December 2021
Cow Hollow Association Newsletter
Keep Zoning Local
Update on State Legislation in 2021 and Its Impact

A series of recently passed, unprecedented, state laws (SB9 and SB10) target single-family zoning in California. These bills allow developers to build multi-story, multi-unit buildings next door to single-family homes and deny residents any say in what is built in their community.

"Our greatest fear is SB 9, the radical experiment to strip homeowners of power, letting builders erect four full-sized houses on any lot in any single-family area, tearing out yards and trees to squeeze it all in."
- LivableCA

In addition, there are ZERO requirements to build what is actually needed - affordable housing. The developers will make billions and the facts show that these two state laws will create massive displacement — forcing working families out of their own communities.

"California has adopted 90+ housing laws since 2017, promising 'affordability.' Instead, most laws benefit developers, banks, or investors.
Very, very few help affordable housing." - LivableCA

After an almost two-year fight and despite heavy opposition from California residents, but with significant developer and real estate support, the bills passed.

"The state is unleashing new 2022 laws against homeowners, the environment, and the state’s working-class as it hands California over to Wall Street investors." - LivableCA

New Coalition: Our Neighborhood Voices

In response to these bills' passage, a coalition of hundreds of California neighborhood leaders banded together to preserve a city's ability to speak out about what happens in its community. We are asking you to read about the coalition and go to the website to learn more about preserving residents’ rights across the state.

Mandate: As a coalition, they are standing up to these laws by gathering signatures to get a statewide initiative on the November 2022 ballot that restores our neighborhood voices and sanity to our planning process. The State can’t turn our local planning over to developers — the result will be gentrification, displacement, traffic gridlock, environmental damage, higher taxes, and sprawl.

Action: The coalition is working to give California voters the chance to speak out about what is happening in their neighborhoods. Their measure takes away the blank check to developers and restores a process that allows neighborhoods to be heard and affordable housing to be proactively addressed, not ignored.

They need your support to get it on the November ballot.
Show your support for this effort

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