"Forgiveness is the beginning of transformation." Swami Chetanananda
Volume 14.0
February --  2016
From the Cushion 
Why is cultivating calmness and virtue important? Because calmness is the condition of deep internal openness which we hope will become our permanent state, and virtue is extending that openness to other people. They are two of the most important cornerstones in the choice to be happy because without them, we cannot sustain a deep connection with the Self.
Without calmness and virtue, every vision, every inspiration, any idealism that dawns within us will be reduced to a vehicle for fulfilling our limited, personal ends. Without calmness and virtue, our lives will be connected only to the small self, and that's a formula for unhappiness. [read more]

Practice & Inspiration
Sadhvi Parananda

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"Protect yourself from your own thoughts" is one of my favorite Rumi quotes.  Our minds simply are amazing, aren't they?  They spin and react and misunderstand and fabricate.   Basically they spend a lot of energy making us crazy.  Even when we make a very conscious effort to be thoughtful and centered, this mind takes us for a ride, oftentimes creating troubles in our relationships and stealing our happiness.  There is a solution to this problem:

Don't Believe Everything You Think

At the last retreat Swamiji spoke of the importance of "Uplifting our Spirits."  How wonderful.  We recognize how important this is to our total well being, but often we are at a loss with regard to achieving it. Read More

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April Shaktipat side content

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Embodiment in Yoga
Embodiment is a term we encounter in many contexts today, especially as advances in somatic psychology and neuroscience increasingly demonstrate that mind and body-awareness, sensations, feelings, and thoughts-are simply different expressions of one whole, one field of experience manifesting and expressing as you and me. [read more]

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A Morning Ritual
Since the last retreat, Swamiji has been saying that we need to lift our spirits, to take responsibility for our inner state and how we respond to our environment. Our tendency is to be weighed down by the chaos and confusion we encounter; our practice should help us to live above it. 
I recently found an approach that encourages us to do that from the very first moments of the day. [read more]
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Back to Basics
Spiritual Cannibalism  is the only book Rudi wrote in his lifetime and a cornerstone of our spiritual practice. Want to know his most essential teachings? What still impacts our day to day life? Ranging from reflections, observations and personal anecdotes to his most advanced teachings, Rudi's unique and powerful book is available at a special discount this month.