September 2018 - 5778

Volume LXVI #12

Member of the Union For Reform Judaism


Congregation Shalom is a Reform Jewish community committed to education, spiritual growth,  and Tikkun
Olam (healing the world).   We are proud to be an extended family of  equals - welcoming,  caring, and inclusive.   Together, we engage in religious observance,  enjoy social activities, and  pursue life-long learning.
Congregation Shalom
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Rabbi From our Rabbi rabbi

Dear Friends,
Although I did not grow up speaking Yiddish, there are a few fun and colorful phrases that I love. One of them is "a bissel of this and a bissel of that", meaning a little bit of this and a little bit of that! There is so much going on at Congregation Shalom in these early days of 2018-2019 that I want to share a bissel about a lot of different things!
Selichot Program/Service - Although many Jews think that the High Holiday season begins with Rosh HaShanah, the true preparation begins in the prior month of Elul during which time we are supposed to engage in a process of self-reflection and soul-searching. During Elul and throughout the holiday season, Jews may recite selichot (forgiveness) prayers, emphasizing the inner work of the Days of Awe. In addition, many congregations have developed the tradition of observing Selichot on the Saturday evening prior to Rosh HaShanah. There is usually some type of program of study as well as special Selichot service. One of the more moving moments of this service is when we actually change the Torah covers from those used during the year to the special covers designed for the High Holidays. These covers, usually white, represent purity and renewal. Typically, if Rosh HaShanah falls on a Sunday night, as it does this year, the Selichot service would be held the week before. Since this date, however, would fall during Labor Day, we have decided to go ahead and hold our program and service on Saturday night, September 8th, at 7:30 pm.  Lynne Rothstein and I are excited to lead a program we are calling: Broadway's Insight for the New Year! We hope that this program, filled with music you love, will inspire you and uplift you at the same time. The music and lyrics will become the template for us to reflect on themes of the Days of Awe. No need to be musical to participate. Although there is no need to RSVP, since we will have food, it will be helpful to know if you are coming. You can let us know at . If you would like to read more about Selichot, please click here for the link to a wonderful article at Reform Judaism's website. In this newsletter, there is also a more in-depth column about the High Holidays and all the services we offer at Congregation Shalom.
Adult Education.... Our Adult Education committee continues to work on preparing for the new year to create meaningful opportunities for learning. In the days ahead we hope to share a more detailed overview of our programs, but in the near term, if you are interested in participating in an adult Hebrew course focused on learning the liturgy of our services, with some level of fluency as well as vocabulary, please let me know. As long as you can read Hebrew you will fit in. Please let me know ( if you are interested in these classes that will be offered on Sunday mornings during religious school.  
Social Justice/Looking Ahead.... As you may know we sent a large delegation of staff and members to the Consultation on Conscience a year and a half ago. This inspiring program on social justice happens every two years. In case you are interested in participating in this year's program, I wanted to share the dates: May 19- 21, 2019. The Consultation on Conscience is the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism's biennial social justice leadership conference. The program, held in DC, is a three-day program dedicated to training and empowering Jewish leaders to make a real, lasting change at the national, state and local levels. In addition to learning these skills, we will lobby on The Hill with hundreds of other members of Reform synagogues on the critical issues facing our communities. Collectively we have the power to bring about important change. We hope you will consider joining us for this program. More info will follow.
Looking forward to seeing you in the days ahead, and I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Transformative New Year.
Warm regards,
  Rabbi Sig
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From our PresidentBarryTop   

Dear friends,
The High Holidays are relatively early this year, and it seems appropriate that this month's column should speak to the importance of this time of year. The problem I'm finding is that I'm just a "Jew in the pew", as the phrase goes. Rabbi Perry will inevitably be more eloquent, provide more insight, and be more knowledgeable on themes related to the High Holidays than I will ever be.
My brother, trying to be supportive, suggested that I could google ideas for what to write about this month. Someone else suggested that I could write about how imposing it feels to need to write something with appropriate significance.
Instead, I'll settle for asking you to accept that this isn't one of my strengths. I'm not trained as a motivational speaker, or highly educated in our traditions. I do care about my Jewish identity and the journey I am on to find its meaning for myself. I enjoy learning more and occasionally find a piece that I can use in my everyday life. I have learned in the past decade that my Jewishness should extend beyond the walls of our synagogue, that it is meant to be a part of myself that I carry all day, every day. It informs my ethics and my world view. I know I care deeply about Congregation Shalom, and about making it a place that finds a space for each and every person who comes here.
The reality is that we can each fit Judaism into ourselves in different ways. As your president, I work hard to sustain and grow Congregation Shalom. I'm okay with not being the best at writing about the High Holidays. I know that I start this new year feeling ready to continue growing Jewishly. And for this coming year, that includes being dedicated to doing my part to lead. I hope that each of you reading this feels able to find a way to bring Judaism and Congregation Shalom into your life.
Shanah tova - wishing you a happy new year,  
Joanna Myers
F rom Our Education Director     

A Sukkah of Peace, Hope and New Beginnings
Shalom Chaveirim,

As the Congregation Shalom Hebrew School readies itself for the upcoming academic year, 5779, I am struck by the concepts of permanence and impermanence in Jewish religious, spiritual, and ritual life.
The first day of Religious School is Sunday, September 23rd, which coincides with the beginning of the Holiday of Sukkot. Sukkot is one of our three pilgrimage festivals and is associated with impermanent dwellings termed "sukkot" in Hebrew and "tabernacles" in English. This is a time to celebrate nature, welcome the stranger, and shake the Lulav and Etrog, which we will examine in our teachings . Sukkot is a time for families and Jewish congregations to gather and celebrate in structures which will stand for only a week. It is a time of wonder and a salutation to nature, it is a time to look up into the night sky and watch the stars. Sukkot is indeed a magical holiday.
Here in Chelmsford, Congregation Shalom has been the gathering place for Jewish families since 1967. We offer our members of all ages a spiritual home beyond the walls of their own homes. Standing even beyond our temple, is the structure of our Sukkah, which will rise again, as it has in years past.
Congregation Shalom became a community with a physical structure in 1973, finally settling into its present building in 1995. Synagogues can be edifices that are built and then repurposed as Jewish communities shift. What is enduring, however, is the culture and education passed on within sanctuaries and Hebrew school classrooms. As a people we have learned that scholarship can never be taken from us. As I look around the beautiful building that is Congregation Shalom and contemplate the coming year for our students, I am struck by the weight of responsibility that passes through generations of educators as once again our staff prepares to teach their students about what it is to welcome Ushpizin /strangers/guests,  study the Torah, Repair the World, never be bystanders, and celebrate all that a New Year Cycle has to offer.
For me personally, it is appropriate that Sukkot is the holiday that officially begins my school year at Congregation Shalom, which dovetails with a new expanded educational community outreach. As an outsider coming in, I have been welcomed. As an outsider going forward I will be welcoming. I look forward to getting to know each family and child in our community and know that our excellent teachers will continue to bring forth a high level of educational expertise to our students. I look forward to learning with the CS community in ways which are permanent and fluid, as is the Jewish way. We will build structures and take them down together. It is my hope that this holiday is indeed a Sukkat Shalom. A Sukkah of Peace, of Hope and New Beginnings for us all.
Stay Tuned for More Adventures
In Jewish Learning and Engagement...

Dale Norman  
September Jewish Reading Recommendations:
(The Jewish Book Council and other reviews)

In the Shadow of King Saul: Essays on Silence and Song by Jerome Charyn                                                   
The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak   
Book Thief Review                                  

All Eyes on Alexandra by Anna Levine and illustrated by Chiara Pasqualotto (for ages 4 - 7)
Camping Challenge Reminder:                                           
This is a reminder to please share your favorite camping memory/memories, or even a picture of a summer experience, be it at a Jewish camp, or otherwise
My email is:                                                

Preliminary Oneg Assignments 2018-1019

Please check your Oneg assignments, listed below, and put them on the calendar. If you see a problem with your dates, notify , and we will try to make some quick changes.   If you have problems at a later date, remember it is up to you to try to arrange a swap with someone else.   Reminders are sent out by email 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and again the week of the Oneg.

