C&SN Director Paul Carroll writes for Just Security on the need to address underlying flaws in the material support statutes that make terror designations a nightmare for civil society groups, using the Houthi designations in Yemen as a case study. Read the full article in Just Security. (March 18).

C&SN and InterAction filed an amicus brief in a case with serious implications for nonprofits working in proximity to terrorist groups. Read our takeaways and access the brief on our website. (March 23).

C&SN issued a press release on the eve of the 6th anniversary of the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, highlighting ongoing humanitarian access issues and ways to address them. Read the full press release on our website. (March 24).

C&SN reports on the New Israel Fund's victory in a politically motivated case brought against it by David Abrams of the Zionist Advocacy Center. Read the story on our website. (March 25).