Celebrate Our Giving Circle
During Black History Month, we rolled out a campaign to give the public the opportunity to get involved with our work through our inaugural giving circle in support of developing our EPA Center, a virtual hub for aspiring Black visionaries who aim to learn how to build sustainable wealth that is historically informed and globally conscious. We are proud to announce that we have 13 members, all of whom bring valuable perspective and energy to the organization as we work together to not only raise funds, but to build a collaborative community. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates highlighting what each member brings to the family!
Buy Our Book on Amazon
We are so excited to share that our long-awaited book, Understanding How to Build Black Generational Wealth is finally available on Amazon. This one-of-kind handbook is for anyone looking to learn more about the Black-White wealth gap from a global perspective and speaks directly to the aspiring Black visionary who is seeking the motivation necessary to build personal, generational and communal wealth through entrepreneurship. It is informative, motivational and straightforward. 
We coach aspiring Black visionaries from all over the world through our Alternative Career Services Coaching program. From business to finances to higher education and general life skills support, we are ready to empower you! Schedule your free session today.
The application for our life-changing 10-week summer internship program has been extended to April 15th! We urge Black college students looking to make a change in the world through visionary entrepreneurship, wealth building and philanthropy to apply.
We invite student groups, career services professionals, D&I entities and beyond to take advantage of our action-oriented learning experience, challenging aspiring Black visionaries to examine their socioeconomic status in relation to the wealth-building process and explore entrepreneurship as a viable career option that facilitates economic advancement.
Special Offering for Montclair, NJ USA Residents
Thanks to Montclair Foundation, we have funding to provide 25 Montclair resident Black college students with incorporation fee sponsorship after going through our month-long Black Generational Wealth Program. We have held two amazing rounds thus far, and look forward to the next round beginning April 17th!
Bria Johnson, Consultrepreneurship '20
Bria is a fearless fashion designer who impressively manages to juggle her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia and her amazing fashion business, Riar Designs. Her favorite part of the design process is connecting with her customers on a deeper level and ensuring that she provides them with quality items. As a result of going through the Consultrepreneurship, Bria grew to realize that her true passion lies in developing "slow fashion" using a made-to-order system focused on timeless, limited-edition "capsule collections." After graduating in 2022, she plans to release her first collection with the end goal of having her very own atelier (i.e., designer workshop/studio) where she meets with customers looking to purchase custom designs and sells her limited-edition collections. Recently, Bria has taken up styling and looks to incorporate it into her atelier experience as well. Currently, she is focused on building a team, identifying potential manufacturing companies to assist with production, and developing a slow fashion working model that is in harmony with the customer-centered empire she's on the trajectory to create!
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