November | 2018
Vacuum Control Methods
When it comes to controlling vacuum, understanding which method to implement is imperative . Vacuum control valves can be designed for use into 3 distinct methods.

Proportion-Air understands the nuances inherent in each method and we love to help identify the best fit for your application. Nearly all of our pressure regulators can be used in vacuum; let us help you choose the best control method.
Method #1
Inline Vacuum Control
Inline vacuum control can be used in both static and dynamic conditions and sized for most flow rates. In this process, our electronic pressure regulators act as a restriction to the process by limiting (controlling) the amount of vacuum.

Method #2
Vacuum Generator
This method is used when a vacuum pump is not available and/or when only shallow vacuum control is required. The Proportion-Air regulator will control positive pressure across a Venturi, pulling a vacuum in the process. Linearity is achieved with our 2nd loop vacuum transducer providing feedback.

Method #3
Vacuum Breaker
This method is often used when flow requirements prohibit inline direct control. Positive pressure is injected into the process to "break" the vacuum to the desired control point. When sized properly, tight vacuum control can be achieved.

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