July 6, 2020
Hello Dear Readers:

Once again, I'd like to start out by thanking all of you that continue to support Chile Lindo during these crazed times. So crazy in fact that everything that was illegal in San Francisco--like drinking and eating on the sidewalks or walking into a bank with your face masked--is now legal. That's about as far as I'm going to go with the madness. I'm sure you're getting your fill on Facebook, the 21st Century soap box, which reads like a soap opera.

Back at the ranch, at 16th & Capp, my neighbors and I are joining forces to create an ongoing Friday evening event, from 6 to 9, during July. Patty, the owner of Slate Bar , Emiko and Ray, the owners of the fabulous Japanese restaurant Maruya , and yours truly, are inviting you to come out and forget your troubles.... Maruya is offering a special bar menu and Slate will be making Piscola's (Pisco and Coke). I'll get into the menu in a bit, but first I want to highlight the great, fabulous, generous, wonderful lineup of musicians that once again have agreed to play por amor al arte and support the community.

All in all, people have been very supportive of each other during these times and I'm sure folks will tip the musicians generously. If you'd like to make a donation towards paying the bands, please Venmo @ChileLindoSF and specify "Friday July Events." Thank you!

As the founder of Flower Piano, Mauro Ffortíssimo, well said (who will be performing on July 24th) " think of musicians as nurses of the soul, an essential business." I'd like to add that socializing lifts your morale which boosts your immune system. All the business owners are taking the necessary precautions, and each person should be responsible and respect other people's space. However, food, drink, and music with friends is critical to staying sane.

Slate Bar has a great fenced-off terrace for the musicians, and this block has very wide sidewalks on which we're going to set up tables for people to enjoy a drink with sushi or empanadas and great live music.

Now, for the exceptional lineup:

Friday, July 10th
Jazz Standards & Bossa Nova
Pepe Jacobo - drums
Eugene Pliner - piano
Rob Bassinette - Bass

Friday, July 17th
La Mandanga - Spain's Flamenco Fusion
Alberto Gutierrez - vocals & guitar
Javi Jiménez - vocals & guitar
Luis Jiménez - cajón
Jacob Salvage - trumpet

Friday, July 24th
Sunset Piano - Argentinian Tango, Jazz, Fusion, Spoken Word
Anthony Ty - piano
Mauro Ffortíssimo - piano

Friday, July 31st
Parlor Tricks - Industrial Ragtime Band

Invite friends and family.~

Maruya's bar menu for this event is a rare treat, as this is a very fine Japanese restaurant. Emiko is preparing Iburi Edamame, smoked edamame; Tsukune on stick, meatballs with Japanese teriyaki style sauce; Takoyaki, flour based batter cooked with diced octopus, served with mayonnaise-mustard tonkatsu sauce; and spicy tuna and vegetarian special sushi rolls. Chile Lindo will offer empanadas and Chilean pastries. Slate Bar will serve a wide array of cocktails including Piscolas.

If you're in town on any of these nights, it'll be just fine to see you at 16th & Capp in San Francisco!

Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo

2944 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Bay Area deliveries still in effect!
San Francisco
South Bay
East Bay
North Bay (Marin area)

$75 per dozen
SF delivery $10
Bay Area deliveries $20 to $25

To order e-mail: ChileLindoSF@gmail.com
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Chilean Pastries
(alfajores and torta de mil hojas)

For information call: 415-368-3328
Payments: cash, credit card or Venmo

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Chile Lindo empanada at
This photo was taken by James Varah, Chile Lindo's summer intern. He's working on promoting Chile Lindo through Instagram and other social media outlets. His mother, Adine Varah, is of Chilean descent and has been so supportive of Chile Lindo, specially during these difficult times for all small businesses. Adine drove around with James and they put together a photo series that features Chile Lindo empanadas throughout San Francisco. Great idea James! I love it. Thank you both!
"Working with Chile Lindo has taught me so much about running a small business, and I find Paula's passion very inspiring."--James Varah

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