Steven Woodside
Dear Call of the Sea Supporter,

Times are good. At last, brigantine Matthew Turner is nearly complete, and the product of your labor and generous support is finally visible on the water. Over the summer the new tall ship successfully completed testing of the eco-hybrid propulsion system. What an astounding success with many more sea trials to come.

In this newsletter, you will learn more about the upcoming stability testing that will take place this fall along with other major milestones which will result in the issuance of a formal Certificate of Inspection (COI) by the U.S. Coast Guard. Once issued, brigantine Matthew Turner will be authorized to take passengers, young and old, on an expanded array of education and maritime programs and voyages. Below, you can view the educational tall ship's project guide to see how far we've come and where we're going.

A 13 year old can’t have a driver’s license in the state of California, but she can learn to steer a 65 ton vessel! Over the summer our 82' Schooner Seaward had another successful summer of teenage voyage camps, which connect participants with meaningful overnight experiences out at sea.

We're also excited to let you know that the fall school season has started for schooner Seaward. As a result, thousands of students will have the opportunity to learn about the environment through on-the-water field experiences. Call of the Sea will also be revitalizing our education curriculum throughout the coming school year!

And now for something confidential: Don't tell Alan Olson, Call of the Sea's co-founder and tall ship project visionary, but a number of people have suggested that we do something to honor his years of advocating for youth sailing without ever taking compensation: We're creating a scholarship fund in his name to help schools with financial need and help sustain the tall ship. We'd appreciate if you could join the growing list of supporters!

Check out these stories and more below.

Anchors aweigh,
Steven Woodside, J.D.
Executive Director
Alan Olson
Alan Olson Scholarship and Sustainability Fund
Over 30 years ago Call of the Sea's co-founder, Alan Olson, had a vision to inspire future environmental stewards, by providing youth with a life-changing opportunity to set sail on San Francisco Bay and beyond. Ten years ago, Mr. Olson had an even taller vision: to construct an educational tall ship to serve passengers of all ages throughout Northern and Central California. During this time he has never asked for or taken any compensation.

To honor Alan's years of advocacy we established a fund in his name to provide provide youth sailing scholarships for schools needing financial assistance, and for resources to maintain brigantine Matthew Turner
Field Trip Guide
New Field Trip Guide Available
Call of the Sea is pleased to announce our first Field Trip Guide. The array of possibilities for sailing aboard schooner  Seaward  or brigantine  Matthew Turner  are endless. In this guide, we describe our approach to fostering ocean environmental literacy, describe examples of our curriculum, and provide instructions on how to book a field trip experience. We look forward to bringing even more students on the water to promote inclusive and equitable access to the coast and create memories that last a lifetime.
Watch brigantine Matthew Turner During a Sea Trial
Join our crew, volunteers, and naval engineers vicariously as they conduct a sea trial to test out brigantine Matthew Turner's "green" eco-hybrid propulsion system. It worked flawlessly. Notice how you can't hear the motors? Those are electric motors propelling this giant ship. This clean energy design will serve as a learning platform for thousands of students annually. WOW!
Randall Landaiche at the Helm
Volunteer Highlight: Randall Landaiche, Software Consultant
If you're visiting the educational tall ship at the Bay Model Visitor Center Pier on a Saturday, and happen to look aloft, you find our volunteer Randall Landaiche who prefers to work high above the water line! When he is not running his software consulting company he volunteers to help construct the new tall ship. "It has been fascinating working with skilled master craftsmen, riggers, and shipwrights at every turn."
Learn Celestial Navigation
You're Invited: Celestial Navigation Voyage
For the first time Call of the Sea is offering an overnight celestial navigation voyage for adults. On this three day, two night course you will experience using sextants on the water to determine our position outside of San Francisco Bay in the Pacific Ocean. The voyage is led by educator Duncan Harvey who is a celestial navigation expert and formerly sailed aboard SSV Corwith Cramer .

