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 Monday March 19, 2018

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Cristina's Corner                        
"Procrastination is like stopping a train that left the station, when we procrastinate, we hold others up."
   Joseph R. Ferrari

Is there something you need to do, but keep talking yourself out of it?
The above quote is so accurate.
We think we are waiting and only affecting ourselves.
But, actually we are preventing others to move forward as well.  

We tend to say, "I don't want to hurt them."  But it may be, just by continuing without being honest.
Dragging it out.    

We just had a New Moon and equinox and Mercury retrograde is coming this week. I can already feel it!  New moon is about new beginnings.  Retrograde period lasts 3 weeks.  It's where everything can feel like nothing is getting done.  Time is moving in reverse.  
It is also a time of reflection.  
Am I actually blocking my forward movement?  Am I procrastinating?

We need to take some time to realize we need to merge our spiritual beliefs with Earthly en devours. 
What do I know spiritually?  In my heart, without my head getting in the way.  
Our heads tend to make the craziest outcomes!  

"I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened."   Mark Twain
So, this week pay attention to synchronicities that are happening around you to guide you into taking action.  It could be a word someone says.  It could be a sign. 
Don't wait!  
Seize the day!
You'll be glad you did!
And, so will others.
all my love, right now!

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Need spiritual direction?  Psychic Medium Readings with Cristina Leeson
Specializing in business and career, life path and relationships.  Connecting to loved ones who have passed.  
call or email for an appointment  610-413-8191 or  Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com


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Classes & Events

Yoga Tuesday nights 7:00 PM
Reiki Share 1st Sunday of the Month 1:00 PM    
Meditation  Friday mornings 9:30 AM
Intuition class 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM
Ascension Class 1st Thursday of the Month 7:00 PM
Woman's Wisdom circle  Last Wednesday of the Month 7:00 PM
Healing Circle once a month 7:30 PM


Shamanic Healing Circle Mon. 3/19 7:30 PM
with Ted Cutler Drop ins welcome!
Negativity and all the Little Nasties
Where does it come from? Inside. Outside. The Spirit World. Is it real? We manifest it in all different kinds of ways and things. Modern society through the news and movies has feed a misconception of a "dark side". Fear doubt and perceived threats to our wellbeing. How does our upbringing effect how we see something as negative or evil? We will discuss this and what is and is not negative or evil. By increasing our understanding, we can become aware of its effects on us and what we can do to not become victim to it. Come join the circle to change your perceptions of yourself, the world, and the Spirit World. Your sense of reality may change.
Recommended donation $10.
Contact Info: Ancient Messages/ tedcutler@outlook.com. 970-290-6536.
Ted Cutler Shamanic Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Alchemy Energetics Master Teacher, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman Apprentice
Shamanic Healing is a modern approach to an ancient wisdom that resonates within the memories of all indigenous cultures. 

Yoga Tues. 3/20 7:00 PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

 Telos Energy Healing Sessions  Wed. 3/21  7:00 PM
with Jodie Smola $20.
Telos Energy Healing is Lemurian in origin.  I like to refer to it as healing with the power of love.  Telos is deeply relaxing to most recipients and many people sigh or begin to fall asleep when this energy is running. 
Experience the wonderful energy of Telos in these specially priced sessions by reserving your session time. Sessions are limited.
Please email  moonbeamshaman@gmail.com or call 267-354-4530 with questions or to register for a session.  Registration is required prior to March 19, 2018.

Mercury Retrograde Thurs. 3/22

Meditation Fri. 3/23   9:30AM  
with Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Using guided visual imagery, each session is channeled specifically to participants.  Our Guides and Angels will meet us as we connect and receive healing and messages.  Anyone can do it.   
 Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com 610-413-8191

Yoga Tues. 3/27 7:00 PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

Woman's Wisdom Circle Wed. 3/28  7:00 PM
with Raya Pereira $10 register: info@rayapereira.com  or 484-350-8489
A spiritual Gathering for women to share, explore, build intuition and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart and spirit.  Harness the divine feminine energy to maximize your creativity and help manifest your goals with ease.  Come feel the love, support and healing power of a woman's circle! 

