E-News                    Newsletter #96                       June 2019
Dear Members,
      On May 29th-30th, Peel Regional Police in Mississauga Ontario Canada hosted an outstanding two day training event.  Meals and snacks were provided by ALERT International and KLE Distributors Inc.

Presentations Included:
  • Why we do what we do, by Hugh Anderson, Driver Specialist Peel Regional Police
  • Stress performance training by Emma King
  • Stop Stick train the trainer
  • An open forum by attendees on challenges facing Police Vehicle Operations training.
  • Lessons Learned Through Tragedy, pursuit risk management by Sanjeev Singh Peel Police
  • Containment  Stops  by York Regional Police
  • Discussions of differences between US and Canadian PVO training, Canadian PVO Instructors and ALERT President and PA State Police EVOC Instructor Geoff Bush
   There was also a very emotional, powerful and gripping presentation by Erin and Owen Ochakovsky.  Erin is the widow of Peel Regional Police Officer James Ochakovsky.  On March 1, 2010, at approximately 11 p.m., Constable Ochakovsky was involved in a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Airport Road and Steeles Avenue East, Brampton.

   It was determined he was not wearing his seatbelt at the time and was traveling at a high rate of speed not responding to an emergency. As tragic as these events are, the bravery of those impacted who are left behind, and are able to talk about it, serve as a vital training tool for those of us who hear these stories!
    It was an honor for me to attend this event as is was very interesting and educational to discuss EVO training and culture differences between US and Canadian Law Enforcement.  On behalf of myself and the board of ALERT International, we want to personally thank Mr. Hugh Anderson, Sgt. John Mepham, and the EVO Staff at Peel Regional Police for hosting an outstanding training symposium.  We need more people with this initiative and drive to continue to push the importance of police driver training!  Again great job!
     Hosting regional training events is vital to the success of ALERT International.  My hope would be every region attempts to put on some sort of training symposium over the course of the year between our annual conference.  I would like to thank Tom Witzak who had arranged an event in Wisconsin but unfortunately had to cancel due to lack of interest.   ALERT will support any way possible for any agency or individual to host one of these events.  
  September 29 - October 3, 2019
      Just a little over 3 months until our 2019 ALERT International Training Symposium and Conference!
     This is our 30th Anniversary!   I said in an earlier newsletter the last few conferences we have had a varied mix of first time attendees.   So far we have as many non-members signed up and current members!  If half of the attendees from the last 3 years come back we would meet our goal of 200 attendees!!  We have an outstanding lineup of presentations!  Just as important as the presentations, is the networking and socializing that occurs in the evening and on breaks and down time.  Part of ALERT's mission says "sharing of information, ideas and innovations in the area of emergency vehicle response operation"  Also one of our objectives of our organization in "To promote a spirit of camaraderie among its members."  What better way to share information by getting everyone who believes in ALERT's mission together, old and new. 
      This year's Training Symposium/Conference is being held at the Embassy Suite Hilton Denver International Airport and hosted by Adams County Sheriff's Office, Strasburg, Colorado
Don't Delay...Register NOW!
  *Hotel Rooms are limited. Make sure you reserve yours now!
    Don't miss out on outstanding training activities, including one entire day at TWO Driving Facilities
Topics Include:
·        Public / Private Partnerships
·        2019 Vehicle Testing Results and Brake / Tire Testing
·        Using Push Bumpers
·        Risk Management and Driver Training
·        Legal Update
·        Law Enforcement Driving and Crash Statistics
·        Vehicle Pursuits and Autonomous Vehicles
·        Federal, State and Local EVO Programs
·        Emergency Vehicle Response, Arrivals & Parking During & Post "Active" Critical Incidents - "Discussions of Aurora Theatre Shooting Incident"
Track Day Activities: TWO TRACKS!
·  Adams County Sheriff's Driving and Colorado State Patrol Driving Facilities
·        Ford Patrol Vehicles on display, available to drive
·        Star Chase demonstrations
·        Push Bumper training (hands-on) 
**Optional Below 100 Train-The-Trainer Course: October 3rd
Plus: Vendor Exhibit Show, Vendor Reception, Business Meeting, Banquet and Many Networking Opportunities
     Vendors play a vital role in supporting ALERT's mission and making our conferences a success!  VENDORs if you are interested in being part of this exciting event please contact Christie Ward at  christieward@att.net for registering and or how you can support ALERT's mission.  There are still spaces available in the vendor display area and opportunities for providing demos/instruction on the "Track" day.  If any member knows of a vendor who has an interest in ALERT PLEASE reach out to Christie!
Board Position Vacancies
    We received the following nominations for each Board Vacancy:
