No. 18  January 2015
Looking for new destinations this 2015?
Horseback Riding Tour
For this adventure you don�t need to be a rider. We will take you on a safe ride through different places, where you can enjoy the beautiful biodiversity and spectacular views of the Gulf of Nicoya.

Orchid Tour
Discover the wonderful world of orchids and enjoy more than 450 beautiful species in just one garden! 

Talk on Amphibians and Reptiles

OCOTEA TOURS & TRANSFERS is aware of the importance of training their human resources, which is the most important resource we have in our businesses. In order to prepare our guides and staff on the issue of biodiversity a 'Discussion on Amphibians and Reptiles' was taught by the prominent herpetologist, Mr. Federico Mu�oz.

This training was held on December 2nd, 2014 in Terra Viva, Monteverde and was attended by 14 people, who acquired knowledge on important issues, including the origin of amphibians and reptiles, as well as various aspects of the biogeography of Costa Rica, which has influenced the abundance and richness of these groups. Also, they learned about the characteristics of amphibians and reptiles, like their circulatory system and respiratory system, bone characteristics, among others. Aditionally, they studied how to identify major group species such as caecilians, frogs and toads, salamanders, snakes and crocodiles.

Christmas Dinner

As part of the Christmas activities and as a well deserved 'thank you' to their staff, OCOTEA TOURS & TRANSFERS organized a Christmas Dinner at Don Luis Restaurant, in Monteverde, on December 11th of 2014.

In this activity, 35 collaborators participated. This celebration started with a small speech from the owner, Mrs. Karen Fallas, recognizing the commitment of each of the participants, who from their various jobs, have contributed into providing the best service for the customers. Additionally, the company's code of conduct was reviewed, and the relevant regulations and policies were highlighted, including updating the records of tourist guides and drivers.

It was also announced the company's formal entry for the evaluation process to obtain the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, awarded by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. This dinner gave the opportunity for the staff and collaborators to share a fun and enjoyable time, before welcoming the new year.
Climate Change

Recently, on December 2014 the United Nations Climate Change Conference took place in Lima, Peru. This important event erased the divisions between the categorization of developed and developing countries, who had different duties depending on this differentiation. Currently, all countries are required to reduce emissions of gases that cause global warming, according to its characteristics and possibilities.

Let's assume our share of responsibility and carry out actions to mitigate climate change. Some of these include the famous 3Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, using renewable energy such as solar chargers and solar panels, switching off equipment when not in use, prefering public transportion over individual transportation, combating forest loss by planting trees, buying certified products, and avoiding risky situations that can cause fires.

Remember that a small action done by many becomes a great action with significant effects for the planet and for our lives.
New schedule for Route 606 Guacimal - Santa Elena

We share the new schedule available for Route 606 Guacimal - Santa Elena starting on January 10th, 2015 and until further notice.

Please take note of this when planning your itinerary and to avoid any drawbacks.
Warm and waterproof

For your visit to Monteverde, we recommend you to bring a warm coat and a waterproof jacket since we are experimenting lower temperatures and moist winds at this time. Follow these recommendations so you can comfortably enjoy the walks and different tours in the area.

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