Newsletter #1 - 2020-2021
Peace • Love • Park Maitland
Dear Parents,

Despite the inevitable technology glitches and everyone learning new schedules, we had an amazing first week! One of our teachers, Sandy Bonus, texted me after the first day and wrote, “Today was amazing!!! Online students were so engaged and excited to talk! Never had so many questions and incredible conversations!! From a bad situation, so so much good comes!!!! On campus students were so happy, sweet, and ready to participate and create! I couldn’t be more proud!!” Her words were echoed all over the school during this past week. While we couldn’t necessarily see the smiles, we saw eyes light up throughout the week as they met new friends, reconnected with old ones, and began building relationships with our caring, outstanding teachers! 

I cannot let the first week pass, though, without thanking two distinct groups. First, a big thank you to parents for, time after time in the last few days, granting us grace for the little things and for expressing full support of the big-- providing love and knowledge for the 52nd year to our children. Second, I need to put into writing an enormous thank you to our tireless, brilliant, creative, and loving staff for their positivity and can-do attitudes, for their care of each and every student, and for their unwavering support of our mission and the Park Maitland experience. They are determined that it WILL happen, so I thank them all from the bottom of my heart!

I hope everyone within our Park Maitland family enjoys a restful weekend, and I cannot wait to do it all again next week!

Mrs. Spillmann 

September 1: Empathy T-Shirt Day - Hybrid A students
September 2: Empathy T-Shirt Day - Hybrid B students
September 7: Labor Day - No School
September 8: Students Begin Full Time on Campus
September 14: Grade 2 Virtual Parent Night
September 15: Grade 6 Virtual Parent Night; Dot Day
September 16: Grade 1 Virtual Parent Night
September 17: Grade 3 Virtual Parent Night
September 18: Grade 6 Virtual Parent Night
September 21: K-5 Virtual Parent Night; International Day of Peace
September 22: Grade 4 Virtual Parent Night; School Pictures
September 23: K-4 Virtual Parent Night; School Pictures
September 24: Grade 5 Virtual Parent Night; Fall Writing Day
September 25: K-5 Johnny Appleseed Day
A great first week was had by all!
We wish we were able to share in the combined energy of our usual back to school assembly. However, given our restrictions on large gatherings, we are very proud to share the 2020-2021 back to school welcome video instead.

Please enjoy!
Mrs. "J" Jaworski, our wonderful School Counselor, is so excited to kick-off the 2020-2021 school year!

Mark your calendars for "Parent Night"!

Park Maitland School teachers and administrators have great information to share with you about your child's "home away from home." This fun, informative event will be virtual this year! Zoom links and more information to follow in the coming weeks.

Monday, September 14th @ 5:00: Grade 2
Tuesday, September 15th @ 5:00: Grade 6
Wednesday, September 16th @ 5:00: Grade 1
Thursday, September 17th @ 5:00: Grade 3
Monday, September 21st @ 5:00: K-5
Tuesday, September 22nd @ 5:00: Grade 4
Wednesday, September 23rd @ 5:00: K-4
Thursday, September 24th @ 5:00: Grade 5

Emergency Alert System

On Thursday August 27th, at 10:30 AM you should have received an email, text, or voice message as a test of our emergency notification system. This system will be used in the unlikely event that we need to communicate information of an important nature to you, such as the school closing due to severe weather.

If you did not receive the alert on Thursday at 10:30 am, please complete this form
so that we can re-enter you into the system.
Being in the midst of Hurricane Season, it is important for families to review Park Maitland's Emergency Weather Procedure. Please read the below steps that will be taken in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Follow Orange County Public Schools’ Plans for the First Day Only!

In case of emergency weather conditions, we will follow the procedure outlined below.

1. See what Orange County Public Schools plan to do for the first day. We will always do what OCPS does for emergency closings in weather-related circumstances on the first day. They generally announce their plans on TV, radio, and on the internet’s local news sites.

2. After the first day of school closure, we will determine the necessity of closing our own school. The decision to re-open the school will be made independent of OCPS. The size of our school and our resources often allow us to re-open our campus prior to the public school system. We will send out a school wide alert to each family through email, voice mail, or text letting you know our plans going forward.

3. Our main channel for communication is through email. Please regularly check email messages from the school for important information and updates.  We will also post brief messages on our Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Additionally, we may use text notification and phone calls through the emergency alert system, to keep our families updated throughout the storm. 