President- Geoff Bush- Pennsylvania State Police
Vice President- Jonathan Davis- Ohio Highway Patrol
Secretary- Chris Swanson- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Police Department
    Because these positions only had one person nominated there will be no need for an election.   They will be sworn in at the Conference in Denver.
Z man Award
     Mark Y. Zylawy, "Z-Man", a highly regarded Portland police officer, died January 27, 2008 in a tragic and untimely accident at the age of 40. He worked as a district officer in Northeast Portland for 17 years with passion, dedication and enthusiasm throughout his career.
    In memory of Mark and what he stood for in regards to Emergency Vehicle Operations Training, ALERT International has set up the  Z Man ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. This award is presented on an annual basis for someone in EVO who is making an impact over the past year.  We give out this award at our annual conference on the last night at our banquet.
    Do you know of a training unit or an individual that has made an impact on EVOC? We have yet to receive any nominations for this year's award.   We welcome your submissions at  info@alertinternational.com  or 
  Bruce Cabral Memorial Scholarship
    We have yet to receive any nominations for our Bruce Cabral Scholarship.   ALERT International issues educational scholarships each year to children of ALERT Members.  Applications are received between May 1st and August 1st each year.  Applicants must (1) be a son/daughter whose parent has been a member of ALERT International for at least the 12 previous months (United States and Canada), (2) be a graduating senior (3) have a scholastic average of at least a B, or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (4) plan to attend a college, university, trade or business school.  Please email your application or questions to:  info@alertinternational.com  c/o Bruce Cabral Memorial Scholarship. Click here to learn more information about submitting a nomination.
Raffle Items
     As many of you know we have a raffle on the last night of the conference to help fund the Bruce Cabral Scholarship.  Last year we had many great items including TV's, Yeti Coolers, and many items from Cabela's outdoors.  So we have lots of items to raffle off we like to have everyone attending the conference bring something from their agency to contribute to the raffle.  Again it's not too early to start gathering coins, hats, shirts, or anything of interest to a police officer or trainer to bring to the conference.   The more items we have the more successful the raffle will be!
ALERT Facebook
     Folks, our Facebook page is constantly being updated with new information, articles, stories, etc.  If you haven't already done so please "Like" ALERT's page.  We are at 913 likes, let's get to 1000!  Ask all your LE friends to "Like' as well.  Through this we can get the word about our organization to as many LEO's as possible!  If you have any information you would like posted please send to me. I wanted to have pictures of EVOC training being conducted by our members from around the country and Canada.  Next time you are doing training snap a few pics and send to me so we can all see EVO training in action.
LOCATION NEEDED 2020 Conference
     Its not to early to start thinking about our 2020 conference!  If you are interested in hosting the 2020 ALERT International Training Symposium/ Conference please let us know.  Send a request (email) to President Bush  alert.president@gmail.com expressing your desire to be considered as a host site for next year's conference.
     Finally,  as I've said before,  I'm asking all ALERT members be an advertiser and an ambassador to the organization.  We are all involved in training and there are hundreds if not thousands of trainers out there who we can connect with.  We as trainers have a passion for saving lives and making things better.  Unfortunately Law Enforcement related crashes are not on the decline.   As of this newsletter, there have been 20 automobile related deaths so far in 2019 and out of the last three Officers killed, 2 have been as a result of automobile crashes.  There are still many folks who have never heard of ALERT, "the driver training organization".  Our organization believes in making training better so eventually crashes in our profession will decline.  We need to ALL work together to push the word about our organization and this year's annual conference.   As I've said earlier this year, the success of this year's Conference will definitely affect how our unique organization, which is 30 years strong, will continue to be able to make an impact in our profession.
    Thank you, stay safe , and God Bless,
Geoff Bush
ALERT President


A.L.E.R.T. International is dedicated to the encouragement and correlation of research and development as well as the sharing of information, ideas and innovations in the area of emergency vehicle response operation. Additionally, A.L.E.R.T.'s mission is to provide assistance to states in establishing effective and defensible standards for employment and training of law enforcement officers in the field of emergency vehicle operations. Another aspect of the mission is the promotion of a positive, professional image of emergency response trainers.