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If you tried calling us during the last two weeks of July you may not have been able to reach us.  There were some glitches with getting our new phone system installed.  That has all been fixed.  So we are ready to take your calls! Sorry for any inconvenience.

As some of you may have heard Susan Van Vleet Consultants®, Inc. is moving to beautiful Thousand Oaks, California effective July 23th.  Thousand Oaks is about 45 minutes North of Los Angeles. 

Our Phone Number and Email address remain the same.  If for any reason you cannot reach us by phone send an email.  (303) 660-5206 or [email protected]

We are excited about the move and beginning a new Chapter in SVVCI®! 

As you can see by the schedule we already have classes scheduled in California.  Please come and join us in our new City!

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3  SVVCI® Courses coming to Geneva Switzerland!

 We are excited to announce that three SVVCI® courses are now scheduled in Geneva Switzerland.

Women Moving Forward®      
Course fee $5,750
September 2-4, 2015  FULL

Men, Relationships and Work©
Course fee $5,750 Spaces still available
September 7-9, 2015
To read the full MRW© course description click HERE

Advanced Women Moving Forward©
Course fee $4,750 Spaces still available 
September 8-9, 2015

Act quickly space is limited! Call in or register on-line at our website These courses are open to any company.
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Changed Dates and Location!!

Advanced Men's Course©
November 3-5, 2015 
Catch up day November 2.

in Santa Barbara, California 


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Before It's Too Late!
As we try to cope with the on-going grief of one more school, church, theater, military base shooting, it feels like it's a loosing battle.   More and more shooters with many different motives: racism, jihad, revenge, schizophrenia and more. As a social scientist you are always looking for the thread that runs through all the events. Guns are a common thread that runs through all of these events. Though I support better gun control in the US, by the time weapons are involved we are already in deep trouble.
When a gun is in the perpetrators hands they have already made a decision to do harm to others, often for reasons that make no sense to a rational person.
So what are the other threads that we may have more immediate control over? The other thread that runs through these tragedies is that the shooters were considered "loners". Even our military is baffled by how to defend against the "lone wolf" terrorist. So I propose a radical notion preventing the lone wolf. As the analysis comes in on all the events we always hear that people knew the person was isolated, troubled, excluded.
What we do about this observation of isolation is usually nothing.
I propose to you that we have become isolated and alone in our own neighborhoods and towns. We have just moved to California and moved into a very established old neighborhood.   As we were moving in people stopped to talk to us and welcome us to the neighborhood they brought us food and an orchid. I joked to Susan that this was so rare that I was a bit freaked out by it. We had more human contact and warmth in the first week in Thousand Oaks than 19 years in the gated community we lived in Colorado. These simple acts of reaching out completely changed my perception of California. I had forgotten what having a real neighbor was like!
One of the main recruiting tactics of ISIS is to offer loners a "purpose" and a place to "belong". Two of Maslow's elements in his hierarchy of needs. One of the more surprising aspects of the 911 terrorists was that so many were financially successful in their culture. They weren't desperate economically as we might imagine. They were looking for a place to make a difference. I warn you that ISIS is not a band of mercenaries. They don't offer money they offer mission. Something far more powerful than money! If people feel powerless and alone in "normal" society they are a ripe prospect for ISIS or radical hate groups like the KKK.
A recovering addict friend of mine says no 4-year-old wakes up and says "I want to be a junkie when I grow up!" A whole bunch of things have to happen to make drug addiction seem like the best option.   I believe these individuals who commit these horrific acts didn't say when they were 4 years old "I want to grow up to be a domestic terrorist" Many things have to happen. I believe that one of those things is being left out.
I am not naïve enough to think that this is the only thing we need to do to stop senseless violence. I do believe though, that this is the only thing, each of us can act on everyday. One of my clients spent a little more time with the "odd" kid in his teen group at church and found out he was headed toward a very dark place. Sometimes when we take the time to connect, we have done our job. Other times we find out that the person in question is beyond our abilities to help. Then we must act. We need to get them to mental health centers, school administrations, the police and who ever can intervene before it's too late.
Virtually every perpetrator has sent up red flags of their intent LONG before the ultimate crime. But we were too busy, it was not our problem or there is nothing we can do. Those three attitudes will guarantee more deaths at the hands of lone wolves. Say hello, warn those in power, and include the excluded. Include and tolerate the "odd" kids so we don't have to watch them on the evening news 10 years later.
As always we invite your comments.
Only 2 SVVCI® Distributorships left!

Given our commitment to the quality development and support of distributors we are down to our last two Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc.® distributorships available. 

If you are interested in obtaining one of the last two distributorships you need to let us know NOW.  

We can then start the converation so you know  what it takes to secure one of the last two distributorships.

Please contact Susan Van Vleet at [email protected]  if you are interested in starting the conversation.  
  2015-16 Schedule!
Look! Classes in SoCal, New Jersey and Geneva!


Women Moving Forward®  Trainer: Susan Van Vleet
September 2-4, 2015  $5,750           Geneva Switzerland  1 space left!

Men, Relationships and Work©  Trainer: John Van Vleet 
September 7-9, 2015   $5,750          Geneva Switzerland

Advanced Women Moving Forward© Trainer: Susan Van Vleet
September 8-9, 2015  $4,750           Geneva Switzerland   6 Spaces left.

