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President's Message            December 23, 2019

Standing room only was the scene from Audubon's reception as we celebrated our 77th Annual at the historic Salmagundi Club, NYC.   Orchestrating the entry process by our Administrator with her Medium  Directors was the foundation of this venue.  They gave the show's "hanging team" 200 eclectic art works to masterly beautify the walls and pedestals in the Salmagundi galleries, paving the way for our museum art curator, Harry Bower, to carefully generate his fifty-one award picks as shown on our website. 

In keeping with tradition, several award sponsors made their way to the podium to present awards to the winners. And commentaries were in order for both sponsors and excited winners. How fortunate we were to have Kathy Engel, the granddaughter of our founder Michael Engel Sr. accept an invitation to present her three major sponsored awards, and to reflect on Audubon's history . Done through the eyes of her grandfather as well as her father, who played a major role as President and Historian during Audubon's formative years, Kathy played out the historic role of her family's contributions in shaping this prestigious art society.  Also honored was her grandmother and former Audubon member Mary Black Diller as sponsor of the Memorial Illustrators Award in Graphics. 

And for those fortunate to be in attendance, our guest speaker W. Carl Burger provided insightful, and hilarious entertainment. As the most senior Honorary Member of this art society, the Art Professor Emeritus Burger had no qualms about jabbing current "intellectual" art movements; but, he was quite generous with accolades about our exhibit. 
 Nothing but positive feedback was shared from members receiving the Anniversary catalog, as championed by Editor and First V.P. Evelyn Floret.  After a dedicated two year project of compiling historic documents and featuring that 2017 art exhibit , this catalog is worthy of a "coffee table" display with additional copies available from our Checkout section.   
Audubon Artists 2019 at the Salmagundi Club
Photo by Villo Vargas

I'd like to reach out to those exhibitors who now qualify for Elected Membership after being in three jury shows with us to contact me to become a member of our Audubon family. Also, anyone interested in starting a memorial award for a deceased member of our art society can contact me or to support an ongoing annual sponsorship for our former beloved president David Beynon Pena's memorial award which is set up in the Checkout section of our website ( www.audubonartists.org). As a bonus with membership, consider the link to your website from the Membership List for a nominal price, as listed in our Checkout section.
In closing, let's look forward to the next Spring/Summer issue.  We will send out a "heads up" to gather your newsworthy events and to announce the breaking news regarding the 78thAnnual. We are fortunate to have Pat Hutchinson, our Newsletter Editor, ready to gather pertinent info and implement this edition.                                    
Vincent J. Nardone, President
Audubon Artists Inc.
Who's Who at Audubon Artists

President:                            Vincent J. Nardone
First Vice President :           Evelyn Floret
Second Vice President:       Miklos Sebek  
Recording Secretary:          Denise Rolland
Treasurer:                           Christina Sanes
Elected Membership 
Coordinator:                        Carol Ann Chase-Jory
Associate Membership
Coordinator:                        Tony Migliaccio
Aquamedia:                         Marie-Paule Martin  
Collage & Mixed Media:      Jeffrey Berman
Graphics:                             Masaaki Noda
Oils:                                     Eric Michelson
Pastels:                               Jenny Lin
Sculpture:                            Evelyn Floret

Advertising:                         Jason Chang 
Admissions:                         Vincent J. Nardone
Awards:                               Johanna Lisi
Exhibition:                            Miklos Sebek
75th Anniversary  Planning
  Ad Hoc Committee:           Evelyn Floret
Exhibition Catalog:              Joe Villa
Financial Oversight:            Christina Sanes
Reception Hospitality &
  Entertainment:                   Tony Migliaccio
Newsletter:                           Patricia Hutchinson
Photography:                        Denise Rolland

Board News
From Your Audubon Anniversary Catalog Author, Evelyn Floret

When Vinnie Nardone asked me to serve as chair of Audubon Artists 75th Anniversary Catalog in lieu of the reception we forfeited since the exhibition space at the Salmagundi Club could not hold our artists' work at that time, I thought, no problem, it sounded like an enticing opportunity. As it turned out, there were lots of unexpected hurdles requiring constant oversight, revisions and editing of this complex document with complete dedication. Believe me, I'm not complaining, it was well worth it!
Since our last reception in 2019, and as a salute to our organization, we finally fulfilled our promise to deliver complimentary copies of the Catalog to our membership, treasured sponsors and contributors, in honor of our award winners and every artist's work displayed in the 2017 online show. As you hold the catalog in your hands, you take a trip through time to the present via words, images and rare memorabilia.
Contributions by the ever vigilant Vinnie Nardone, Joe Villa and his impeccable design, Pat Hutchinson, Tony Magliaccio, Johanna Lisi, Elaine Clayman, our Honorary Members, Gary Erbe, Carl Burger, Rhoda Yanow, Rhoda Sherbell, Miklos Sebek, as well as Alison Pena, Liz Angelini, Tova Navarra, Peter Barnet, the Martino family, Michael Engel Jr., Michael Engel III, Kathy Engel and the cooperation of the New York Historical Society...the result is a deep love of art that underlines our message today through all the yesterdays. We hope that your trip with first person accounts from 1942 to 2017 is enriching and enlightening. At last, we have this historical document that tells our story and honors our revered organization.
If you are interested in purchasing additional copies of our 75th Anniversary Catalog, they can be ordered in the Checkout section of Audubon website for a fee of $40 each.

