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TCF Bank

- Sr Oracle / Data BI Analyst

- Oracle Data and BI Architect

SPS Commerce

- Lead Software Engineer

- Software Engineer

- Sr Cloud Engineer


- Senior Software Engineer

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Recruiter Jobs:

13 jobs currently posted including...

Manager Sales Recruiting at 
SPS Commerce


Recruiting Manager at Intertech


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Tech Pro Webinar

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Friends and Colleagues,

I last sent out an email newsletter June 4th 2014 and ended it this way:

How often am I sending this?
I am going to send this out once and at the end of the month.
Will the next one "look" better?
Yes it will. 
I should say... I hope so. I know I need to work on the format a bit. If you have some ideas I will gladly accept them.

I didn't do either of those.

As for the "look better" my friends in the startup world will recognize this as a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Send it out, get going and iterate the format on future messages. My marketing friends might use a different word or two. Hopefully the simplicity of this does not turn you away. Oh, and there's going to be a lot of text too.

I started that newsletter with this:

"Dude, I already receive enough of these monthly newsletters. Is this one going to be annoying too?"

I don't mean to Spam you. I promise. It's that there is a bunch of news to share to my Minnesota Recruiter and HR friends, my national Recruiter and HR friends, tech pros in Minneapolis (and likely around the country) and for those who may be seeking a job in Q3 or Q4.

How we got here... could have been over the years on LinkedIn, from webinars I hosted during the recession, the Minnesota Recruiters email and conferences, at a tech/business event in Minnesota, a random coffee shop in Minneapolis or a conference in another part of the country. I have done my best to honor those who unsubscribed before and to remove double email addresses.

So if you are annoyed (or worse) and are going to unsubscribe... before hitting the button note these 3 things:

For those who use LinkedIn frequently... they changed their user agreement earlier this month. If you are using Chrome extensions you may soon (or already have) landed yourself in LinkedIn "jail". Be careful what tools you are using with LinkedIn. More on this on a blog post week.

For those who are a Recruiter, HR, Hiring Manager, Founder of a startup, etc... check this out about Google Jobs Ready or Not, Google for Jobs Launches Today from ERE.

For those who are tech pros (Recruiters and HR too)... all of the 2017 salary reports are out from Robert Half, Dice, Information Week and more. Check them out to find useful information on salary trends, most in demand skills, etc. Or (you guessed it) see my post next week.

I'm hoping you'll stick around but if not... thanks for making it this far.

Now to the news and why I am sending this out...

Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp

I am hosting a first of its kind recruiting bootcamp July 31st and August 1st at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. If you are hiring in the Midwest this is something you are going to want to check out. 8 of the 10 speakers are confirmed and a list of possible topics are posted.

Go to Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp for more information and to register.

ERE Fall Conference

For all of my Recruiter and HR friends ERE is bringing their 2017 Fall Recruiting Conference to Minneapolis October 16-18, 2017. While playing host to my colleagues from around the world I am also doing a keynote presentation, "Blow Up Your Recruiting Strategy". You can find more information by clicking ERE Fall Recruiting Conference and if you are going to attend use MNHeadhunter for a 25% discount on your ticket.

Work With Me

I've never, as in never ever, done something like this but I am curious what projects are out there in Minneapolis / St Paul and the Midwest that I am not aware of... I am wrapping up a couple of projects next week and I have some free time. I could take a nap or fish for a few weeks but I find myself wanting to take on new challenges. So if you are looking for some additional recruiting help focusing on tech, product, data and digital roles and are building teams... send me a note. With that work comes recruiting process and strategy consulting and evangelism and advocacy. Be you a startup or a Fortune 500 company drop me a line and we can chat a bit. 

For more info click Work With Me to see a 1st draft of what I am looking for.

Next Newsletter

I will be following this up next week with an update on speakers for the Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, links to a tech podcast I have been working on, date for the tech pro webinar, date for the job search webinar and a few blog posts. I plan on having something that looks better than this MVP.

If you have any questions, thoughts and critiques I gladly take them paul@mnheadhunter.com

Thanks for hanging with me on this.