Full Blue moon of the Christ  Meditation Fri. 3/30   9:30AM  
with Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Pulling in the energy of reflection and Jesus!  Remember who you are!
This guided relaxing meditation will help you feel it. Easy for anyone to do, just follow along. Will also help you develop your third eye.
You will meet your guides and loved ones on the other side during this meditation.
Receive messages and guidance.
 Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com 610-413-8191

Full Blue Moon 3/31

Happy Easter Sun. April 1

Yoga Tues. 4/3 7:00 PM

CANCELLED!  Reiki Share in April  next Share Sunday May 6

Inner Light Holistic Expo April 7 & 8

Mercury Direct April 15

Reiki 1 Class Sat. April 28  9:00 AM-3:00 PM
with Cristina Leeson  Reiki Master Teacher    RSVP  $60   
A Japanese form of Hands on Healing.  Learn how to access this beautiful healing art.  Anyone can do it!  You will learn the history of Reiki, how to use the energy with intention, receive an attunement to help you become a stronger conduit, a booklet and a certificate.  RSVP  to hold your spot. $60.
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Beginner Mediumship Development workshop  Sat. 5/5 10:00AM- 3:30PM
First class in the series.  Would you like to develop your mediumship?  Do you feel pulled to help people?  Do you receive impressions from the other side and want to learn how to connect?  Join Marie Belote and Cristina Leeson, two psychic mediums that have been doing their work for the past 18 years.  You will learn how to connect to loved ones in the light, how to connect to your guides, and how to control and clear ghosts.  Book work and exercises will teach your so you can practice on your own.  Group practice sessions available on other dates.  Deepening mediumship class is the next step, offered again.  questions:
Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191  cost is $150.  deposit is required to hold your spot.  Space limited.

For more info on upcoming classes, click on this link:

Save the date!!
Spring Inner Light Holistic Expo 
April 7 & 8 2018
 Coventry Mall Pottstown
Free Admission  Free Lectures!
Sat. 10-8
Sun. 10-5

Vendor list 

From Inner Light center:
Cristina Leeson Psychic Medium
Julie Ziegler Hypnotherapy
Gerry Yergey
Annette Lemma Flower child Yoga
Jodie Smola
Maja Taylor Taylored Solutions
Ted Cutler Ancient Messages
Michele Cutler Ancient Messages
Lucey Harley Young Living
Beth Feger Young Living
Marie Belote Psychic Medium
Judy Kay Psychic Medium
Celestial Healing Arts
Shweta Lengade
Moonbeams and Fairy Dust
American Ayurveda
Emerging Rainbow Light
Midnite Incense
Fire Through Spirit Corbie Mitleid
Touch N Heal
Terri Ramsay
Kathleen Quinn
Gypsy Moon
Joyful Awakenings
Ringing Rocks Mint
Aunt Ophilas Gourmet Salsa
Circle of Life Soul Center
Maria Killgore
Nimba Traders
Dreadlock Tarot
Dr. Dan McClimon Beacon of Life Chiropractic
Robin Taney Reflex Therapy
Hypnosis Services for Life Breakthroughs
Satori Spiritual Center
Aromatic Garden
Sacred Rose Herb & Root
doTerra Oils Lori Angstadt
Lady Lynora's Gemstone Treasures
Wholistic Artisan
Holistic Health & Life Coach LLC
Hues of you Aura Photography
Soul Springs
Mystickal Moon
Craft Thyself
Garden of One
Willow Earth
Daffodil Gypsies
Diverse Earth Studios
Terpin Station
DorothyClaire Crystals and Healing
Body and Soul Holistic Arts
Quintessence Incense
Dorothy Byler
The Stone Fairy

Marie Belote Psychic-Medium will be doing a free gallery group reading on Saturday at 12:00 noon!
Cristina Leeson Psychic- Medium will be doing one on Sunday at 12:00 noon!
Come share your Inner Light!!

More info on lecture schedule coming soon....

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Lucey Harley Young Living Oils

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