Off the Beaten Track features
the Bay Area's top Rumba & Flamenco ensemble
16th Street & Capp
La Misión.~

¡¡ A bailar !! ¡¡A rumbear!! This week we celebrate Off the Beaten Track On 16th & Capp with Spain's Flamenco Fusion band LA MANDANGA. Featuring:

Alberto Gutierrez - vocals & guitar
Javi Jiménez - vocals & guitar
Luis Jiménez - cajón
Jacob Salvage - trumpet

Last Friday we had a blast and this week will also be lots of fun, with cocktails from Slate Bar, sushi from Maruya, and empanadas from Chile Lindo. Also offering torta de mil hojas and torta de merengue. Slate is serving Piscolas (Pisco & Coke).
This photo was taken by James Varah, Chile Lindo's summer intern. He's working on promoting Chile Lindo through Instagram and other social media outlets. His mother, Adine Varah, is of Chilean descent and has been so supportive of Chile Lindo, specially during these difficult times for all small businesses. Adine drove around with James and they put together a photo series that features Chile Lindo empanadas throughout San Francisco. Great idea James! I love it. Thank you both!
"Working with Chile Lindo has taught me so much about running a small business, and I find Paula's passion very inspiring."--James Varah

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Chile Lindo
2944 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103