MW critical plus reserve) plus the admin office and MMR areas.

EYP MCF will provide data center commissioning services for the project throughout construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation, adhering to best practices for commissioning mission critical facilities. 

EYP MCF will review the project requirements, equipment submittals, sequence of operations, and the basis of design, and perform a commissioning review of the design to discover and bring forth any issues that could improve reliability or affect the ability to commission the project. 
Data Center Reliability Study

EYP Mission Critical Facilities was selected to develop a reliability study of the electrical system for this cloud provider.

The goal of this study is to provide different alternatives/combinations of utility combinations and backup energy storage that required to ensure 99.999% availability at the rack level of this data center.

The scope will include statistical analysis of the reliability, availability and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for the critical electrical infrastructure. This analysis will be specific to the design of the infrastructure and does not consider human and/or maintenance factors. 
DCD Panel Discussion (Spanish Keynote)