      Evelyn Floret, First Vice President & Sculpture Director

The 2019 Audubon Artists Exhibition
Commentary From W. Carl Burger, Guest Speaker at Audubon's Reception

W. Carl Burger, guest speaker, with
Evelyn Floret, 1st V.P seated and Pres. Nardone standing
Photo by Denise  Rolland

What an auspicious year this 2019, the 77thAnnual of the Audubon Artists, beautifully mounted exhibition at New York's prestigious Salmagundi Club. Under President Nardone's guidance and work with the help of the executive staff and committee, this show was a veritable "buffet" of media representing the area's finest talent. The pieces embody the best of representational, abstract and non-objective schools. There's the new and traditional, truly in the spirit of diversity in the arts, quite refreshing, considering the dominance of "so called" "conceptual" parading under the guise of "intellectual." 
                                    W. Carl Burger,
Senior Honorary Member of Audubon Artists
                       Professor of Art Emeritus
Kean University, NJ

In Memorium
We regret the passing, within the past year, of our beloved Honorary Members E. Raymond Kinstler, Fred Staloff as well as Elected Members Donna Arvelo, Donald G. Jones and Olivia Koopalethes Alberts.

Audubon Artists is run by volunteers.  PLEASE do not send emails requesting information about the exhibit or catalog.  

Additional information will be provided when available via e-blasts.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

Artist Spotlight: Bill Ross
Bill Ross incorporates classically inspired visuals with meticulous draftsmanship to create his provocative artwork. Despite taking art courses at Ocean County College for a year and a half and two years at The Art Students League in NYC, Bill considers himself self-taught. He works primarily in charcoal, graphite and ink on toned paper or clay board.
Death's Icons

Bill is an Elected Member of the Audubon Artists Society of NYC having won three gold medals for the years 2013,2015 and 2019. He was also awarded the Gamblin Artists Award in 2018.
Gothic Bonsai

His artwork is handled by THE CONVENT PHILLY, a dark art gallery in Philadelphia.... theconventphilly.com ....and follow Bill on Instagram at @billrossartist.

If I Ran the Circus

Phantasy for Graphite and Ink

Bill Ross with The Narcissist (charcoal and chalk on primed paper)
Member News
Carol Z. Brody NWS, was awarded the Apple Shed Award for her painting, Party Papers, Ribbons and Confetti VI in the Rockies West 29 National Exhibition of the Western Colorado Watercolor Society, in Grand Junction, CO in March.

Party Papers, Ribbons and Confetti VI

Gary Erbe, Honorary Member of Audubon Artists, is the subject of a documentary titled "Discovering Gary Erbe...an American Legacy" 
Today's Special, 1970
Oil on Panel
Collection, New Britain (CT) Museum of American Art

On November 7, 2019, the Salmagundi Club, NYC hosted a premier screening of the film, sponsored by the Program Committee headed by Bonnie Seiler. 
Induction Ceremony

Mr. Erbe was inducted into the Nutley Hall of Fame in Nutley, NJ on November 17, 2019. Past inductees include Martha Stewart, Lloyd Goodrich, Reginald Marsh among others.

Left to right: John F. Demmer, Town Historian of Nutley;
John Simko, Director, Nutley Historical Museum; Gary Erbe, Inductee; and Vincent Nardone, President, Audubon Artists

Evelyn Floret  won the Gilbert and Marion Roller Sculpture Award for her bronze sculpture of Paul at the Allied Artists of America 106th Annual Exhibition 2019.


Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital bought Randy Globus's large scale watercolor during Art Basel week in Miami. A perfect home for this piece!

New Mexico artist Albert Handell uses pastels to respond both to the specifics of what he observes and to his emotional response to the locations. He says, "I will eventually frame the painting, not the location I observe, so the image has to be more than an exact replica of the landscape." To connect from the article from Plein Air Today quoted here and to learn more about Albert's classes and recent work, visit his web site, https://alberthandell.com.

Evening Glow on Palace Avenue

Over the Edge

Theresa Troise Heidel's paintings were shown in the Upper Gallery of the Spring Lake Community House in NJ from Aug,to Nov. of 2019. The exhibit, "The Magic of Light" featured many of her watercolors completed on location at the NJ Shore, Maine, the Adirondacks, France, England, Canada and Italy. 