We are still in need of a few more volunteers for Erev Rosh Hashanah, and also one kind volunteer to help this committee with scheduling and reminders.
Keep in mind, we are all volunteers, and we may have made some mistakes, and will do our best to accommodate your requests.
Sep 7 - 7 pm Family Shabbat -  Schwartz*, Burke, Dangel & Gordon, Kiloski, Miller B&L
Sep 9 - 7 pm Sunday Evening Rosh Hashanah Frank*, Danzig B&L, Pignatelli, Schutzman, Upson & Correia, Zehngut & Frampton
Sep 14 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Sevigny*, Hyatt, Kurland, Levine
Sep 19 - 6:30 pm Yom Kippur Break Fast Miller G&J*, Moore*, Penfield & Bronson*, Schneider*, Wikander*, Weitzen & Epstein
Sep 21 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Sherer*, Chandler W&E, Hyatt, Toomey
Sep 28 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Consecration/Simchat Torah Morrissey J&D*, Barter, Denis, Libby & Shannon, Maltby, Newman
Oct 5 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Shuldiner*, Green & Hill, Klamka, Rodman S&I, Traverse, Weinberg & Fox-Weinberg
Oct 12 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Kreithen & Goldman-Kreithen*, Gross, Laider & Myers, Snyder
Oct 19 - 6 pm Tot Shabbat - Lotto, Lyman
Oct 19 - 7:15 pm Adult Shabbat - Shpiel Mizen*, Gertz, Thomas, Weintraub & Spiro
Oct 26 - 6 pm MOCA Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Heines*, Gilmore, Kerzner, Segal L&H, Zehngut & Frampton
Nov 2 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Ari Strasser Grade 3 Libby & Gallagher*, Danzig A&K, Heater, Lazar, Miranda & Stewart-Miranda
Nov 9 - 6 pm MOCA Shabbat - Shpiel Howard*, Bass, Miller C&S, Valleley
Nov 16 - 6 pm Tot Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Ecker & Ball, Pokrovski, Skolnick
Nov 16 - 7:15 pm Adult Shabbat - Mackillop & Rabinowitz*, Boyer, Kaufman, Pitts & Rosenthal
Nov 30 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Hirsch*, Indorf, Miller M&L, Orlinsky
Dec 7 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Ari Strasser Channukah Grade 4 Rosen*, Barskse & Barske, DiGiovanni, Jegasothy, Katz, Libby & Shannon
Dec 14 - 7 pm Adult Shabbat - Shalomite Creative Service Boroshok*, Eskenas, Landress, Leonard & Miller, Rosenstein, Segal J&W
Dec 21 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Rosenberg*, Friedman, Lydon, Sedgwick
Jan 4 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Grade 2 Lischer*, Berman, Menaker, Paul & Nunn, Supple, Verbun
Jan 11 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Shpiel McHugh*, Bass, Hirschel D&F, Sevici
Jan 18 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Degen*, Brown, Denly, Himelfarb
Jan 25 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Ari Strasser Rodman P&L*, Chandler W&E, Cohen & Evans, Rosenberg & Katler
Feb 1 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Grade 6 Arrington*, Berman, Cole & Evans, Schwartz, Silton
Feb 8 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Shpiel Goss & Beck-Goss*, Epstein, Haas, McBride
Feb 9 - 6:30 pm Sunset Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Szabo & Wexler*, Kamien, Kurland, Newlon & Rothstein
Feb 15 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Burton*, Brother, Green, Notinger
Feb 22 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Friedlander*, Grier, Holladay & Navy, Michaud
Mar 1 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Grade 5 Ebersman*, Katz, Lazar, Traverse, Wolman
Mar 8 - 6:30 pm MOCA Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Cohn*, Kallus, Kerzner, Levi, Pignatelli, Rubinstein
Mar 15 - 6 pm Tot Shabbat - Ginsberg & Kawashima-Ginsberg, Skolnick
Mar 15 - 7:15 pm Adult Shabbat - Shpiel Kempner*, Nahabedian, Rose, Smith R&L
Mar 22 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Lay Led Raichek*, Kaufman, Leonard & Miller, Rainen
Mar 29 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Muhlfelder*, Boerman & Shaponick, Maguire, Peisach & Wyshogrod, Sedgwick
Apr 5 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Lay Led Ablove*, Brother, Dangel & Gordon, Kiloski, Maltby
Apr 12 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Ari Strasser Worden*, Blumstein, Curry, Desrochers, Maguire
Apr 26 - 7 pm Adult Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Social Action Dubner*, DesLauriers, Hirschel D&F, Lathrop, Smith T&L, Sohn
May 3 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Teacher Recognition Feuerstein*, Berkovitz, DiGiovanni, Eskenas, Newell, Rotberg
May 10 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Harmoniya Newlon & Rothstein*, Hurd, Laider & Myers, Rodman S&I
May 17 - 6 pm Tot Shabbat - Ecker & Ball, Lyman
May 17 - 7:15 pm Adult Shabbat - Shpiel Cohen D&L*, Rosenberg & Katler, Segal L&H, Valleley
May 24 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Berenson*, Boyer, Cohen D, Linden
May 31 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Hantman*, Arthur, Miller C&S
Jun 7 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Shpiel Barter, Burke, Cole & Evans, Heater, Miller B&L, Zeichick
Jun 14 - 6:30 pm Sunset Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Janoschek*, Karp, Mayer, Segal J&W, Smith T&L
Jun 21 - 6 pm Tot Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Ginsberg & Kawashima-Ginsberg, Grier, Schertzer & Strizhak
Jun 21 - 7:15 pm MOCA Shabbat - Sue Horowitz Board Installation Riddick*, Berkovitz, Denly, Haas, Myers, Starr
Jun 28 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Himelfarb, Holladay & Navy, McBride, Peisach & Wyshogrod

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NEW: Weekly OR Bi-Monthly Challah Deliveries By OMG Bakery

OMG is a new bakery that has been able to match the sweetness of our past challahs that we have using. We will have both plain and raisin challahs for delivery. This is both a service to our congregants as well as a fundraiser for the Temple.

The deliveries will start on October 10th and can be picked up at the Temple on Wednesdays from 4-6 PM. ALL checks or payments must be received the week BEFORE delivery. No exceptions. Payments can be made for one week or months at a time. Please mail checks to the Temple Attention: Anne or Challah.Click here for the order form. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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Social Justice/Social Action Committee socialaction                                
Social Justice:

To wrap up the summer, our committee has been working on the Candidate Forum for the Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District on Monday, August 27 from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. to be held at the Chelmsford High School Performing Arts Center. We're thrilled to be collaborating with the League of Women Voters in Chelmsford, Westford, Acton and Concord/Carlisle.
We're also gearing up for the new year making plans for:
A speaker who will talk to our community about "Being Transgender".
A collaboration with Thrive, a Lowell organization focused on restorative justice for people transitioning from incarceration.
And much more to come!
Ongoing Social Action:
Table of Plenty
Join the Congregation volunteers at the Chelmsford Table of Plenty which serves dinner to all who walk through the door, without question, every Tuesday from 5-6 PM. We prep, cook and serve dinner every other month on the 3rd Tuesday. If can volunteer sometime between 2 and 6 PM and you'd like to be part of this mitzvah, contact Sue McDonald at Questions? Contact us at
Monthly Food Donations for Middlesex Transitional Living Center
Donate meatloaf and/or brownies and/or salad each month for the Transitional Center.   Leave your donations in the cooler at the entrance to the synagogue beginning on Wednesday, October 17 starting around noon, until Thursday 10/18 until 8:00 pm.
There will be no collection in September because of Yom Kippur, but we will be collecting non-perishable food and gift cards for our annual Yom Kippur Food Drive.
Future food donations will be:

Oct 17-18
Nov 14-15
Dec 19-20    
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Adult EducationAdultEd
Our planned Adult Education events for this year are completed.  We hope you have enjoyed them!  We are welcoming two new committee members and would love to welcome you to join our committee.  Drop us a line if you are inclined!

