Trident United Way Receives $1.25M for Housing Stability Services
Affordable housing is one of the most critical resources for economically successful communities. Trident United Way, in partnership with the United Way Association of South Carolina, was pleased to serve as the philanthropic agent of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERA) in awarding grants to 18 local organizations providing housing stability services.
The United Way Association of South Carolina (UWASC) was awarded $11 million in federal funds from SC Housing. These funds were allocated to 39 South Carolina counties through local United Way affiliates. Trident United Way was honored to receive a $1.25 million award for housing subgrants exclusively for Dorchester County, as Berkeley and Charleston counties have already received and expended direct federal funds for this purpose. While the funds were specifically allocated for Dorchester County, recipients of the services can reside in Berkeley, Charleston or Dorchester County. These grants will ensure that Trident United Way's partners can continue to help community members apply for housing assistance with SC Stay Plus and other local organizations through the end of the year.
Meet Laura Fogle
FoodShare Berkeley County Manager

In Berkeley County, 8.7% of the population, or 18,790 people, are considered food insecure. 54% of these food insecure individuals are eligible for SNAP benefits, but 26.5% percent of the population in Berkeley County who are considered low-income do not have access to a supermarket within a half mile of their homes.

Trident United Way is partnering with FoodShare SC to build FoodShare Berkeley County in an effort to offer healthy, affordable, accessible food to everyone in the community.

FoodShare SC provides fresh food boxes every other week that are filled with 15-18 pounds of healthy fruits and vegetables for only $5 with SNAP benefits.

This summer, Laura Fogle joined Trident United Way to lead the charge on a partnership with FoodShare SC in Berkeley County, set to launch in 2023.

Laura grew up in Summerville. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master’s in Exercise Science. Previously, she worked as an Environmental Health Manager to help implement food safety in retail food establishments. She has also been an exercise coach, including over five years of non-profit experience with Louie’s Kids, five years developing training programs with Pivotal Fitness and CrossFit North Charleston and three years promoting health and wellness with Just Fit Life.

Laura is a proud working mom who is excited to bring Berkeley County greater opportunities for health and wellness.