Newsletter #5 - 2020-2021
Peace • Love • Park Maitland
September 29: K-5 Johnny Appleseed Day (updated)
October 1: Empathy T-Shirt Day
October 12: Student Holiday, Teacher Workday
October 16: End of 1st Quarter
October 22: Spanish Heritage Virtual Assembly
October 23: 6th Grade Gothic Fiction Night
October 29: 6th Grade Sneak Peek Event
October 30: K-4 & K-5 Halloween Fun Day
Our Charleston Wrap fundraiser is underway! We are excited to share that the deadline has been extended to October 5th. Check out the details HERE for more information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ieleen Rundgren (

All proceeds will go towards further school-wide enhancements.
This week's feature from our wonderful School Counselor, Mrs. "J" Jaworski, is a friendly check-in with parents to see how the transition into a new school year is going for your children.
Some very special students received "WOW" notes from Mrs. Spillmann this week. They were chosen by their teachers for being helpful in the classroom, showing kindness, and being a good friend. Way to go, kids!

Ryder Roman - K-4
Nora Courson - 1st
Hudson Gaik - 1st
Penelope LaPella - 1st
Cade von Weller - 2nd
Ella Bristol - 4th
Hadley Burkhart - 4th
Jax Kohn - 4th
Liem Murphy - 4th
Avery Bristol - 5th
Lila Klaproth - 6th
Click HERE to access the Read to Lead page. For your convenience, you can also access the Read to Lead page through the Grade Level Pages on our website.
The Spanish Department is looking for parents to support our upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month Virtual Assembly on October 22nd!

  • In preparation for the assembly video, we would like for two parents to speak about the ways your Hispanic roots have positively impacted your professional life (2-3 minutes in length).
  • We are also looking for one parent to demonstrate and teach the students how to do a Latin Dance (3-5 minutes in length).

If you, or someone you know, are interested in helping our team, please contact Sra. Marilina Richardson,, or Sra. Liz Johnson,, by October 11th.

Thank you for your participation in Hispanic Heritage Month!

Alma Reminder!

Parents please remember to check your Alma account on a regular basis for new charges. You can access your account here.

All tuition and after care charges have been invoiced to your account and payment is due October 1st.

If you need any assistance with Alma or have questions, please contact our Business Manager, Ieleen Rundgren (
Each week Park Maitland School will be featuring two Super Seniors. We hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to get to know our awe-inspiring 6th grade students!
Getting To Know Your
Super Senior:
Brooke Schaal

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 2 (started in 5th)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Dance and aerial
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Captain Marvel
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • Reading
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "The kindness and the understanding."

Getting To Know Your
Super Senior:
Bennett Silvestry

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 6 (started in 1st)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Computer Gaming
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • One Piece
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • History
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "The friends I have made."

It's that time of year again! If you have photos that you would like to share for our newsletter or yearbook, please now send them to Davina Spillmann,, as Lauren Kuharske, Communications Manager, has decided to spend more time with her sweet boys at home and pursue her dream of being a realtor!

Many of you know that Lauren was the granddaughter of Nell Cohen, our school's founder, and has been carrying the legacy of Park Maitland School for the last 12 years. We will miss her so much and vow to continue the traditions that her family set in place over 50 years ago.

K-4 students celebrated Ms. F with a Funny Feet Parade!
Third grade students celebrated International Peace Day by creating personal acrostic poems in ESW class.
First grade students enjoyed the cooler weather at Jelly Fudge Park during Homeroom.
First grade students went on an outdoor scavenger hunt, looking for nouns!
Super Seniors received their Class of 2021 shirts today at lunch!
(Please note: Teacher pages are not updated for
the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)
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