"In doing spiritual work, we have to make an effort to turn our attention inside." Swami Chetanananda
Volume 18.0
June --  2016
From the Cushion
Swami Chetanananda
Finding Health

Our whole notion of health is completely wrong. The allopathic medical system, rather than being concerned about healing and health, is concerned about putting duct tape over the warning lights that are all the different symptom patterns that are expressing the imbalances in the pathology accumulating in a human system. The fact is that the AMA has aggressively denied the whole notion of vitalism as an expression of the model by which human beings are alive. [read more]

Practice & Inspiration
Sadhvi Parānandā

The Secret To Living Well and Long

Living well in today's crazy world takes more than a hope and a dream.  It takes conscious effort every waking moment.  There is a wonderful Tibetan proverb that sums up a strategy to which I work to adhere:
The secret to living well and longer is:
           Eat half
          Walk double
          Laugh triple
          And Love without measure
  How wonderfully simple.  And still we forget. [read more]

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Enlighten Up! 
june cartoon
Stevan Maxwell, student of Swami Chetanananda, works to give a voice to the homeless in America. [read more]

Savasana: Healing and Growth in Yoga
In our asana practice, we come to understand how simple rest, quiet reflection, and Savasana are part of a larger healing, growing process, that refines and re-balances our chemistry, promotes health and well-being, and helps us connect with our potential as human beings. [read more]

What is Health?

There is absolutely no reason that we can't walk up to the day of our death in a state of profound health and well-being.  My Qigong teacher, Master Liu He, tells the story of her grandfather's death.  One day he gathered the family together and told them that the time had come for him to go.  The next day he went into his room and closed his door.  After that he sat down and left his body. [read more]

Tools for Total Well Being
How does our spiritual practice impact our health? Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual, the link between conscious practice and total well-being is clear. To help us find that state, Swamiji has devoted himself to providing as many tools for us as he can. Learn about two important tools for improving health on every level that are available in the TMC store.[read more]