No. 24  July 2015

We remember the Day of Annexation of Nicoya (July 25, 1824) with the phrase "De la Patria por nuestra voluntad" as written  on the coat of arms of the province and pronounced by the people who once decided to annex to Costa Rica.

History tells us that upon the declaration of independence of Central America in 1821, Nicaraguan authorities began to have some influence on the Nicoya Party. However, Nicaragua was a state with many internal problems and the inhabitants felt more identified with our country.

So the inhabitants of Nicoya agreed in an open council to write a letter lead by its chief, Cupertino Briceño, requesting annexation to the province of Costa Rica. After the necessary arrangements with the General Congress in Guatemala, on July 25th, 1824 the agreement was finally confirmed. All members of Nicoya solemnly declared to be considered from that moment on, as part of the State of Costa Rica.

Today we celebrate and recognize the benefit received by this annexation: a blessed territory with wonderful biodiversity, livestock and harvesting of different products such as rice and sugarcane; and also for the cultural enrichment that is its people, its music and its legends.

Congratulations Costa Rica!
Horseback Riding Tour
We invite you to a fun horseback riding tour to enjoy the beauty of the cloud forest, open fields, coffee and banana plantations, and amazing views of the Nicoya Gulf.
Orchid Tour
Where are the orchids?! ...This could be your first reaction, but you won´t be disappointed. This experience gives you the opportunity to appreciate an incredible collection of miniature orchids, including the smallest in the world!
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
26 June
Ocotea Tours & Transfers joins this years  International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking campaign theme: " Lets Develop - Our Lives - Our Communities - Our Identities - Without Drugs" to raise awareness about the global drug problem and how illicit drugs continue to pose a health danger to humanity.

It is important to remember that illicit drugs undermine the environment, security and development. Countering their impact using a balanced and human rights based approach is vital to protect and promote the health and welfare of humankind.  

We invite you to take a stand against a problem that affects us all! 
Carbon Neutral- Updates
In order to continue learning from the course provided by the EARTH on Carbon Neutrality in May, a working group comprising representatives of organizations that are in the process of achieving carbon neutrality was established.

The first meeting was held on May 19 in the office of the Monteverde Community Fund (FCM). We discussed the progress of the participants' organizations into achieving Carbon Neutral.

In addition, issues related to the need to integrate to the group other people that are directly related to the emissions quantification and therefore the process, which include: managers, members of the Board of Directors and accountants. Likewise, the collaboration of 'Ingenieros Forestales' is required to determine the ability of carbon dioxide removing from some of the areas with forests that are at different stages of maturation.

During the second meeting, held on June 09 in the facilities of the Hotel Belmar, we reviewed the progress of organizations in the preparation of a draft report of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). Special emphasis was placed on developing an information system for the emissions inventory and the importance of having all data documented in physical, digital or with photographs for the fulfillment of the requirements in the verification process.

It was mentioned that the purchase of Costa Rican compensation units (UCC) have a cost of $7.5 per ton. This information was obtained through Mrs. Carmen Roldan, director of the Agency for Development and Commercialization of Environmental Services FONAFIFO.

The third and final meeting took place on July 07 at the Monteverde Friends School. The main objective was to practice the collection of data for the quantification inventory of GHG emissions, to unify the format used and to check that the formulas are applied correctly in each case.

We also discussed some aspects of the existing legislation for the purchase and sale of UCC, and the participation of FONAFIFO as issuer or as intermediary entity between the people who have areas for GHGs removal and companies interested into compensating emissions due to their economic activity.

The next meeting will be held August 7 and it is expected to resume the emissions inventory topic, specifically the comparison data and formulas among the participants.

Publication of the book "Walking with Wolf"
Ocotea Tours & Transfers attendedThe release of the Spanish Edition of the book "Walking with Wolf: Reflections on a life spent protecting the Costa Rican wilderness".

Hamilton-based author Kay Chornook brings the wet misty cloud forests of Central America to life in Walking with Wolf. With lyrical prose and a wealth of biological and historical detail, this book tells the story of Wolf Guindon: conscientious objector turned trailblazer, chainsaw dealer turned award-winning conservationist.

Happy Birthday Eunice García 

We congratulate Eunice Garcia, our colleague from Reservations at Ocotea Tours & Transfers on her birthday.

We wish you a new year full of blessings and prosperity. May this this year be filled with success and may joy become a constant in your life.

Happy birthday and many more!

Schedule for Route 606 Guacimal - Santa Elena
La MONTEVERDE ROAD COMMISSION   announced that due to the type of work being done in the Guacimal - Santa Elena Road, total closures are not required, so the closures schedule program is suspended until further notice.

There will be a
regulated pass all day, as required for the machinery. Take advantage of this good news and come visit Monteverde!!!
Collection Campaign for Nontraditional Materials - 8 July
We invite you to gather those unwanted nontraditional materials for the Collection Campaign. Some examples of nontraditional materials include old mattresses and appliances. Truck will start its collection at 7:00am in the usual route.
Great Concert: La Big Band de Costa Rica 
We are very pleased about sponsoring La Big Band de Costa Rica concert last weekend. Thanks to all the people who came to enjoy this great band and its music.
Movies in Monteverde: OPEN and FREE

FREE trees for reforestation and protection of springs, and to plant on river banks and along creeks
XI Latin American Congress of Private Reserves 
November 8-14
The Costa Rican Network of Natural Reserves (Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales), invites you to participate in the XI Latin American Congress of Private Reserves, which will be held from November 08th to November 14th.


This itinerant Congress will visit San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica), Sarapiqui (northern plains, tropical rainforest), will pass through La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano), Monteverde (cloud forest and continental divide) and Punta Leona (Central Pacific Forest transition between tropical dry forests of northwestern and southern rainforests, and white sand beaches with waters ranging between 26?C and 28?C). 

More information in Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales