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My novels touch reality. They have been predictive, every one of them, and often in ways I did not expect. "Thrillers are fiction... until it happens...."

A new instance of this just popped up. My second novel, Privacy Wars, still holds the record for the most and the highest Awards received. The theme was "Big Brother in Cyberspace." It came out when Snowden was running for his life and stuck in the Moscow airport.

I did a lot of interviews. Back then, few could conceive that a government, our government, could actually watch all of us, everyone, all the time. That it could control us, every aspect of our lives, what we buy, what we say. The notion of prisons without walls seemed impossible.

Thanks to Trump (who was predicted in 1970 by Eric Hoffer), we now know of the Deep State, Fake News, and government corruption . We found out late, and the 2020 election is key.

Those dependent on the government have been programmed to ignore reality, to hate, to depend on "free stuff" and trust government. Deplorables, subhumans who disagree, must be watched, intimidated, and, if necessary, destroyed. Yes, even a President, or perhaps especially a President, and certainly any who dare to defend Freedom and the Constitution.

  • Alinsky: The issue is not about the issue; the issue is about the revolution
  • Lenin: Destroy the family and you destroy the country.
  • Obama: (As I divide and weaken them, Americans will) get bitter, they will cling to guns or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Our bureaucracies were corrupted and weaponized, except then the impossible happened. Hillary lost. Trump won. Democrats and others, desperate to hold power, have been trying to block, sabotage, and impeach him ever since.

  • November 2016: Trump wins election
  • January 2017: Trump inaugurated
  • January 2017: first FISA renewal
  • April 2017: second FISA renewal
  • June 2017: third FISA renewal

The radical left was not just spying on the campaign. It was spying on the President and on us, especially on critics, writers, and reporters. Respected experts gave dire warnings of FISA at the time, but Jimmy Carter and Congress did it anyway.

With everything secretly recorded, if you misremember even one single long-ago conversation or interview an FBI "perjury trap" could make you into a felon. It happened to General Flynn and to Jerome Corsi, an author and friend. Jerry's book, Silent No More, is chilling.

In at least one case an FBI lawyer changed an agent's interview notes to get a conviction. The lawyer was never charged with a crime and reportedly is still employed by the FBI. A fake whistle-blower (who has never testified, but did conspire) kicked off the recent impeachment.

I recommend the Dershowitz book Guilt by Accusation. No matter what one's political views are (he's a liberal Democrat), I think most can agree that trends like that are dangerous.

Here's the thing: They are not after Trump. They are after you. He's just in the way. They are terrified he'll win again in 2020 and finish the swamp draining. The FISA judges were part of the scheme. We were living in a total surveillance state and didn't know it.

BOOM: FISA JUDGE ROSEMARY COLLYER’S ORDER: DESTROY SURVEILLANCE DATA COLLECTED ON AND BEFORE MARCH 17, 2017. This 40 years of unmasking and spying on citizens predates Trump. It's all been erased, but is not forgotten.

Still, even with that evidence gone like Hillary's emails, FISA abuses since then should be enough for criminal convictions, starting with Comey. Action is needed. The storm is here.

Real world tyranny is scary. It's much better to read Orwell or Privacy Wars than to live it.

Fiction ( Novels )

It is strange how life turns out.

I was determined to focus on getting my new novel done, but life keeps getting in the way. I wound up doing several book signings at air shows. That led to a TV interview about me and "The Writing Life." It covers all my novels, and some about how and why I write.

Here is a link. You can also find this on my website.

You may have noticed that I've been having a hard time getting my new novel done. The setting is along the invasion corridor from Venezuela up to and across the Southern Border of the United States. This threat is real and it is close. Research has been difficult, as was plotting a tale that my characters could plausibly survive, but we're rolling now.

This is now the most dangerous region in the world. In addition, it's politically incorrect to speak about it, so not much information is coming out. Venezuela is the new Syria. link

The first chapters of all my novels are up free on my authors page. The draft first chapter of my new Raven novel, Broken Oath, should be up there in February along with a cover image. We hope to have the book available in March, but these things are getting harder to predict.

The long-awaited Raven's Redemption audio book was published on Audible weeks ago, but it is still not available. This has delayed the audio book for Raven's Resurrection . My publisher is hoping for a 3Q2020 release of that one.

Focus is on getting Broken Oath published, but I will probably have a book signing in late February at the Mesa, AZ Red Mountain library Local Author Book Fair. They had me as the lead last year and it was a lot of fun. Link.

I may be able to also fit in a radio interview or two when we get down there.

Reality ( Blog )

The crazy Democrats, led by the CRAZY crazy Democrats have abandoned the Mueller Report nonsense, "Stormy," and their disastrous debates. They now rage about Whites, our Racist President, and Gun Control. The platform is one of socialism, hate, and impeachment.

Fun fact: Did you know there have only been four impeachments in the entire history of the United States, and Hillary Clinton was involved in three of them. (Technically the current
Schiff Show is not an impeachment, but it will be if they ever send it to the Senate.)

Why do they keep beating the dead impeachment horse?

  1. Their base hates Trump and his supporters.
  2. Impeachment feeds Fake News.
  3. It diverts attention from prosecuting Comey, McCabe, Brennan, etc.

There are a few good things that might come out of this, but it's not likely. This is political noise to divide and distract. Violence is planned. Democrats want to disarm law-abiding Americans. It seems VA will be the Soros lead for gun confiscation, but a few other states might participate.

Suggestions for President Trump:

  • Lock up the dangerous crazies, but with due process. Some will self-commit.
  • Severe penalties for crimes committed with guns.
  • Prompt Capital Punishment for mass murder.
  • Eliminate gun free zones.
  • Monitor and expose propaganda that creates rage and violence.
  • Antifa should be declared a terrorist group, not the NRA.
  • Expose and destroy the two-tiered justice system now. It sucks.

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