Stay tuned for the next listing of Adult Ed events.

As always, if you have suggestions for the Adult Ed committee, please contact us at


Tamar Wexler and t he Adult Education Committee
Featured This Issue
Oneg Schedule
Challah Orders
Wanted - Newsletter Editor
High Holidays At-A-Glance
High Holiday Information
Breast Cancer Walk
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Save the Date

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QuickLinksQuick Links

Links to Our Website


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Newsletter Editor Wanted
I am looking for someone to replace me as Newsletter Editor. The time commitment is about 4 hours or less each month. I will train you and will always be available for questions.

If you are interested, please email me at

Thank you,

Katie Ebersman

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High Holiday Service Schedule At-A-Glance
Selichot Service
Saturday, September 8th at 7:30 PM
Rosh Hashanah Services
Sunday, September 9 - Erev Rosh HaShanah   - 8:00 PM   Oneg to follow
Monday, September 10- First Day of Rosh HaShanah
9:00 AM -Family Service
11:00 AM - Adult Service
2:45 PM - Young Children's Service
4:00 PM - Tashlich at Freeman Lake, N.Chelmsford
Tuesday, September 11- 2nd Day of Rosh HaShanah
10:00 AM - Adult Service
Yom Kippur Services
Tuesday, September 18 - Erev Yom Kippur
7:30 PM - Kol Nidre
Wednesday, September 19 - Yom Kippur
9:00 AM  -  Family Service
11:00 AM - Adult Service
1:45 PM - Young Children's Service
2:45 PM - Informal Yom Kippur Text Study with Rabbi                               Perry
3:45 PM - Renewing our Spirit with Lynne Rothstein                                   and Meryl Gold
4:45 PM - Yizkor Neilah Havdallah
Break fast following Havdallah. All are invited.

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High Holiday Services at Congregation Shalom 

L'shanahTovah!  We are looking forward to welcoming the New Year with all of you and would like to share some information about our upcoming services and activities.
Rosh HaShanah begins at sundown on Sunday, September 9.  We offer several services and programs and encourage to you to choose the services that are best for you and your family.  We are excited to introduce a new family prayer book this year, Mishkan HaNefesh for Youth.  This new machzor is filled with beautiful contemporary and spiritual readings that will be meaningful for both children and adults.  These books were donated by the 2017-2018 Bar/Bat Mitzvah class. The class purchased enough books for the congregation. If you have any questions, please contact .  

SELICHOT SERVICE:  Saturday, September 8 at 7:30 PM Selichot are prayers for forgiveness and Selichot services are held on the Saturday evening before Rosh HaShanah.  Our congregation will be hosting an evening of study, conversation, community, and prayer beginning with Havdalah, coffee and dessert.  Our High Holiday period is enriched by preparation and reflection and we hope you will join us for this meaningful evening. RSVPs are not required, but it will help us to know how many are attending.  If possible, please let us know you are coming at .  

Erev Rosh HaShanah:  Sunday, September 9 at 8:00 PM  Oneg to follow service.

Family Service:   Monday, September 10 at 9:00 - 10:15 AM.  The Family Service is geared to meet the needs of families with children in the 2 nd through 6 th grades.  This service is distinct from the children's service in the afternoon which is for younger children.  We will be using our new High Holiday prayer book that is written to meet the needs of children ages 8-12 as well as adults.  The traditional High Holiday melodies are used. There is a shorter sermon appropriate to this population. For many, this service will be a substitute for the later service, although some adults may choose to attend both.  Adults without children may also choose this service. The service is designed to maintain a sense of sacredness and seriousness and is not a service for young children.

*Please see important information at end regarding flow of traffic, timing and seating at end of Family Services and beginning of Adult Services.*

Adult Services:  1st Day of Rosh HaShanah:  Monday, September 10 at 11:00 AM    
2nd Day of Rosh HaShanah:  Tuesday, September 11 at 10 AM

Young Children's Service:  Monday, September 10 at 2:45 PM.  This service is for children from toddler to age 7 and their families and lasts about 45 minutes.  There will be a short oneg after the service.

Tashlich:  Monday, September 10 at 4:00 PM at Freeman Lake, North Chelmsford.  Tashlich is the ceremony conducted on the afternoon of Rosh HaShanah when members of the Jewish community gather at a body of water, preferably one with fish, to symbolically cast their transgressions away.  This ritual is meant to spiritually reinforce the process of making teshuvah (atonement) during the Ten Days of Awe.

Evening Service  Kol Nidre: Tuesday, September 18 at 7:30.  

Family Service:   Wednesday, September 19 at 9:00 - 10:15 AM (see description above)

Adult Service:    Wednesday, September 19 at 11:00 AM

Young Children's Service:  Wednesday, September 19 at 1:45 PM

2:30 PM    Rabbi Perry will lead an informal text study meant to enrich the themes of the holiday.

3:45  PM Lynne Rothstein and Meryl Gold will lead an informal service of meditation, reflection and song.

4:45 PM  Yizkor Service   We recall memories of loved ones and invite the congregation to write the names of loved ones and put them in the basket in the lobby.  All names will be read during this service.

5:30 PM  Neila, Havdalah, and Break fast.   As the day draws to a close, we conclude our high holidays with prayer and reflection in front of the open Ark in the dimly lit sanctuary, followed by Havdalah. We welcome all in attendance to our community's Breakfast at the end of Yom Kippur. Please look for the evite and RSVP so we prepare accordingly.

**We would like to review information regarding flow of traffic, timing and seating.  When the Family Service is over, those in attendance will exit out of the doors to the side of the building and the back of Classroom 6.  People will not be able to exit into the lobby. If you have used the coatroom, you will need to circle back to the lobby to pick up your things.  People who are coming to the 11 AM service will not be able to enter the sanctuary until it has been straightened up by the Board of Trustees. If you have any questions, please see one of the ushers.   It is congregation policy that seats may only be saved until 15 minutes before services begin. Thank you for your cooperation.

ACCESSIBILITY:   If you or someone you are bringing to services has a disability and need special seating and/or use of an infrared hearing device, please email .  Please be specific about what services you will be attending.    Additional handicapped parking will be available in the parking lot.  

Services are live streamed.   Our services are now streamed live and may be viewed at our website .  We are happy to announce that we have been able to improve the sound quality of services.  If you cannot attend services and would like to borrow the prayer books, please contact .  If you do not want to be seen on this live feed, please do not sit in the first three rows of the sanctuary.  

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Ritual Committee, we wish you and your family a happy, sweet and peaceful New Year.  L'Shana Tova.

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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
The Wonder Women are Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at the Hatch Shell in Boston on Sunday, September 30.  This is a 2 or 5 mile walk along the Charles River with a rolling start from 8 to10 a.m.

We would love to have you join us.  We will carpool and go out for brunch on Beacon Hill after the walk.  If you would like more information please contact Janet at . If you cannot walk but would like to make a donation, please also contact Janet. 
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Thank you

TODAH RABA to all of you who made donations to our beloved temple in honor of our granddaughter Saffron's birth in April. Thanks to all who contacted us with your congratulations. All greatly appreciated.

Savta Margi and Papa Roger Loyer and Eema (great grandmother) Helen Tack and proud parents Jessica Loyer and Tim Brierly

I am so grateful for all the care and concern expressed through your phone calls, notes, donations and meals during my recent wrist injury.  It means so much to me, and as always, I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

Deborah Cohen

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September Yahrzeits

September 7th
Arnold Becker
Benjamin Berman
Sarah Brown
Helen Posner
Harry M. Ried
Herman Schaevitz
Ernest Snyder

September 14th
Domenic Iannini
Lois Levy
George Smith
Solomon Steiman

September 21st
Lillyan Chandler
Susan Chertok
Melvine Cort
Henry Derby
George Fuchs
Dorothy Heines
Herbert Hirsch
Murray Niedergang
Aaron Rothstein
Elliot Winograd

September 28th
Sampson Chandler
Louis Feldsott
Carol Heines
Arthur O. Rainen

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Our Caring Committee Can Help

The Caring Committee is always available to provide meals or transportation to those members and families who need a little help. Please don't hesitate to email Katie Wolman at or Rabbi Perry at , or feel free to call Katie at home.

