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Friday Newsletter / May 18, 2018
Calendar Listings   

Tuesday, May 22
Cross Country Running 3:15-4:30pm

Thursday, May 24
No All School Gathering (Rehearsal for GP Day)
UE Museum 2:00-2:50pm
Cross Country Running 3:15-4:30pm

Friday, May 25
UE Museum 9:45-10:45am
Grandparents/Special Friends Day - Noon Dismissal For All
Ava (Upper El) escorts friends from the Children's House back to their classrooms after All School Gathering.
Upcoming Events:
May 28: Memorial Day - No School
May 30-June 1: Upper Elementary Class Trip
June 2: Strolling of the Heifers
June 4: Last Cooking Class
June 7: Last Day of School for Lower Grades/Field Day
June 8: Last Day of School for Middle School/MS Graduation
Job Openings for Next Year
We have many candidates responding and are continuing with interviews for the Business Manager, Elementary Art, Toddler Assistant, and AfterCare Assistant positions.
All of our job postings are here:

Please have anyone interested in these positions contact Tamara Mount, Head of School, with a resume and letter of interest.
Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Please RSVP to Roselle Garro .
Grandparent and Special Friend Day Schedule:
 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.  - Meet & Greet with coffee & light breakfast
  9:00 - 9:30 a.m.  - Award Ceremony Honoring Tonia 
 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.  - Visit with Grandchildren and Special Friends in the Classrooms and/or Middle School Seminar Discussion or Upper El Museum
10:55 -11:45 a.m.  - All School Sing in the Arts Barn
Noon Dismissal for All!

* PARENTS : We love volunteers! We need volunteers to bring in baked goods, help with the set-up, coffee making and clean-up during the morning. If you can help, please contact Roselle .
Contact Roselle with any questions.
Attention: Children's House and Toddler Program Families
Please be aware that cases of strep are still emerging in the Children's House and Toddler Program. If your child has symptoms you can check this CDC link  here  for more details. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter! 
Toddler Program
Nothing like a spontaneous bucket hat parade to celebrate spring!
Zhong Yi and Eleanor spend time in the Willow Room.
Willow Room
This Wednesday we had our Spring Work Share. Thank you to all the families who were able to come in. It was so nice to see how excited the children were to share what they love about the classroom. 

With the beautiful weather we’ve been spending a little more time outdoors. We’ve put together our water cascade table, which is a big hit. Children have been enjoying riding bikes and pulling friends in the wagon. The addition of the new path has been a lot of fun for them!

We are still working on the construction of the mud kitchen, but hope it will be finished in the next week or so. If you have any old pots and pans, colanders, or spoons/spatulas, we are still accepting donations. In addition, we are also looking for helmet donations. If you have any kids bike helmets that you are ready to pass on we will gladly take them. We need about 6.

Please send in a water bottle and sunscreen for your child if you haven’t already. We want to keep them free from sunburn and hydrated!

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca and Jonathan
Amaya and Annabel have a chat in the wagon.
Sylvia works on water pouring.
Alexander and Esme play with the water cascade table.
Patrick uses our rhythm stick work.
Kaleb dances with a shaker during music with Jay.
Workshare in the Willow Room.
Birch Room
Recently, we’ve brought some materials outside to help create an “outdoor classroom.” These works are set up in different areas of the playground, and are designed for 1-2 children at a time. This number limit helps the children have the space and quite they need to really concentrate on their work. It also gives the children a chance to practice taking turns and waiting for something they want, which are important social emotional skills. Check out the pictures below of the children at work.

Thanks to everyone who came to Wednesday’s workshare. It was great to see you!  

And finally, you don’t need to attend the Royal wedding this weekend to have fun, as Charles and Elijah show us :-)

Have a great weekend!
AJ and Sylvia lend Cheryl a hand in the garden.
Andrew and his mom take a pose.
“I’m going to a royal ball!” -Charles
Eleanor and Andrew work at the water table.
Oliver and Isaac work in the outside art area.
Eko and his dad explore a work.
“I’m king of the world!”- Elijah 
Lower Elementary
Thank you to all parents and grandparents who were able to attend our last work share of the year. If you weren't able to attend, we have copies of the language and math activities that you can do with your child over the summer. Everyone in Lower El has made progress in these areas, and we would love to see that continue over the summer. Regular practice with reading and math facts is important in order to retain and grow skills, and it can be done in a playful way. Please ask if you would like a packet. 

Our final Moving Up Day of the year occurred on Thursday, with our visitors from Kindergarten staying for an entire morning. After spending the morning doing math, cultural, and language works, and even attending a reading group, they were ready to play! As expected, Haytown was a popular destination, although the climbing bars were also enticing. It was exciting to see the beginnings of our new class taking shape. We look forward to next school year! Our departing Olders had a nice time hiking the Pinnacle with their soon-to-be classmates in Upper El.

