5 ArchAngels for 5 Days:
 Sacred Visitations!!l

5 ArchAngels for 5 Days is a beautiful ritual that began in 2010 with someone in NY who was spiritually guided to do so.  Its origins actually began many years ago in France with Guardian Angel visits.  Basically, it involves 3 people agreeing to host the ArchAngels Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.  "By hosting the five Archangels we are assisting them to serve Humanity, Mother Earth and All Universes in more direct ways, and they are grateful for our willingness to participate."  An altar is prepared that includes 3 wishes: one for the Earth, one for the family and one for the individual.  On a predetermined date the host conducts a simple yet beautiful welcome ceremony to invite these ArchAngels into their home for 5 days.  During their visit magical and wondrous things happen.  A simple request can produce abundant Blessings.  At the end of the 5 days, the ArchAngels then travel to the next 3 hosts, and the visitations continue.   

I recently initiated these sacred visitations with a group of people who later reported having some marvelous experiences.  I'd li ke to share their experiences here, but then I'd be writing a boo k.  So, I offer you three accounts, including my own, with the hope that you may be inspired to learn more about ArchAngels and welcome these magical beings of love into your heart so they can assist and support you in all aspects of your life.      

Migdalia Santiago
Brooklyn, NY 
    When I felt it was the right moment I started to thank them one by one, but my welcoming to the Archangel Michael was very emotional because of his being close to me all my life. He's been my guide and my partner in all my battles, so he manifested his love more profoundly.  Then  me and my partner just sat down in front of the altar to enjoy it for a while. 
     The next four days, I spent time with them during the morning before going to work and at night before going to bed. I concentrated on my needs and the gifts  I asked them to give me.  I placed affirmation cards on the altar, and everyday I asked the Archangels for a message. I used the messages to meditate everyday, and shared with my partner at night. I received wonderful messages.
     Some things started to happen during those days, and I know more surprises and blessings are coming my way and for all my family and the whole world. One of them is that my brother called me and talked to me about something he had in his heart for years, and we were able to forgive each other.  Then an obstacle related to my job was removed in an amazing way. The way that happened was unbelievable so now I have more time to make the changes I need to make with no rush.  Also I just received two calls from people that want to help me in some projects that I've been working on since 2009. I also had a dream in which the Archangels gave me a gemstone or it was a crystal.   It was bigger than my hand and I was trying to hold it tight.  That gemstone or crystal had a meaning but I am still working to understand it.  This is only part of what I experienced with the wonderful visit of the Archangels Rafael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Metatron.  I was blessed and I am expecting more blessings. 
     In addition, my house feels peaceful and new ideas are coming to my mind. My partner said that he received some messages through a dream in which the Archangels  gave him clarification about a family member's situation that he was very concerned about.  Also good for me, he said that during the visit he understood that he needs to commit more into our relationship and he said he feels more open to making changes in his life.
    Thanks to this visit our hearts are more open to give and to receive.

Veronica Campbell-Black 

Harlem, NY   
     The first time I was asked if I wanted to host the Archangels, I was very skeptical - as not to break the flow of blessings for other hosts - I followed the instructions.  During their initial visit my daughter kept asking me why was I calling her, or she would come to me and ask me what could she do for me.  I would tell her that I did not call her.  I spoke to Rev. Barbara about the situation who advised me to tell her to ask the Angels questions and be open to receiving an answer.  On the second visit as host, I saw little moths flying around my home.  Then I remembered that I had the same experience on the first visit and my daughter also encountered the same experience at the first visit. But this time she told me that she actually saw the Archangels, and they were waking her up every morning at 5:30am, and they had her laughing.  
     There have been times when I was so stressed with personal problems that I had sleepless nights.  But on the Archangel visits I found myself sleeping through the night and having blessed days at work because I would ask them to go with me wherever I went.  I have so many stories to tell about my experiences during their visits it would take a book to tell.  I encourage anyone who would like to host these beautiful Archangels to do so - you will have the most extraordinary experiences and blessings beyond your imagination.

Bronx, NY 
     On May 22nd I invited the 5 ArchAngels to visit with me.  As always I could feel their empowering love healing energies all around me as I sat at my altar to communicate with them.  The next day I received an email from a friend and neighbor who put his co-op on the mar ket when he  moved to Texas in November 2014.  He explained that although many people viewed his co-op there was no interest in buying.  He thought there might be dense energies lingering in the space that was causing this situation.   He as ked if I could do a clearing.  Of course I agreed and scheduled it for Monday, May 25th.   I also told him it was a wonderful time for his request because the ArchAngels were visiting with me and I would as k for their assistance.  
      Monday, May 25th, while in meditation I as ked the ArchAngels to go with me to my friend's co-op.  But, before I could finish the meditation I felt a wave of energy around me, and a distinct feeling that the ArchAngels were already on their way.   I too k everything I needed for the clearing and a little extra for a blessing ceremony.  I pic ked up the key, entered the co-op and stood silently waiting for my guidance, after which I began clearing each room.  When the blessing ceremony was done I expressed gratitude to the ArchAngels for their assistance. I also as ked that the energies of the entire space be raised to the highest vibration that would attract the person or persons who were meant for the co-op.  I left and said a final prayer at the front door. 
       5 days later, Saturday May 30th, there was an open house.  And, on Tuesday of the following wee k (just 3 days after the open house) I received a call from my friend informing me that a couple who attended the open house, saw his co-op and was ready to ma ke their purchase.   SOLD!  
      I must say I've done many clearings and blessings for private and business spaces, and never has the turnaround time been so immediate.

After so many years working with these lovely beings of Light, I'm still in awe of them. I'm like a little girl watching magic happen. Everyone, not just the hosts, receives blessings from these sacred ArchAngel visits! 
May we always have the Angelic realm
to watch over us with their unconditional love.  
  We are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE!
Rev Barbara

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