Ahoy mates!

As we sail into the New Year, we do so with enthusiasm! Thanks to you, your contributions and hard work, we're charting a course for two vessels capable of serving several thousand more people than ever before.

In this newsletter, we’re excited to introduce you to the many supporters who float our boats and make our educational programs shine. You will also read and watch about all the great things happening at Call of the Sea including:

  • Viewing the first drone video of Matthew Turner sailing by the Golden Gate bridge; you'll also see from the deck how the crew raised the square sails for the first time and 'buzzed' the San Francisco Waterfront!

  • The process of what it takes to obtain a Certificate of Inspection (COI) from the U.S. Coast Guard for the new educational tall ship.

  • This month's volunteer profile of Susie Woodrum, "Sewing Team" extraordinaire.

  • Innovations to our environmental education curriculum and efforts to scale up field experiences to support the addition of brigantine Matthew Turner to the fleet.

  • Opportunities to sail aboard Schooner Seaward this winter in Mexico, of which proceeds directly fund our on-the-water youth education programs.

Take a moment to view this month’s highlights below; and stay tuned for a January message that will include a retrospective on Call of the Sea’s 2019 challenges and successes, and what it will take to keep us on an even keel throughout 2020.

Anchors aweigh,

Steven Woodside, J.D.
Executive Director
Tall Ship Smiles
Meet the Supporters Who Float Our Boats!
Call of the Sea is deeply touched by the generosity of our supporters and volunteers over the years! We’re excited to recognize these individuals on our website in perpetuity. From in-kind gifts to donations made in honor of a loved one, every individual is what makes the Call of the Sea Family thrive.

Meet the people who are at the heart of this organization by clicking below:
Fundraising Drive
$1 Becomes $2: Our Board Will Match Your Gift
During the year-end fundraising drive our board is matching donations!

Your donation provides thousands of youth every year in Northern California with an on-the-water opportunity to learn about sailing, the marine environment and our precious ocean. Your contribution will also bring the new tall ship into operation for the Spring 2020 field trip season!
Watch the First Drone Footage of brigantine Matthew Turner Sailing
Special thanks to professional videographer, Charles Hambleton, who filmed and produced the footage. What an amazing view from the sky looking down.
Susie Woodrum
Volunteer Spotlight, Susie Woodrum
"Since my real-world jobs have always involved office management, I am so lucky to escape the office and be working with the Sewing Team at Call of the Sea. I learned to sew when I was 10. A neighbor, who was a retired school teacher, gave Saturday sewing lessons during the summers to a bunch of us little girls. I still have my Singer Featherweight I used to learn to sew clothes for myself and my doll. I went on to study Home Economics at the University of Northern Iowa..."

Twisting the Square Sails
Charting a Tall Ship Course Towards a COI
The new educational tall ship will be able to serve schools with on-the-water field trips once the vessel obtains its Certificate of Inspection (COI) from the U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more about the process and how we made herculean progress this year towards meeting our goals of serving schools for the Spring 2020 field trip season!

Youth Learn the Ropes
Field Experiences Expand With New Tall Ship
Can you believe how far we come? With the new tall ship expected to join the fleet for the Spring 2020 field trip season, all of us at Call of the Sea are working hard to expand field experiences for youth!

From 3-hour sails on the San Francisco Bay, to day-long overnight sailing adventures, Call of the Sea's educators will share their knowledge and skills with everyone who steps aboard to discover the joys of the marine environment and our precious oceans.
Schooner Seaward
Sail to Mexico and Support of Call of the Sea
Our winter sailing adventures for adults to Mexico aboard Schooner Seaward is an integral part of our annual fundraising program and we be delighted to have you join.

Your booking on this adventure will directly support Call of the Sea's mission to provide on-the-water field experiences for youth and adults, too!

Individuals tickets to several Mexico legs are still available!
Sponsor Feature: Matson Inc.
Call of the Sea is proud to be sponsored by Matson Inc., which provides ocean shipping, truck, rail, and logistical services. "One of the pillars of Matson’s corporate culture has been a long-standing tradition of community involvement based upon a desire to improve the quality of life where we do business and where our employees live and work," said Matt Cox of Matson Inc.
Watch the Crew Raise all the Square Sails for the First Time
A few weeks ago our crew of professionals and a handful of volunteers took the vessel out for an exciting sea trial. For the first time, our crew raised all the square sails and 'buzzed' the San Francisco waterfront!
Steven Woodside
Meet Our Executive Director, Steven Woodside
Steven Woodside, Call of the Sea's Executive Director, has served in his position pro bono without compensation. He explains that "like generations of my family, and like many of today's volunteers, I'm answering the Call of the Sea. What is especially exciting, however, is that I'm now able to "give back" and apply lessons I have learned in my career to help our organization be a sustainable on-the-water educational institution for years to come."
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