Enjoy your weekend!
Kerstin, Patrick, and Amelia
Sebastian shows off his sight word story during a morning lesson.
Fun in Haytown!
Moments from Workshare
Upper Elementary
We are in the final stretch!

The class is hard working in preparation for next week’s UE Museum. Everything from electromagnets, telegraphs, CPR models, Mayan ballparks, and synesthesia experiments are in the works.

We also enjoyed a hike with NEXT YEAR’S UE class at the Pinnacle Thursday morning. Thank you drivers: Jen, Kathryn, Michael, Andrea, and David.

Meanwhile our 6ths were busy planning our 3-day trip. (News to follow via email.)

And finally, it is ISP season for the 6ths. Last week, Ava presented her Independent Study Project on PTSD. This week we heard from Ilona on the architect Zaha Hadid, Ely on magnetic levitation, and Ben on radar.

UE Museum: Thursday, May 24, 2:00pm and Friday, May 25, 9:45-10:45am
3-day Trip: Wednesday, May 30 - Friday June 1 (regular 3:00pm pick-up)

Have a fantastic weekend!
Ilona presents on the architect Zaha Hadid.
Middle School
In their culminating work with the Confluence Project, the middle school students spent the week with Judy Dow, Abenaki teacher, artist, and storyteller as they created objects that tell the story of the Whetstone River and its newly conserved floodplain. Each student chose an aspect of our river studies from the past several months to interpret through a piece of art, which include quilted maps, hand made paper from Japanese knotweed, carved wooden models, painted baskets, and photographic collages. The families and the public are invited to join us this evening (Friday, May 18th) at the Root Social Justice Center ( 28 Williams Street, Brattleboro ) to see the completed projects and hear from the students and local town planners about the conservation project at 250 Birge Street, sometimes known as Sawdust Alley. Doors open at 4:30; a walking tour of the site (which is across the brook from the Root Center) begins at 5:15; student presentations and community dialogue is at 6:00. The event will run until 7:30.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
at The Root Social Justice Center
We meet with Karen Saunders at the Putney Forest and Wetland.
Karen helped us understand some of the components of a healthy wetland.
Judy Dow explains how the plants of a wetland can benefit all aspects of an eco-system.
Working on the art expressions of the Confluence Project.
Knotweed paper, anyone?
After Care
Home (and cars) for sale
The Iams family is moving to China this summer and we are selling our house and cars. Please contact us at 614-302-4494 or  steveniams@gmail.com  with inquiries or questions. Or help us spread the word! For more photos of the house,  please click this link.
Missed out on the online Hilltop Pop-up Shop?
Hilltop Gear is available in the lobby!
Hilltop Apartment
Hello Hilltop community! My name is Camille and I’m looking for a queer roommate, or possibly a couple, to join me and my 2-yr-old cat in the semi-furnished, two-bedroom apartment above the Hilltop Montessori Middle School. I’ve been living on campus for almost two years now, and it’s such a beautiful and special place to call home! I will be travelling for 3-4 months in the fall and am ideally looking for a housemate open to either living with a subletter or covering the total apartment rent during that time, which I would subsidize if that person is willing to take care of my cat and allow me to store my things until I return. Pets who are cat-, dog- and child-friendly are allowed (and preferred by my very social cat!).

More details in the online housemate ad:

Do you know someone who might be a good fit? Please help spread the word!
Hilltop Helpers
Thank you to Martin Humfeldt and Green Mountain Creamery for donations of yogurt!
BIG thanks to Brattleboro Tire for donating our Hilltop van's winter snow tires and for rotating them each year!
Thank you to Nathan Rupard and Hazel restaurant for delivering our pizza each week and providing our staff with delicious pies!
Community Events
Spanish Summer Theater for Kids

Children ages 7 – 12 are invited to join Greenough Nowakoski to create a play in Spanish and English.

Week One  July 23rd-27th
Week Two  Aug 6th-10th
9am - 3:30pm  program, 8 - 5 extended day.
At Hilltop Montessori School

$200/week, 6 child minimum. Sign up for one or both weeks.
Scholarships and barter available. 

One snack provided. Families provide Lunch and additional snack.

In addition to creating a play, children will have time to freeplay outdoors and in, dance to great latinx music, have a quiet rest/read time, and hear a great story about the Spanish speaking world.

Greenough Nowakoski  has taught Spanish to children in grades K – 8 for 13 in area schools. Her work with children encourages experiencing and understanding the diversity and beauty in our world. She brings with her books, music, and artifacts from Spanish-speaking cultures.

Also, looking for interested Spanish speaking adults to assist for 3 hours per day, for pay or trade.

To sign up, please email Greenough.

Traditional Music Camp
for Kids 
Led by Andy Davis, Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy
June 25 – 29, 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
Ages 9-14
Tuition: $260 / 5 days
at Hilltop Montessori School

Click here to register.
Tickets are available from Nora Gordon, Tom Griffith, Paul Dedell, or online from the Brattleboro Music Center.