February/March 2024

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Music Suggestions for Lent – Year B

February/March 2024


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▶️  Indicates video accompaniment version available.

February 14Ash Wednesday

---"Come, Dare to Be"

---"Dust and Ashes" (Wren/Klusmeier)

---"Holy One" (General Version)

February 181st Sunday in Lent


---"Come, Teach Us, Spirit of Our God"

---"Deep in Our Hearts" ▶️ 

---"Silent Spring Song"

---"Welcome the Wild One"

February 252nd Sunday in Lent

---"A Questioning Song"

---"All That We Have"


---"Fresh as the Morning"

---"Woman of Favor"

March 33rd Sunday in Lent

---"All Who Thirst for Living Water"

---"Becoming Who We Are"

---"Simply to Be" ▶️ 

---"The Quiet of the Water"

---"Womb Water"

March 104th Sunday in Lent


---"In What Strange Land"

---"It Is Right"

---"Jesus, I Come"

March 175th Sunday in Lent

---"Come, Teach Us, Spirit of Our God"

---"Dream a Dream"

---"Womb Water"

March 24Palm/Passion Sunday

---"A Prophet Woman Broke a Jar"

---"Come into the Streets with Me"

---"Doom and Danger/Care and Courage"


March 25Annunciation of the Lord

---"Daughter Mary, Saying Yes"

---"In What Strange Land"

---"Woman of Favor"

A Reminder... Roll over the little orange "i" symbols in front of the versions available for each title on the Musiklus website. Doing so will reveal information and helpful hints specific to the version to which each one is linked.

Our Media Files Fall into Three Categories

1. Audio Samples are located in the top of the centre column of each Song Title Page and are free for anyone to play.

2. Audio Accompaniment Tracks, where available, are located at the bottom of the centre column of the Song Title Page and may be downloaded by Subscribers and Purchasers.

3. Lyric, Image and/or Music Notation Videos, where available, are accessed, through links on the Song Title Page or Video Library page and may be downloaded by anyone.

IMPORTANT: When using any of our media files, please report usage to your ONE LICENSE and/or CCLI account.

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