Spring is coming! While we’re still 2 months from the official date, there is so much happening in and around Duane Park that it can hardly be described as dormant.


The results of our survey in the Fall (taken by nearly 600 in the neighborhood) said 85% of you wanted “more green in the restoration of historic Duane Park!”

Since then, we have enlisted the help of neighbors with construction expertise and hired a surveyor to mark out the infrastructure around the park, including utilities. Those pink marks that you see surrounding the park reflect that effort. They have just completed their subterranean survey (just days ahead of the snow!) and will be sending us the report in the next few weeks.

Once we have the report, we will begin the process of pricing the resilient (green) version of the restoration designed by Signe Nielson (landscape architect and Duane Street neighbor), collaborating with our city agency partners, and sharing the cost, timeline and milestones with you.

Thank you to all who have already supported our effort. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and your financial support. Your generosity ensures the park’s ongoing maintenance and helps secure its future.

Restoration & Resiliency Project Team

Carla, Karie, Michael, Robin, and Rose

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