Fri. Jan. 20, 2017
Rep. Bruce's Weekly Message

Happy New Year! The year is off to a busy start. We will say goodby to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. They will truly be missed. Like many people in America, I am concerned about the incoming President and what it will mean to working class citizens. I will remain observant and I hope that he will begin to seriously understand the complexities of having the most powerful job in the world. 

For those of you in South Fulton County, congratulations on the formation of your own city. This was the best example of democracy at work. Citizens decided on the form of government they wanted and organized themselves to deliver their message of self determination. I am very proud to have been a part of this effort and I am even more proud of all of the citizens that have stepped up to participate in the transition of our city.  Many people have asked questions related to the new city. I have added a section to the website to answer all questions. You can email questions to 

Finally, the 2017 session is now underway and we will keep you updated via weekly newsletter, so please make sure we have your current email address. Please share the email with others and have them visit my website  to join our contact list.

Legislative Notes
Legislation that Representative Bruce is sponsoring.

HB 21- The Economic Growth Act -
The Economic Growth Act has attracted the interest of people throughout the whole state of Georgia because of the positive aspects it can bring to the state. Some of these aspects include  
improving economic growth in distressed rural and urban areas,  increase job growth, more consumer spending, better education for some families and  improved standards of living for some.  This act will also create a Division of Supplier Diversity, which provides better rules and regulations that help women and minorities by insuring they are given their far share of government contracts. If you have questions concerning this legislation, please contact staffer Jason Gathing at 

HB 22: The Any Precinct Act - With all of the attacks on voting rights happening across the nation, Rep. Bruce believes that we should always be protecting one of our most sacred rights; which is the franchise (right to vote). This legislation intends to extend the rules of Early Voting in the State of Georgia to Election Day. What that means is that during Early Voting, voters are allowed to vote at any precinct in their registered and recongnized county. This legislation would allow for those same rules to apply on Election Day, which would make it easier for citizens to participate in the process.  If you have questions concerning this  legislation, please contact staffer A.D. Fields at

Juvenile Justice Bill: Currently we are trying to find a solution to the rise in juvenile offenders in our communities. With efforts from D.A. Paul Howard, we are working to establish legislation that will provide more resources to our county judges. The funneling of juvenile offenders who commit numerous offenses is an issue we must address. We plan to evaluate these offenders and place steeper penalties on them as well as funding and community support, are the keys to solving this ongoing situation with our youth. If you have questions concerning this  legislation, please contact staffer Sharon Matthews at
City of South Fulton News
News on our new city in South Fulton.

March 21, 2017 Special Election 

On Friday, January 13, 2017 qualifying for the inaugural city of South Fulton special election ended. This is an exciting time for the city and an opportunity to set the tone for what steps will be taken to ensure that the citizens of this area are represented to the highest regard. The following is the official slate of candidates for the City of South Fulton Special Election on March 21, 2017:

For Mayor of South Fulton:

Robert Bonner, Jr.
Bennie Crane
Robert L. Dawson III
William "Bill" Edwards
Ronnie Few
Gwendolyn Rainey Gillespie 
Rafer Johnson
Travis Townsend, Jr.
Ken Wainwright

For City Council, District 1

* Linda Marie Allen
*Kenneth Jarriel Anderson 
* Battiste Broadus 
*Tabatha R. Bryant
* Willie Davis
* Anthony Fulton
Ehimen Inegbedion
Koya Olateru
* Tracy Rolle 
* Catherine F. Roswell
* Nicolas D. Wilson

For City Council, District 2

* Angelia Bankston
* Sam Bowen 
* Damita Kay Chatman 
* Allyson Dozier
* Corro'll Driskell
* Carmalitha Gumbs
* Odari M. Head
* Asegun Henry
* Michael B. Ibidapo
* Kenneth F. Joe, Sr.
* Nicola Rochester 
* David L. Williams, Jr.

For City Council, District 3

* Samuel Wakefield
*Louis Bell
*William Breazeale
* Shanan Eugene Jones
*Deandre' Mathis
* Sherman McDonald
* Darris Rollins
* Johnny Surry
* Helen Z. Willis

For City Council, District 4

* Lenard Bryant
* Stacey Colier
* Anthony Cunningham 
* Dedrain Franklin 
* Gertrude Gilyard
* James W. Holmes
* Detrius Hill Jones
* Rochelle Lindsey
* Richard M. Loveland, Jr.
* Judith Martin 
* Mandisha Thomas 
* Barbara Ann Williams 

For City Council, District 5

* Kalvin Bennett
* Shawn Bulloch
* Rosie Jackson
* Robert H. Kelly
* Corey Alan Reeves
* Patrick V. Smith
* Kwame Wise

For City Council, District 6

* Khalid Kamau
* Carol R. Horne
* Charlean Parks
* Torrey Tomlinson
* Michael Venable

For City Council, District 7

*  Mark Baker
* Marcus Coleman
* Stalone M. Davis
Linda Pritchett 
* Alvin Reynolds
* Terri J. Taylor

Hot Takes

Under the Gold Dome
with Georgia State Rep. Roger Bruce (D-61)
Episode #1 Jan. 13, 2017.
Guest: Rep. Howard Mosby, A.D. Fields, Jason Gathing, and Sharon Matthews

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