Approaching Storm, Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ

Theresa Troise Heidel painting in southern France 
Photo by Christiane

An exhibit of Nina Martino's family's works, " Homage to 4 Martinos: Giovanni, Eva, Nina & Babette"  is scheduled for June 2020 at the Cosmo Club in Philadelphia. Some of these paintings have never been shown, while others have won significant awards. Ms. Martino will be giving a talk at the reception.
In Oct & Dec 2019 works by the GMFamily were auctioned at the Material Culture Auction House. The net proceeds of the auction have been donated to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for student Scholarships.  The Giovanni Martino Family Foundation and the collection will continue to generate funds through 2020.

Audubon Elected members Vincent Nardone, Tony Migliaccio, Louis Riccio and Rae Smith are Signature Artist Members of the Noyes Museum of Art, NJ.They were invited to exhibit in a group showing at the museum's Krammer Hall in Hammonton, NJ from September through October, 2019.

Idaho sculptor Ken Newman's bronze Mischief and Plunder (3 Magpies on a Snowfield) just completed the 2017 Bird's in Art Tour at the Las Cruces Art Museum in New Mexico. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI, purchased the sculpture, it joins Composed--a Long-billed Curlew in their permanent collection.

Mischief and Plunder

In October 2019 the Ocean County Artists Guild in Island Heights, New Jersey presented an exhibit of hand pulled original prints by members of their own Printmaking Club.  Fifty linocut prints by ten artists were on display.  
Leslie Ovechka  and  Arlette Malivernier, who are members of the Audubon Artists, Inc., were among the founders of the group which was established ten years ago after a demonstration of the reduction printmaking technique at a workshop hosted by the Guild.  Since those early years the Club has had successful shows at the Monmouth Museum, the Ocean County Artists Guild and Ocean County College.
The Printmaking Club is excited about their continuing progress and their promotion of this important medium.  An exhibition of their latest works will be shown at the Ocean County Artists Guild in September 2020.

Paintings by Audubon Elected Members Louis Riccio and Melinda Saminski were exhibited at the NJ State Exhibit for Seniors in East  Windsor, September 2019. Mr. Riccio won Best In Show for Senior Citizens in NJ.  Ms. Saminski won 3rd Place in Oils at this statewide competition.

Louis Riccio
Photo by Melinda Saminski

Melinda Saminski

Associate Members Barbara Calvo (Pastels)  and Jackie St.Angel (Watercolor) were invited to this state event by representing Monmouth County as their first place winners. 

Luis Rojas, Elected Member is showing his award winning mixed media work to Terry Esko and Diana Daniels at the Audubon Artists exhibit in the upper gallery of the Salmagundi Club.  They were on a field trip as students of Jeffrey Berman, Mixed Media Director and teacher at the Coney Island Innovation Senior Center, Brooklyn, NY. 

Luis Rojas, Terry Esko and Diana Daniels view the exhibit.
Photo by Denise Rolland

Villo Vargo's   Messages of New York No.3. painting was accepted for the 122nd annual exhibition of the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, in the National Arts Club this past January.  Her two watercolors, titled Joyful Children No.1. and No.2. were exhibited in the 20th Salon Exhibition of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, in 2019 February.
Ms. Varga also participated in the Summer Po-Up  and Fall Members' show at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition and she  exhibited in the Allied Artists of America 2019 Annual Exhibition. A solo show of her photography was featured in the Bergen County Players Theatre in September, 2019. 
Ms. Varga was awarded Honorary Mention at the American Artists Professional League 91 st  Annual Show, 2019.

Master Pastelist, Marlene Wiedenbaum, serves on the Board of  Governors  of the Pastel Society of America, assisting  at the Annual  Exhibit and PSA's Art  School. Ms. Wiedenbaum taught a workshop  sponsored by Uart  and  will teach  pastel  at  the Woodstock School of Art in 2020.  Her solo exhibit at Sam's  Point Preserve  was  well received, and she's  preparing for a two person exhibit  this spring.  

Sunrise on the Studio, pastel, 18"x24"

Visit her website at  www.wiedenbaum.com.  

New Elected Membership

Cattan, Alison
Privitera, Lana


Brody, William
Budden, Michael
Butler, Niamh
Clemens, Muci
Dellosso, Gabriela
DiLorio,  Jo Marie 
Steward, Aleta Rossi


Flax, Carol
Lambros, Louis


Chang, Amy
Chui, Lee-Hui
Liu, Yvonne
Meyerson, Jacqueline
Rhoades, Elizabeth
Weidenbaum, Marlene
Wright-Wolf, Jane


Ives, Martha
Prosia, DeAnn L.


Dendler, Deborah
Friedkin, Debra
Hyman, Susann
Smith, Barbara


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