No. 26  September 2015

Costa Rica's Independence Day
September 15
In commemoration of our independence, we celebrate one of the historical events that marked the constitution of Costa Rica as an independent state: September 15th of 1821, when the inhabitants of the city of Guatemala wrote a document proclaiming the independence of the Spanish empire and declaring to be owners of their destiny and to govern themselves.
In this country, as in the rest of Central America, we enjoy and inherit the responsibility of having activities that remind us of the history and to teach honor, values, patriotism and respect.
Today we celebrate this important event singing the first lines of our September 15 patriotic hymn:

"Los hijos del pueblo
levanten la frente
al sol refulgente de la libertad.
Sepamos ser libres
no siervos menguados,
derechos sagrados
la Patria nos da".

Coffee Tour
For many of us, a good start of the day is beginning with an aromatic cup of coffee. We invite you to have a great week with us discovering the secret of this delicious drink.
Children's Eternal Rainforest Tour
We invite you the largest private reserve of Costa Rica, with approximately 22,000 hectares of forest and a wide range of habitats and an amazing biological diversity. 
Organizational Carbon Neutrality Support Group 
Children's Day -  September 9th 
Children's Day in Costa Rica is a day dedicated to celebrate the children's rights.
On this special day, we unite and support all actions that ensure the protection and welfare of these beings who represent the future of our country.
We hope that this day is filled with lots of fun, games and children's laughter. May this day be an opportunity for adults to reflect and to take parenting seriously, and with love and respect in the family.  
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer - 
September 16
Ocotea Tours & Transfers commemorates the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, an important milestone in the protection of the ozone layer.

The theme for the celebration of the anniversary and this year's International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer to be marked on 16 September is, " 30 years of healing the ozone together." The theme is supported by the slogan, " Ozone: All there is between you and UV."
International Day of Peace -  September 21
We celebrate the International Day of Peace 2015 with slogan "Partnership for peace, dignity for all" which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace. 
Ocotea Tours & Transfers joins the efforts of the United Nations and the thousands of partnerships around the world into fostering social progress, protecting the environment and creating a more just, stable and peaceful world.  
World Tourism Day - September 27  
Every time we travel, for whatever reason, we are part of a global movement; a movement that has the power to drive inclusive development, create jobs and build the sustainable societies we want for our future; a movement that builds mutual understanding and can help us safeguard our shared natural and cultural heritage.

This year on the 27th of September, we want you to talk Tourism. Help us raise awareness of the important impact tourism has on countries and communities around the world and its potential as a force for good, creating a better world for all.

Learn more on The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Schedule for Route 606 Guacimal - Santa Elena
The MONTEVERDE ROAD COMISSION announced that due to the type of work being done in the Guacimal - Santa Elena Road, total closures are not required, so the closures schedule program is suspended until further notice.

There will be a regulated pass all day, as required for the machinery work. Take advantage of this good news and come visit Monteverde!!!
Monteverde bus - Transfer Terminal
Ocotea Tours & Tranfers reminds you that Transmonteverde offers tours  EVERY DAY  in two schedules: 6:30 am and 2:30 pm. 
Also, remember that Trasnsmonteverde is in San Jose but has changed its location to the NEW TERMINAL 7-10 diagonal to the former Lebanese cinema, Barrio Mexico.
More information: 2645-6314 / 2645-7447 / 2256-7710 
XI Latin American Congress of Private Reserves
November 8-14
The Costa Rican Network of Natural Reserves (Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales), invites you to participate in the XI Latin American Congress of Private Reserves, which will be held from November 08th to November 14th.

This itinerant Congress will visit San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica), Sarapiqui (northern plains, tropical rainforest), will pass through La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano), Monteverde (cloud forest and continental divide) and Punta Leona (Central Pacific Forest transition between tropical dry forests of northwestern and southern rainforests, and white sand beaches with waters ranging between
26°C and 28°C).