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  Southern California's Flight to Opportunity
The San Bernardino County Department of Airports plans, organizes and directs the County's airport and aviation system to provide high quality aviation facilities and services in a safe and efficient manner, optimizing the benefit to the communities and citizens of the county.

 Thank you and best wishes, Terry.

Assistant Director of the Department of Airports, Terry Stover’s last day was June 23rd. Terry is retiring after 35 ¾ years of dedicated service to San Bernardino County Department of Airports.

Terry was born and raised in San Bernardino, and after proudly serving in the United States Navy, he returned to continue his career in public service, except he wanted to stay local this time.  He applied for two jobs: the first as a Firefighter with the city of San Bernardino and the other as a Maintenance Worker for the county’s Department of Airports.  Fortunately for us, he accepted the job with the Airports.  Since he began with the department in 1981, Terry has worked hard to earn several promotions.  In addition to his current role as Assistant Director, he was also filling in as Airport Manager for Apple Valley Airport. 

“My first encounter with Terry was nothing but positive. Terry has demonstrated professionalism and hard work every day of his career.  We all appreciate all of your service, Terry.  You’ve been nothing but great and I have appreciated all of your support,” said James Jenkins, Director of the Department of Airports.

At the June meeting, the Commissioners expressed their gratitude to Terry for all his years of excellent service and wished him well in his retirement adventures.  Terry then followed up the well wishes by presenting a heartfelt gift dedicated to the Department of Airports.  He explained that at CNO, he came across a forgotten collection of WWII artifacts dating back to the 1940’s.  He and his girlfriend, Rebecca, restored some items and placed them in the display case pictured above.

Terry plans on spending time travelling across the country with Rebecca, to visit his two brothers and, of course, he will also spend some time working on his Harleys.

Terry will be deeply missed by his Airport family, but we wish him a long and joyous retirement!

  FAA Policy on Use of Hangars:

Did you know that the Federal Aviation Administration requires recipients to use aviation facilities strictly for aeronautical use?  As a recipient of FAA grants, the San Bernardino County Department of Airports is responsible for assuring appropriate use of hangars, which includes monitoring and taking appropriate steps to prevent unapproved Non-Aeronautical Use of Airport Hangars

According to FAA Policy on Use of Hangars, the primary purpose of an aircraft hangar is for aircraft storage and permitted uses also include sheltering aircraft for maintenance, repair, or refurbishment, storing aircraft handling equipment and related handling materials. 

  The following uses are not permissible by the FAA:

  • use as a residence;
  • operation of a non-aeronautical business, e.g., limo service, car and motorcycle storage, storage of inventory, and non-aeronautical business office;
  • activities that impede the movement of the aircraft in and out of the hangar or other aeronautical contents of the hangar;
  • activities that displace the aeronautical contents of the hangar or impede access to aircraft or other aeronautical contents of the hangar;
  • storage of household items that could be stored in commercial storage facilities;
  • long-term storage of derelict aircraft and parts;
  • storage of items or activities prohibited by local or state law;
  • storage of fuel and other dangerous and Hazmat materials; or
  • storage of inventory or equipment supporting a municipal agency function unrelated to the aeronautical use.

Also, just a reminder about pets; Airport Rules & Regulations (Title 7, Chapter 4, §
 71.0414) states that “No person may enter the airport with a domestic or wild animal without the written permission of the Airport Manager, except: (a) A person entering any part of the airport other than the terminal building, gate loading area or other restricted area with a domestic animal that is kept restrained by a leash or is confined so as to be completely under control.”

  Hangar Inspections Continue  

The Department of Airports has been conducting mandatory hangar inspections that began in March.  For our tenants still awaiting inspections, we would prefer that you are present during the inspection, however your presence is not required.   

The purpose of the inspection is for safety, lease compliance and verification of aviation use of the space.  Also, please be prepared to show current aircraft insurance.  The inspection will not take more than 10 minutes, but if you are unable to be present, please ensure that our office has access to the hangar via key or combo lock.  

To find out when your hangar inspection is scheduled for or to schedule a specific time, please contact the administration office at 909-597-3910 or email  We will do our best to accommodate your request. 

 Twentynine Palms Special Use Airspace 

Please be aware that the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) at Twentynine Palms will be conducting training exercises from August 7th through the 26th and will restrict designated airspace as depicted in this image.  

MCAGCC seeks Special Use Airspace (SUA) to meet training such as Marine Expeditionary Brigade sustained, combined-arms, live-fire and maneuver training requirements.
For current special use airspace status, contact: Range Control Office (Bearmat): 127.125 or Palms Approach: 127.15 or call (760) 830-3737.

  Also visit the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center website for more information at .
2017 POF Air Show a success @ CNO

The 2017 Chino Planes of Fames Airshow was a success despite the inclement weather during that weekend.  In fact, the weather cooperated just enough, and the cooler temp perhaps even helped to increase performance and technical skills!

  Additionally, the Airshow hit a record high in pre-sale tickets this year!

  For pictures of the event, please visit the Planes of Fame Airshow Facebook page or their website at
Apple Valley Airshow in October

This year marks the 16th Annual Apple Valley Airshow to be held on Saturday, October 14th beginning at 9:00am. 

  There will be vintage airplanes on display, aerobatic pilots, wing walkers, skydivers and lots of air show action over the skies.  Additionally, there will be a Kid Zone, food and vendors, as well as military vehicles on display in addition to the "Show & Shine" car show.  Feel free to bring your chairs, sitting blankets and even your personal umbrella for shade and don’t forget your hats, sunscreen and sunglasses!

  Admission is $5, children 11 and under are free and parking is free.  A portion of the proceeds will go to aviation related local scholoarships.

  For more information about the Apple Valley Airport Airshow, call 760-247-2371 or visit .  
  News & Announcements

  • Joe Dozier, Excellence in Government Award
    Recipients of the Award for Excellence share an exceptional level of dedication in what they do as County employees and as members of their community toward achieving the Countywide Vision.  The Department of Airports would like to congratulate Joseph Dozier III, Airport Maintenance Worker at Chino Airport, for earning the 2017 Award for Excellence. 
      Joseph was instrumental during this past year in taking up the challenge to lead by example by demonstrating his ability to excel in airfield maintenance tasks and during the 2016 Air Show Preparations. We thank you for all your hard work 

  • Randall Lee, Apple Valley Maintenance Worker earns 35-year pin
    Randall Lee has given 35 years of service to Apple Valley Airport.  Mr. Lee was awarded his 35-year pin at the June Commissioner’s meeting.
  • Welcome to the San Bernardino County Department of Airports family:
    We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new staff member, Patrice Flagg as our Fiscal Assistant located at the Administration Office.  Welcome to the team!  
    Also, congratulations to Cyle Woodruff on his promotion as Airport Manager of Apple Valley Airport. Well deserved!
  • Have a maintenance request, want to report an issue or just send us a comment?
    Just a reminder that if you have a maintenance request, would like to report a n issue or just want to send us a comment, visit our website. For more, visit our maintenance requests webpage.   

  About Us

The County of San Bernardino Department of Airports provides for the management, maintenance and operation of six county-owned airports. We also assist San Bernardino County private and municipal airport operators with planning, interpretation, and implementation of FAA general aviation requirements.

Our administrative office is located at 777 E. Rialto Ave, San Bernardino, in the heart of the picturesque San Bernardino Valley, approximately 60 miles east of the city of Los Angeles. The rugged natural beauty of San Bernardino County, from its awe-inspiring mountains to its vast expanses of colorful desert, makes it the aviator's destination of choice.

Airport Commissioners:

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