Celebrating the Journey
Joys & Concerns Edition
December 2019

Help us Honor our Church Members during January, 2020
Dorothy Bogaard & Ed Brandwein
Let them know they are part of our family - always in our hearts and prayers!
Remember our Shut-Ins in Prayer
  • Betty Blair
  • Ed Brandwein
  • Dorothy Bogaard
  • Louise Dahm
  • Fred & Nancy Ekstrom
  • Elsie Fry
  • Dede & Gary Gray
  • Joyce Horn
  • Erna Houdek
  • Betty Imhoff
  • Ollie Lindgren
  • Thea O'Connor
  • Richard Noxon
  • Helen Stauffer
  • Claudette Treadwell
  • Mary Westerbeck
  • Valoyce Williams
Please remember those of our church family who are not always able to be with us. Send a card, give them a call, plan a visit, and keep them in your prayers!
You may obtain the list of our shut-ins
and the monthly birthday and anniversary lists
by contacting the Church Office.
Remember also our members and friends who were hospitalized and/or entered into or continue in rehab this month:
Howard Dittmann, Helen Stauffer, Rick Stauffer
Memorial Donations were submitted to the Congregational Church of Algonquin during the month as follows:

In Memory of Lois Norris
Michelle & Tony Tarosas
The Heavenly Attic
In Memory of Ethel Yamashita
The Heavenly Attic
In Memory of Mary Decker
Brian & Sally Cope
In Memory of Claire Kent
The Family of Claire Kent
Howard and Kathy Dittmann
In Memory of Bette Cope
2 Anonymous Gifts
Penny & Ronald Bond
Sue Brown
Julie & Douglas Bullard
Kathy & Howard Dittmann
Paula Evans
Sandy Ferguson
Teri Franklin
The Heavenly Attic
Bill & Kelly Hellyer
Amanda & Jeff Jolitz
Ellen & Jerry Kuroghlian
Jeffrey & Karen Sylvester
Michelle Tarosas
Charles & Lorraine Taylor
Ken & Pat Thime
Martha Wallace
Do you know persons serving currently in the military? Please let the church office know, so we can keep them on our prayer list!
Remember Our Military!
Cody Colbert
Richard Dowdle
Cole Guenther
Eric Hertel
John (Jay) Hogrewe
Jake Korbecki
Dominik Kneip
Joey Mann
Owen Ritsema
Ben Sprouse

Would you like a visit
from Rev. Cope?
Don't think that he is too busy or that you are interrupting him. This is part of his job as your minister.

  • email: revcope.cca@gmail.com
  • Church Office 847-658-5308

Just let him know!

No matter who you are,
or where you are on life's journey,
YOU are welcome here !
The Congregational Church of Algonquin
109 Washington Street
Algonquin, IL 60102