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Newsletter Ads and You!


We are always looking for advertisers for the Temple newsletter. Ads can be placed at any time with special pricing for members. Ads need not be for a year so if you want to try us, we take ads for 3 months as well as six months. If you decide to continue your ad for a full year, we do pro-rate the price. As the saying goes, "Try us, you'll like us!"


Youth Scholarships YthScholar

Throughout the year, there are many enriching Jewish experiences available to our youth through our synagogue or the community. These include, but aren't limited to, summer camps and trips to Washington, New York, and Israel. Fortunately, there is some scholarship money available through the temple to those families in need of financial assistance for these opportunities. Please contact Margie Berenson at with any questions and/or for an application form.

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Changed Your Address?

Notify us at:  and we'll make sure all the right organizations at the Temple are informed. Please include your full name in your request.

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Deadline for the

October Newsletter is 

Thursday, September 20th .

Please send articles to  


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The Push is ON!
The Auction Letter! If you haven't gotten it yet, you will soon. This is when we ask you to dig deep and donate. It doesn't matter if it is something you bought, that once home, you absolutely hate. One member, and I won't tell who, is donating a wedding present that has never been out of the box. Do you have some of those, too? Bite the bullet and donate the gift that has been hiding in your closet that Auntie WhoHa gave you 10 years ago. Hmm, is that wrapping paper still on the box?
You know that old saying, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."   The Auction is the perfect place for this to happen. The other there a restaurant that you constantly frequent? Did you ever think about asking them for a donation? Take a deep breath and DO IT! The first time you do it is the hardest! I still hyperventilate when I have to ask for a donation. Now Paul, it rolls off his back. If you need pointers, just ask Paul - he loves to help.
We had a fabulous Auction last year, but we don't rest on our laurels. We raised over $3500 last year and would like to make it an even $4000 this year, but we can't do it without your help. If you have any questions, please contact .

The Fundraising Committee 

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Grocery Cards

Juice Boxes, Snacks, and Sandwiches...Oh My!
Back to school means stocking up on packable foods for the kids and easy, nutritious dinner ingredients. Are you getting back into the school routine and making more trips to the supermarket to keep up with the family food needs? Then this is the perfect time to get on board with our grocery-card program! If you are already participating but run short every month, just send me an email to increase your card amount to cover your shopping expenses.
Are you planning to host a crowd for Rosh Hashanah dinner or break the fast with the family on Yom Kippur? Maybe you have a college student who asks for food money every month. Give them a pre-paid card to use at the grocery store near their college campus. Start the new year by using our Temple gift cards in September and then you'll see how easy it is to continue all year long.
Contact me to get started with one of our best fundraisers. Each month you will receive the desired amount of gift cards for Hannaford, Donelan's, Whole Foods or Stop & Shop. Your payment to Congregation Shalom results in 7% cash back for the Temple.
Look for me at the Temple during the High Holidays to answer any questions in person.
Toby Sedgwick 
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Sisterhood Snippets sisterhood

We are ready to start the year with our popular Kick Off Dinner on Tuesday, September 25th at 6:00 pm. The main course will be catered, and guests should plan to bring an appetizer or dessert or make a $10 contribution. An evite will be sent so please be sure to RSVP. If you haven't done so yet, please send in your 2018-2019 member registration form and $36 dues or bring it to the Kick Off Dinner.