Leading Projects through Relationship, Commitment and Purpose©
October 5-9, 2015   $5,000 ($3750 if you have attended Prod. Relationships©)
Thousand Oaks, CA 


Women Moving Forward®  October 21-23, 2015  Princeton, NJ

Trainer: Susan Van Vleet   $3,750                         2 Spaces left 


Advanced Men's Course©  Trainer John Van Vleet
 November 3-5, 2015 Catch up day Nov 2.  
Santa Barbara, CA  
New Attendees $4,950 Returning from 2014,  $4,150

Productive Relationships©
December 9-11, 2015, 
Thousand Oaks, CA  
$3,750  Just Added


Couples Course© February 5-7, 2016 Big Island of Hawaii 
$2,750 Only 5 slots left already! Trainers: Susan and John Van Vleet

Women's Leadership Retreat© May 3-5, 2016
Santa Barbara, CA 
New Attendees $4,950  Retuning from 2014  $4,150 1 slots left.

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2016 Couples Course© dates set for 2016!

Well I know a lot of you wanted to attend this year's Couples Course© but had conflicts.  Well we just confirmed the dates for 2016 on the Big Island of Hawaii :

February 5,6,7, 2016

Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort and Spa

Cost: $2,750/couple

Reserve your spot now!

Sun Rise Surf Board Yoga, oh yea!
 Women Moving Forward®  Workshops
NEW! Women Moving Forward® Trainer Susan Van Vleet
September 2-4, 2015   $5,750   Geneva Switzerland

NEW! Women Moving Forward®  Trainer: Susan Van Vleet 
October 21-23,   2015   $3,750   Princeton, NJ

Women Moving Forward® Trainer: Susan Van Vleet
December 2-4, 2015    $3,750    Thousand Oaks, CA 
Advanced Women Moving Forward®

Many years ago, before The Women's Leadership Retreat© 

We did a version of Women Moving Forward®  for Graduates who

wanted to enhance the experience they had in Women Moving Forward®.   

We are bringing back this workshop but with some changes, First:
The New Advanced Women Moving Forward® will be 2 days long and
cost $2,750 USD when taught in the US.


It will cover some of the work Women Moving Forward®  the  

completion exercise©But it's primary focus will be to assist you in:

1. Discovering your purpose in life.

2. How to lead a more purposeful life in your current job/life. 

3. How to use your intention to create a successful life at home and work


Note: Women Moving Forward® is a per-requiste to attend Advanced Women Moving Forward©  

Advanced Women Moving Forward© and Women Moving Forward®
will be the prerequisite to attend the The Women's Leadership Retreat©. 

August 19-20, 2015 in Thousand Oaks, CA $2,750 USD

September 8-9, 2015 in Geneva Switzerland  $4,750 USD

Register now!  
Women's Leadership Retreat©

Dates for 2016
May 3-5
Make up day May 2
Is Full 

WLR 2011

WLR 2011
Santa Barbara, CA
$4,950 New Attendees
$4,150 for Returnee



Our Cancellation Policy
To avoid problems in the future here is the policy:

1. All registration fees are non-refundable.
2. If a participant cancels from a workshop more than 30 days prior to first day of a course, they will be given a credit, less a $1,000 transfer fee to be used toward another workshop.  They have 2 months to use the credit from the date of the cancellation after that there is no credit or refund.
3. You can only transfer once then the credit is gone.
4. There is no credit if you cancel less than 14 days prior to the first day of the course.
5. If you register online credit cards will be charged immediately.
6. You can only register for an individual course with a credit card. we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
7. We do not "reserve" spaces in a course.  If you have not paid with a credit card you are not in the course.     


Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc. ®  An International Consulting Company 9220 KIMMER DR., SUITE 245,
PHONE (303) 660-5206     FAX (303) 814-8217      

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In This Issue

All prices are in US Dollars  



Women Moving Forward®  

Sept 2-4, 2015 

Geneva, Switzerland

$5,750 USD

Susan V V Trainer


Men, Relationships and Work©

Sept, 7-9, 2015

Geneva Switzerland

$5,750 USD

John V V Trainer


Adv. Women Moving Forward©

September 8-9, 2015

Geneva Switzerland

$4,750 USD

Susan V V Trainer


Leading Projects through Relationship, Commitment and Purpose©

 Oct. 5-9, 2015 

Thousand Oaks, CA


Women Moving Forward®

October 21-23, 2015

Princeton, NJ



Susan Van Vleet  


Advanced Men's Course© Nov 3-5, 2015

Santa Barbara, CA



Women Moving Forward® Dec 2-4,

2015 Thousand Oaks, CA       



Productive Relationships©

Dec 9-11, 2015 




Couples Course©

Feb  5-7, 2016

Big Island of Hawaii 


Women's Leadership Retreat© May 3-5, 2016 



Spouses and Partners of Course Graduates can attend the Course for half price
(this offer does not include the Advanced Men's Course or WLR)
To register for any course, retreat, or conference, contact our office. We accept MasterCard, Visa & American Express.
There is a $500 discount when two or more people attend the same $3,500+  workshop from the same company and location.
You must register together and attend together.

All prices are subject to change. No refunds are given.

[email protected]

 Graduates Lunches


Noon September 7, 2015 in Geneva Switzerland. Please RSVP