March 2019
Acrylic Makes Gift Giving Easy
Make the First Day of Spring Special
You Can Have Grass That Rocks
Celebrate Mardi Gras Columbia
Grilled Bacon Japaleno Wraps
Easy and Appreciated Gifts
I cannot tell you how many heart-stopping uh-oh moments I have avoided when entertaining by having tough and durable acrylicware on my table. While I do love my fine serving pieces, I enjoy the no-care quality and good looks of our acrylic serving collection.

By the pool, on the porch, at the grill, transporting to another location, and, yes, even in the house, acrylic serving pieces make life easier and less stressful.

When you are racking your brain to find a gift for a shower, wedding, housewarming, birthday, or hostess gift, consider acrylic. Our selection can't be beat!

And, don't forget that, while we may be a little further away than the hub on Forest Drive, the traffic is non-existent and parking is always available.
It's Spring so Let's Celebrate!
Meet Blogger Abby Quillen, a writer who lives in Oregon and shares her thoughts and experiences on many subjects mostly related to sustainable living and health.
In this post, she offers some ideas for welcoming in the new season.

Spring is the season of rebirth, new growth, the fresh smells of nature, and an emergence from the cold darkness of winter. All of which is to say that the first day of spring deserves a little more attention than simply crossing the day off your calendar.
No-Care Grass Can be Yours
Do you get pangs of jealousy when you drive by someone's home and see beautiful, blemish-free, meticulously maintained, and very green, grass? You may be looking at synthetic grass, a new phenomenon in landscape design.

Whether you desire to reduce maintenance, lower your water bill, end the use of chemicals, or simply crave perfection, the reasons for installing artificial turf are endless.

Is faux grass right for you? Read on to find out.
Let the Good Times Roll!
Celebrate Mardi Gras in Columbia.
Celebrate Mardi Gras this weekend without visiting the Big Easy. Right here in Columbia, we have our own Mardi Gras Parade and Party and it is enthusiastically growing every year. Costumes, floats, beads, themed libations, a parade of cutely costumed pups, and an array of happy people simply wanting to have fun await if you venture down to City Roots on Saturday.

If you can't make it to New Orleans this year, step out and over to Columbia's Mardi Gras celebration.

March Madness Appetizers
March Madness is upon us. Even if you are not a basketball fan, you cannot escape the hype and excitement of this month's collegiate sporting playoffs. Chances are someone close to you will be attentively watching the games, strategizing their brackets, placing *ahem!* wagers, and just generally in all-attention-on-the-games mode. Don't fight it; feed them and get high on their energy.

Grilled Bacon Japaleno Wraps are exactly what your sports fans would ask for if they had ever had them before. Be the one to introduce a new fan favorite and win the title of March Madness Hero.
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