Greetings fellow fish fans!

Spring has come early to the west coast which turns on our "get ready for summer" switch.

We have lots on the go this year with more boat upgrades, new talent, a big dock project, lodge expansion construction and of course more good news in the mix about the status of this year's salmon runs.

This winter has been full of great happenings as well, with a fantastic Winter Steelhead run and a number of TV episodes being aired across Canada. We hope you enjoy this update and please feel free to drop us a note anytime. We always enjoy hearing from you. This year marks our 20th year in Kyuquot Sound and a number of you have been fishing with us there since the beginning. We look forward to celebrating this summer!

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David and Marilyn
Blue fish swimming left border
Tuna Show on TV
NHL Celebs head to Kyuquot
Last summer NHL's Brendan Morrison and Gary Valk joined us in Kyuquot Sound to experience the new Tuna Sport Fishery. They had a great trip and the TV show has already aired but will likely air again.
BMO Tuna
When it becomes available online we will be sure to let you know.
Salt Fresh & Field
Go out there. Get your food. Bring it back and share it.
This is a brand new cooking show with an angle we can all connect with. Host Chad Brealy is guided by Shaun Evans on the Stamp River for an amazing day.
Salt Fresh & Field Video
We hope you enjoy this little "outpost" video as much as we do.

Article in Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine
On the Shelves Now
Salmon Trout & Steelheader Magazine Last summer we hosted well know writer Terry Weist in Kyuquot Sound.
He wrote a wonderful story about the fishery and the community.
The article is also very informative on tips and techniques. Terry tested some new fishing tackle with some great results.
BC Lions QB Travis Lulay
Filming TV Show on Stamp River
This week we  hosted Travis Lulay and Sportscaster CFL Veteran Chris burns to film a Winter Steelhead episode of Sportfishing Adventures.

Kevin Barabash guided the trip while Shaun Evans ran the camera boat. They worked hard for two days and got into multiple fish each day They even got a wild one tubed for the hatchery. The show will air across Canada mid March so we will be sure to let you know when.

Halibut "app" to Measure Weight at a Glance
Halibut Measuring Devise Research is underway for building a tool for anglers to quickly determine halibut size by the quick snap of a photo of its head and using a smartphone app to calculate its size.

The research being done in Alaska, has found that the most reliable measurement which translated correctly, is the distance from eye to an nodule found on the gill plate. Using a special cradle for the smartphone, the device is held against the head of the halibut for the measuring to occur.

The entire story is available online. We will be tracking the progress of the study and you can be assured that if this project succeeds and becomes mainstream, this is something you will see at Murphy's in the future.

New Docks for Kyuquot Lodge

Two new big docks are being prebuilt in Port Alberni. Then they will be dismantled and shipped by road to Fair Harbour. We will re assemble them in on the beach in Fair Harbour and tow them to Kyuquot.

One of the floats will replace the dock the ramp rests on. The largest of the two will be a 30 ft x 70 ft main float for tables, a big tent and a new fish dressing station.

Pictured on the trailer and in the yard is 5000 board feet of the 10,000 total being used for the project.

The photo on the right is the "header" float that the ramp from shore will rest on.

Good times ahead on the new docks this summer, rain or shine!

Kyuquot - 2015 Available Dates   

BlackBearsBooking up - secure your dates soon   

 This Summers Available Dates 

Time is flying and the fishing season is just around the corner. We are thrilled to be celebrating our 20th year in Kyuquot this summer.


This year's program is the same for both the ship and the lodge based on 2 or 3 anglers per boat. We are in Kyuquot during the very peak of the season for both Salmon and Halibut. 


Tuna season is at the very end of August and the very beginning of September, when the warm water comes closest to the island. There is still space on the five day Tuna, Salmon and Halibut Combo trips, during the very short Tuna window.


Send us a quick email with your preferred month and we will get back to you with the available options. This calendar is a great place to start, but please contact us to confirm availability.

More Upgrades At The Ship
As many of you already know we strive for continual improvement and value the feedback that you provide us.

We are sure you will be very happy with this season's upgrades, to the Ship lodgings.

While the list is long and many are mechanical or operational in nature, the most notable are two bathroom renovations, as well as new floors in the galley and bar area.

2016 Kyuquot Trip Calendar

Yes! Next year is available for booking and many of you have already been rattling our cage for the calendar. Here is next years calendar.

Some of the dates are already booked, but the majority still have trips available throughout the 2016 Kyuquot season.

New Additions to the Team & Fleet 

BlackBearsTalented Guides & Beauty Boat   


Along with our continual improvement theme we have added another boat to the fleet to top it out at 12 boats. In recent years Marilyn's 22' Grady White has acted as our spare boat but it's just a little too small so we upgraded to this 23' Grady White Gulfstream. We have finished all the upgrades to meet Transport Canada requirements.


Local and experienced guide Josh Gillette will be running this boat full time during the summer.  Josh is a welcome addition to the team and we are excited to have him "aboard"!


Other crew changes include the semi retirement of Henry Jack Sr.  While he will be missed on the dock every day there is no doubt he remains part of the "Murphy Family".  Replacing Sr. aboard the Ocean Raider is the very talented Wayne Vincent.  Wayne is a Kyuquot veteran guide who has been on the waters with us (under a different flag) every season since our beginning. Welcome Wayne - Finally!


2015 Fishing Regulations
All things are looking good for 2015!  While the final tweaking of fishing plan development is currently underway, all indications are that we are looking at another season similar to last year for all species.

With the predicted abundances of southern bound Chinook on the high end of the scales, the Super Salmon Highway of Kyuquot will be another great season!

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