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March 7th, 2017
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Two  or three times a  year, we send one of  our team members to a couple of  markets  and  grocery stores  to  compare  their  inventory,  quality,  and  prices.   We  never know  what’s going to come  of it, and we  often go in with several questions: How does the produce look?   What local and organic items do they  offer?  And, perhaps most important:  How much does it cost?  

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Citrus season is coming to an end soon so be sure to enjoy the last Florida Grapefruit of the season this week.

Tangelos, Cara Cara Oranges and Blood Oranges will disappear soon as well.
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Featured Local Produce Item
  Winter Spinach

from Queens Greens

Certified organic greens grown with care from seed to harvest in Amherst, MA

This fresh, crisp, dark green spinach is perfect for salads, smoothies, and just about any recipe that calls for greens!

Organic Produce Sale Items
Blood Oranges
$2.99 / pound
$4.99 / pound
Bartlett Pears
$1.99 / pound
Baby Carrots
$1.99 / bag
$2.99 /package
European Cucumber
$2.99 each
St. Patrick's Day Special
10% Off
Corned Beef
St. Patrick's Day
is March 17th.

Sale this week only!
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Time to Order Easter Hams
Easter Ham
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Garrett County

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Grocery Sale & New Items
Online This Week Only
from Onesto
NOW $5.29 
Regularly $6.59
Mousse Paté
from Les Trois Petits
NOW $7.69 
Regularly $9.59
from Nature's Path
NOW $3.69
Regularly $4.59
Raw Honey - 2 sizes
from Wee Bee
NOW $10.69 & 14.89
Regularly $13.29 & $18.59
from Maple Hill Creamery
NOW $6.19 
Regularly $7.29
Salad Dressing
from Appalachian Naturals
NOW $3.89 
Regularly $4.89
from Napa Valley Naturals
NOW $4.59 
Regularly $5.69
Turmeric 3 Roots Tea
from Numi
NOW $6.89 
Regularly $8.59
from Pasta Legume
NOW $4.79 
Regularly $5.99
Seasoning Sauce
Soy-Free Shoya
from Ohsawa
NOW $13.09 
Regularly $16.39
Cheese, Wine & Beer of the Week
Available to delivery & market customers
15% OFF
Reading Raclette
Spring Brook Farm, Vermont

Raw Cheese Aged at least Three Months 

Reading is a semi-soft Raclette style cheese ideally suited for melting over vegetables, bread or meats, yet it can stand alone on any cheese plate. It offers a creamy, nutty flavor that is again unique to this cheese coming from cows grazing in Vermont pastures. In the Swiss Alps where Raclette was first produced, they serve this cheese with tea or other warm beverages.

10% OFF

2013 Château La Tour Grise Chenin Noir

from Loire Valley, France

SALE Price $17.99

Regular Price $19.99

Grape Varietal: Pineau d’Aunis
Designation: Organic and Biodynamic
Notes: Pale red almost rose in the glass. Youthful, fun, blood-orange and cherry fruited, with swaths of white stones and pink pepper adding textured layers to this lighter-style red wine. Can be served with a slight chill and should be allowed to breathe and open up some before indulging. It will turn a frown upside down, especially when paired with grilled salmon, mild cheeses and snacks.
Drink if you enjoy: Lighter bodied red wines, like Pinot Noir and Carignan, with a little funk. Enjoy geeking out with friends over this fun and exciting wine made with outstanding care and technique.

10% OFF

2012 Château La Tour Grise Les Fontenelles

from Loire Valley, France

SALE Price $23.39

Regular Price $25.99

Grape Varietal: 100% Chenin Blanc 

Designation: Biodynamic 

Notes: A fresher style of “Orange” wine.  Made with Chenin Blanc grape, which typically produces delicious white wine. The winemaker leaves the skins in contact with the juice to impart more color, tannins and over all structure. The result? Pleasant dry straw, gold and green apple flesh with river stone minerality.  Recommended for decanting and tartaric crystals maybe present in bottle and on cork. The wine will age well in cellars. 

Drink if you enjoy: A new experience! Well made white wines with complex profiles and structure!

10% OFF
413 Farmhouse Ale

Big Elm Brewing, Sheffield, MA
SALE Price $11.42
Regular Price $12.69 

Farmhouse Saison, 6% ABV 

This Belgian ale is brewed with barley, wheat, chamomile, orange zest, hops, water and a Saison yeast.  Our unique recipe is meant to highlight some familiar farmhouse flavors while also breaking from the mold of the traditional. 

6-pack, 12oz cans

Check Out the Winter Craft Beer Sale on our website!

Featured Recipe
Megan Gilmore's new book No Excuses Detox has just been published and it is filled with some amazing new recipes!
I made these vegan quinoa bowls a few weeks ago and they were delicious and satisfying for lunches all week long.
More Recipes

This dish is prepared in a skillet and is full of flavor, but also dairy free using coconut milk as the cream base. Serve with rice, pasta, or zoodles for a complete healthy dinner!

Organic Chicken from Red Wheelbarrow Available

Pork and apples are a match made in heaven, and this delicious dinner is easy enough to whip up on a weeknight.  

Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business, our local farms and local food artisans. 

Your continued support throughout the Winter months is greatly appreciated. 
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