Wishing you a sweet New Year,

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Brotherhood News Brotherhood

As summer pulls to a close, the Temple Brotherhood meets once again for our annual new member night on September 16th, when we will enjoy the award winning Bar-B-Que of Brotherhood President Cris Shuldiner. This is a great opportunity to meet up and discuss our summer happenings and review our upcoming calendar for the year.
Several new events are scheduled this fall. On September 23 all temple members are welcome to help the brotherhood set up the temple sukkah. Look for an Evite for guys night out on September 5th.
Brotherhood wishes the entire temple membership a happy and healthy new Year.
  Shalomites Shalomites

We had our first board meeting on August 7th, when we went over some of the big events this year and new ideas to gain involvement. We also finalized our first event of the year! Our first event is the Freshman Kidnap which falls on September 16th. Rising eighth graders will be introduced to our great youth group by being blindfolded and "kidnapped" to a fun and surprise location. 8th grade -12th grade students are invited to come and have a good time! We would love to have a big attendance at our first event! 
The board will also be designing and updating the Shalomites' agenda board so members will have an idea of the events coming up as well as get to know the Shalomites! Thank you! 

Abby Segal

Book Group   books

The Congregation Shalom book group is resuming its book group meetings and invites anyone interested to attend. 

Monday, Sept 24th at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Esther Wikander
Book Selection: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

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iGiveiGive for Congregation Shalom
Have you ever thought how great it would be to be able to shop online at 783 different well-known stores and still donate money to Congregation Shalom?  Well, you can do that!  It's free and easy so join those of us who have been sending donations to the synagogue for years simply by shopping by first going to the iGive website once you have established the link.  Click here  to register for Congregation Shalom to automatically be the recipient cause.
If you make a purchase through iGive within 45 days of signing up, an extra $5.00 will go to Congregation Shalom.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura at



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Extended CommunityExtendedCommunity
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Reform Jewish Outreach Boston (RJOB) offers classes and workshops supporting interfaith couples and individuals exploring Judaism:
Yours, Mine & Ours for Interfaith Couples
Interfaith couples who are seriously dating, engaged, or newly married strengthen their communication around faith, family, and culture, in a short-term, small group setting.  Held October and March.
Introduction to Judaism
Explore a modern take on Jewish life. Engage with Jewish values, celebrations, and spirituality. Introduction to Judaism is an engaging 16-session course for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Jewish life through a Reform lens. Courses starting in Brookline, Boston, and Sharon/Westwood. 
Planning a Jewish Wedding
For Interfaith and Jewish couples. Explore the symbols of the Jewish wedding ceremony, ways to honor family traditions, and how to personalize your ceremony.  Workshops in Boston and Cambridge.   617-928-0012   RJOB is a program of the Union for Reform Judaism, working in partnership with URJ congregations and with the support of Combined Jewish Philanthropies. 

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Table of Plenty in Chelmsford

Free Dinner Served

Every Tuesday from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.


at The Senior Center in Chelmsford


All are welcome. No questions asked.

Also, if you know of someone who cannot get out

but would benefit from a dinner being delivered to them, please contact us.


For more information contact:



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From the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston & Affiliates...


VNA Hospice Care needs volunteers! Hospice volunteers play a key role in helping to provide caring and compassion to patients and families facing life-limiting illness and loss. A volunteer may provide patients with company and emotional support, give the spouse, partner or other caregiver a needed break from care giving, and/or help caregivers run errands or get to and from appointments. A strong need exists for volunteers who can visit on weekdays. We also seek: musicians who would like to sing or play music quietly at the bedside of nursing home residents; Reiki practitioners who would like to offer Reiki to patients and/or caregivers; and people interested in visiting with their therapy dog. Volunteers who speak both English and a second language are also helpful. We provide volunteer training and ongoing support. Call 781-569-2888 and ask to speak to a Volunteer Coordinator for more information. Or email


Spiritual Poetry Journal


"Soul-Lit" is a new on-line spiritual poetry journal. A number of entries have been from Jews and have Jewish content. Writers are encouraged to submit their own poems which have a level of spiritual content to them. Two volumes have already been published.



To check out the website, please click here.


Please spread the word to members of the community who are writers / poets, and who may wish to submit their own writings.



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