4. If you have difficulty finding out exactly what to do about school, we would advise you to keep your child safely at home. Weather-related absences due to hardship will certainly be excused.

We urge families and staff to review their personal preparedness plan and supplies now to ensure readiness for the storm. 

Above all, we want our school community to be safe and prepared throughout!
Don't forget! Tuesday, September 1st is Empathy Day for Hybrid A students. Wednesday, September 2nd is Empathy Day for Hybrid B students. Be sure to wear your Empathy T-Shirts!
*Empathy Day is the first of every month.

Still need to place an order?
Click here to order a new Empathy T-Shirt and/or
Park Maitland Face Masks.

Orders are due Friday, September 4th.
Shirts will arrive late September, Masks will arrive early October.

If your have already placed an order for Park Maitland Masks, they will be delivered next week.

The front desk office hours are 7:30-3:30.

If you need to call after 3:30 regarding dismissal or pick up, please call After Care at 407-647-3038, extension 159.

Please remember to send your child/ren to school each day with a water bottle labeled with their name.

Water fountains on campus are closed until further notice.

*insulated water bottles are preferred.

If you did not receive an email from Alma (our new payment portal) on August 1st to set up payment details, please email our Business Manager, Ms. Ieleen Rundgren, for assistance (

The Alma portal will allow you to manage your account quickly and easily online. Functions include the ability to:

  • Pay tuition and other school-related expenses
  • Manage payment methods
  • Set up automatic payments
  • View/print account statements

Please be sure to frequently check your account for any new charges.


Only authorized parents (living north of Park Avenue and west of Green Cove Road) are eligible to turn left on Magnolia into our campus. If you have moved, need a replacement left turn hanger, or are new to the school, email Mrs. Ieleen Rundgren at to request.

The email should contain:
  • Parent’s name
  • Child’s name
  • Grade
  • Current Address 

Once approved, the hanger will be sent home with your child.

Don't forget to check our SmugMug page for event photos. The password to access is empathy2021.
Please click here for arrival/dismissal times and the bell schedule.

During the first few weeks of school, carpool may take a little longer than usual as our surrounding neighbors and all of our families adjust to our carpool routines. You can do a few things to help us make the process safe and more efficient. Please keep in mind, carpool rules are in place to prevent confusion (makes parents happy), to assist the city's flow of traffic (makes the policemen happy), and to keep the children safe (makes everyone happy). 

* At drop off, students should have their bags close by, seat unbuckled, and ready to "jump out" when an "arrival specialist" opens the door! Being prepared really does make a difference! 

* At pick up, be sure to display the Park Maitland issued yellow carpool tag with your child's name throughout the entire carpool line - from entering campus to exiting at the gates! This is a very important step in ensuring your child's safety! The yellow sign tells us the person in the car is authorized to pick up the child whose last name appears on the sign, and it helps us get to know parents and drivers by associating names with cars and faces! 

* NEVER EVER use your cell phone during carpool or any time you are driving on campus! 

Mrs. Talbert is excited to announce that Read to Lead for the 2021 school year will begin on September 1st!

The Read to Lead calendars and reading logs can always be found on Mrs. Talbert's website, so please bookmark this page:  

This year, Mrs. Talbert will also post the calendar and the reading logs to Seesaw (K4-2) and Google Classroom (3-6)! Please have your students turn in their reading logs via Seesaw or Google Classroom as well. If you have any questions regarding Read to Lead, please be sure to read the FAQ's, or feel free to email Mrs. Talbert at

We look forward to a fun year of reading, learning and growing!
Important News Regarding Epic!
All students K4-6th will be using Epic! on their iPads to read from home. It is important that each student is connected to our school "classroom" in order for teachers to assign books to the students. 

If you have not already connected to our classroom, please read this document to learn how. If Epic asks for a parent email, please do not use the student's school email address, it will not work. Please use a parent email address and look for an email from Epic verifying access to our classroom. Be sure to check your SPAM folder.

Also important to keep in mind, if a student is using Epic! from home during the hours of 6:00am and 3:00pm, they should be using our class code, which is rmm1702.

Any questions regarding Epic!, please contact Christine Talbert at
(Please note: Teacher pages are not updated for
the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)
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