Departs Saturday, October 19 @ 6:00PM
Returns Monday, October 21 @ 6:00PM
US Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model Pier
2100 Bridgewa, Sausalito, CA 94965

Matthew Turner's Stern
Construction Updates: Stability Test Coming!
There are lots of moving parts as we check off the many details for completing brigantine Matthew Turner . The good news is we are checking them off faster than we are identifying them.

The ship has been off the dock several times for hybrid drive testing. In early Fall, critical stability testing will take place along with sea trials leading to the issuance of a Certification of Inspection (COI) by the U.S. Coast Guard, which will authorize us to take passengers of all ages. We plan to commemorate the occasion. You will be invited .
Matthew Turner Project Guide
Brigantine Matthew Turner Project Guide
Can you believe how far we come? To celebrate the progress made on this historic tall ship venture we created a project guide to commemorate the effort. See the construction pictures through the years, learn about the environmental education programs the vessel will support, and find out more about who the prolific ship builder Matthew Turner was. Below is a link to the project guide. Please share it with friends, family, and colleagues. We're so excited to set sail soon!
David Anderson
Meet the Board: David Anderson, Treasurer
Call of the Sea welcomes its newest board member, David Anderson, who also serves as treasurer of the board. Dave has served in a variety of of management & executive positions in the Technology & Financial Services Industries including service with Bank of America, Capital One, Capital Group, Autodesk & Salesforce. His community involvement includes service as the Vice Commodore & Treasurer of the Tiburon Yacht Club. He was a Board member of the Dixie School District Investment Fund and Treasurer for Dixie Little League & several Dixie School Bond campaigns. As a Surface Warfare officer in the United States Navy, Dave operated surface ships in the Mediterranean, Atlantic & Caribbean.
Sausalito Fitness Club
Sponsor Feature: Sausalito Fitness Club
This month we also welcome aboard our newest sponsor, Sausalito Fitness Club (SFC). Owned and operated by experienced fitness trainer, Joubert Caston, this facility is now the best gym in Marin. These guys will have you hoisting even Matthew Turner's sails (one-handed) in no time. (Okay, maybe you'll need both hands.) Plus they've just introduced American Red Cross First Aid Training courses to complement their new equipment and range of cardio classes. It's no wonder we're trusting them with the health and well being of our crew. After all, a strong healthy crew is the best way to ensure a successful and enjoyable voyage for the students, teachers and community members that sail with Call of the Sea.
Youth Explore Tide Pools
Voyage Seaward Summer Camps a Success
A 13 year old can’t have a driver’s license in the state of California, but she can learn to steer a 65 ton vessel!

Voyage Seaward is a popular overnight summer camp that connects teenagers with the ocean all that is has to offer. Camp life becomes ship-board life as students become crew and take part in everything from hoisting sails to standing watch and learning to navigate and steer, sometimes by the stars — lifelong skills which transfer seamlessly from ship to shore. Learn more about what happens on a 5-day voyage, and about some of the unexpected experiences possible when joining Voyage Seaward.
Schooner Seawards Captain Jay
Safety First
Our hearts go out to those who suffered loss of life. Many of the victims of the diving boat fire lived in the Bay Area or along the Central Coast. The devastating effects of Dorian upset the lives of thousands of people, one who is near and dear to us: Our master builder, Barry Stompe.
Fleet Week Tickets Available
Exclusive Offer: Fleet Week Tickets Available
Experience the Fleet Week Airshow and join the Parade of Ships with the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop aboard schooner  Seaward .

Call of the Sea is celebrating by offering two dates for our community to book tickets. Thursday, October 10th is the rehearsal air show, and Friday, October 11th is the Parade of Ships and the San Francisco Fleet Week AIR SHOW Presented by United Airlines.

Boarding: 11:30pm
Departure: 12:00pm
Return: 5:00pm

Sail includes
+Vessel and crew
+Gourmet sandwiches
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