Newsletter #4 - 2020-2021
Peace • Love • Park Maitland
September 18: 1st & 6th Grade Jelly Fudge Friends Event
September 21: K-5 Virtual Parent Night; International Day of Peace
September 22: Grade 4 Virtual Parent Night; Virtual Parent Chat "Navigating Technology"
September 23: K-4 Virtual Parent Night
September 24: Grade 5 Virtual Parent Night; Fall Writing Day
September 28: K-5 Johnny Appleseed Day
October 1: Empathy T-Shirt Day
October 12: Student Holiday, Teacher Workday
October 15: 6th Grade Sneak Peek Event
October 16: End of 1st Quarter
October 23: 6th Grade Gothic Fiction Night
Mark your calendars for week 2 of "Parent Night"!

Park Maitland School teachers and administrators have great information to share with you about your child's "home away from home." This fun, informative event will be virtual this year! Detailed grade level information will be emailed to you the day prior to your child's event. Zoom links are below.

"Navigating Technology at Park Maitland School"
with Andres Joubert

Tuesday, September 22nd
12:30 - 1:30 pm

It's a new year with new tech! Join us as we chat about our new tech initiatives on our campus and how you can help support and navigate the technology use with your young Park Maitlanders! We will talk about iPad screen time and maintenance tips, how to update the apps and iOS, using Google G Suite apps, and how the Week at a Glance, SeeSaw, Google Classroom, and Zoom play a vital role in your child's day to day learning experience. We are looking forward to connecting with you all soon on Zoom!

Click HERE to access the Read to Lead page. For your convenience, you can also access the Read to Lead page through the Grade Level Pages on our website.
Our Charleston Wrap fundraiser is underway! Get ready to get an early start on holiday shopping and share with friends and family.
All proceeds will go to further school wide enhancements.

Dear Park Maitland School Parents,

The Young Masters Art program is about to begin! Soon, your children will be completing their Young Masters original artwork in their art classes at school, and at home (for our online students). We look forward to 100% participation in this annual program. 

Young Masters is an annual program put on by the Park Maitland School Art Department. Your child will begin by creating a personal drawing of their choice on paper that’s provided, following some artistic guidelines. The artwork is then shipped to the Young Masters company for processing. The artwork is then scanned, and a personalized brochure is created. The brochure will be sent home to you, as soon as they are printed and returned to us. You will then have the opportunity to order a variety of fun products with your child’s artwork printed on them. They make great gifts for the holidays! 

The Young Masters program encourages children to be enthusiastic about their own creativity. Your child will find great satisfaction in the keepsakes that you may order. They will be pleased to see them on display and in use, time and time again. This is a fun and enriching program for your children, and it is a “WIN-WIN” situation for all!

*Ordering will be 100% ONLINE, and products are directly shipped to your home or address of your choosing. More info to come!
*Online students - directions and paper have been sent home - please see 'Artwork Tips for Success.'

We thank you in advance for participating in this wonderful program and creative art endeavor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 407-647-3038 ext. 210.

Have a great school year!


The Park Maitland School Art Department
Maggie Flavhan
Brittany Leider
Darcy Rios
Sandy Bonus
Each week Park Maitland School will be featuring two Super Seniors. We hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to get to know our awe-inspiring 6th grade students!
Getting To Know Your
Super Senior:
Taylor Dinklage

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 7 (started in K-5)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Swimming and dancing
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • Math
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "The amazing teachers and students!"

Getting To Know Your
Super Senior:
Carson Wicker

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 4 (started in 3rd)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Football
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Legally Blonde
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • History
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "It is very challenging."

Friday, September 11th was our dear Kitty Williams's last day at Park Maitland School. After 8 years at Park Maitland, Ms. Williams has decided to retire to focus her time on family. She has been a beloved figure at school since her arrival, and we know that not only will we miss her, but the many parents and students she has worked with over the years will miss her sweet smile and kindness as well. Ms. Williams, after some much needed rest, does plan to sub and volunteer at school; it is so long for now but not goodbye. We will her all the best as she enjoys her next adventure.

Picture day has been rescheduled for Monday, November 10th and Tuesday, November 11th. Online Academy students will be invited on-campus after 4:00 pm on Monday if they wish to have their picture taken for the yearbook. Please stay tuned for more details!

Please be sure to pack extra masks in your child's tote bag or backpack each week, just in case they are misplaced, broken or stinky after a long, hot day. We appreciate your continued support in ensuring our students remain safe and healthy while at school.
Our Super Seniors kicked off their unforgettable year with a long standing tradition - movie night! Students had a special on-campus viewing of "Sherlock" to kick off their mystery unit in Language Arts class.
Elementary students and faculty came to school dressed in polka dots today to celebrate International Dot Day - a celebration of creativity inspired by 'The Dot' written by Peter H. Reynolds. It is a day to think about ways in which we can use our special talents to make the world a better place.
On Friday, September 11th, one of our teachers captured this beautiful moment of a rainbow resting over Park Maitland School, reminding us that often times the greatest rainbows follow the darkest storms.
Tradition lives on as our 1st and 6th grade students celebrated the big "reveal" this morning of who their Jelly Fudge Friend will be. This morning's celebration serves as the first of many opportunities for our 6th graders to mentor our 1st graders.
K-4 students celebrated "Ms. T" today by having a Teddy Bear Picnic! Who doesn't love fresh air and Teddy Grahams?!
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the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)
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