Hello wonderful parents and community members!

We have great news.

Last weekend we ran around town collecting signatures, and our amazing lawyers filed the Notice of Intent on Tuesday.

This is the first big step in the paperwork process, and means we are on track for paper petitions in early April.

THANK YOU to our 30 proponents!!! We had incredible conversations with you. (And also thank you to everyone else on this mailing list -- we're looking forward to meeting you too!)

Your first mission

Get one friend to sign up on our website today. https://www.recallsfschoolboard.org

The one cool trick for recalling your elected officials is: there is no trick, just the hard work of signing people up for the effort, one by one.

Tell us how else you can help!

WE NEED YOU! Can you collect 100 signatures? Email a friend? Design a flyer? Answer emails? Introduce us to your alumni association / PTA / preschool / neighbors?

We need SO much help, in so many ways. Fill out this form to tell us how you can help!

(We want to hit the ground running as soon as the petitions are ready, so we're starting to plan now.)

Zoom Town Hall this Friday 7pm!!!

We wish we could meet every one of you in person, and sit down with you in our kitchen over a cup of chai. But we don’t think you’ll all fit.

Here’s the next best thing: Joel Engardio will be moderating a town hall webinar with us this Friday March 12 at 7pm. We want to see you there! (And yes, you can bring a friend.)

Register for the Town Hall here:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Got questions? Ask us anything:
We'll answer these questions during the town hall.

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Learn about San Francisco’s journey from the Gold Rush to tech backlash — and every twist in between. SF Politics 101 is designed for both newcomers and longtime residents who want to better understand the city they love.

Tuesday March 16
7pm to 8pm
(30 minute slideshow and 30 minute Q&A)

Want to learn more about the school board? Together SF offers Board of Education 101, a discussion on the Board of Education's role within the City government, its significance as an elected body, and how its policies and members shape the outcomes of the quality of life for San Francisco residents, including our children. You can find a recording of the last class here:

...or sign up for the next Board of Education 101, in English and Cantonese, on Friday March 19, 6-7pm:

教育委员会 101

三藩市市政府可能难以触及,但您可以在您的社区通过“三藩市人手牵手”(TogetherSF)了解您所关注的各种问题, 在这里您可以见到您的邻居,也可以通过这个组织让民选领导担负起他们应付的责任。
请与我们一起讨论教育委员会在三藩市市政府中所扮演的角色,和作为一个民选机构它的作用和意义, 以及它的政策和成员是如何影响三藩市居民包括我们孩子的生活品质的。
此次活动将邀请前教育委员会主席艾米莉·穆拉塞(Emily Murase)以及作为公立学校家长和第二区家长教师协会立法副主席米歇尔·帕克(Michelle Parker)一起参加。
这次会议将以英语和广东话做现场直播。所有三藩市人都欢迎和鼓励来参加这个会议。 这是一个了解三藩市教育委员会这个民选机构更多内部一手消息的好机会。

With much gratitude,

Autumn Looijen & Siva Raj
Recall SF School Board
San Francisco | CA
Email: recallsfschoolboard@gmail.com
Phone: +1-650-447-7377