This Week's Announcements
Our Schedule of Services:

Here is our schedule;
more information may be found by downloading the bulletin.

Sunday May 2:

8:30 am in person Eucharist

9:45 am In Person Sunday School

10:30 am In person(also streamed virtually) Eucharist

11:30 am Online Coffee Fellowship

Plans to Re-Gather
Please use THIS LINK to be redirected to Signup Genius to reserve your seat(s) for our upcoming In-Person Eucharist Services(If you see available seats the evening before a service, please feel free to fill in)
First Sunday
First Sunday Offering
In May we will be collecting funds to benefit the Downtown Episcopal Outreach. Every Wednesday, volunteers from the cathedral and nearby Episcopal churches prepare a delicious lunch that's open to the public, free of charge. Guests enjoy a sit down experience, a free full service meal, and good conversation.

If participating in the First Sunday Offering, please write DEO on the memo line of your check and mail your check early so that it is received by May 7. If you will be at in person Worship May 2, there will be a second collection at each service for DEO.
Episcopal People who Wear Hats
May 2 is the first Sunday in the month. If you are planning to attend church in person or on Facebook video streaming, put on your hat. Let’s get back to some of our favorite traditions, so wear your hat, wherever you are!
Vestry Notes
Outreach Opportunities
Pentecost Service on the Lawn
On Sunday, May 23rd, the Feast of Pentecost, we will have a service on the lawn at St Augustine at 10:30 AM. This will be a chance to continue celebrating our church’s new chapters as we celebrate the traditional “birthday of the Church!”

We will have Sunday School beginning at 10:25 in person that day, and refreshments available after service.

There will be NO 8:30 AM service on May 23 due to our special outdoor service.
– Helpers needed!

As part of setting up for this service, Joe and Ali Threlkeld and Angie Gallegos could use help with moving some sound elements, wires, and altar pieces. They have been doing this work within a family “bubble” over the past year for our outdoor services, but are willing to accept help from anyone vaccinated. The setup begins at 8:30 am and the pack-up will take place after the service concludes.
This is an important outreach mission with a wonderful collaboration between Whispering Roots, the Food Bank for the Heartland, and COPE.

This is an ongoing opportunity. Likely every other week. If we have more than one volunteer, we can begin scheduling for future dates as well. This is a great opportunity for High School Seniors who may need service hours as well!
C.O.P.E. Needs You
We have a need for a volunteer for COPE (Christian Outreach Program of Elkhorn) every other Friday to pick up fresh fruits, veggies, dairy & meat, maybe a few canned goods at 2PM at 24th and Ames they would then immediately deliver them to COPE in Elkhorn and help unload.

The volunteers do not need to load during the pick-up, but will have to help unload at COPE, so more than one person able to lift and carry food into COPE would be ideal. The volunteers will also need an SUV, truck or mini-van.
Sunday School Youth (Pre-K through 5th grade)

Sunday School has been meeting every week via Zoom. We will be switching to half Zoom/half in-person after Easter to test out a new Sunday School time. With services switching to 8:30 & 10:30 AM, we are left with a great time in-between service to have Sunday School so that children from both services can join, and teachers can attend an entire service! Sunday School in person will be held from 9:45-10:20 AM.

The Dates for the rest of the year will rotate in person and Zoom Bi-Weekly

May 2: 9:45 AM Outside(wp)
May 9: 9:30 AM via Zoom
May 16: 9:45 AM Outside(wp)
May 23: 10:25 AM Outside during Pentecost Service

After May 23, we will be holding a monthly in person Kid Kraft Day during Summer Break, dates TBD.

Please join Zoom meeting dates using our ongoing Zoom Link:
Youth Group (6-12th Grade)

Going forward, we plan on meeting up until Summer break at the Fire Pit(Weather Permitting) Our Final Wednesday will be May 26th, we will be inviting current 5th Graders(who will be in 6th next year) to join us. We will be having our annual ice cream competition, as well as celebrating our graduating Senior, Mayme Cudly.

If weather is bad, we will move inside to the sanctuary.

This fall, after summer break, our hope is to hold an in person Youth Group Bible Study Class on Sundays in between service times.
With services switching to 8:30 & 10:30 AM, we are left with a great time in-between service to have Youth Group so that kids from both services can join, and teachers can attend an entire service! This will be held from 9:45-10:20 AM.

Another bonus with this model, is that it leaves our Youth with Wednesday night for outreach, speakers, and other opportunities for bonding and fun!

We are also planning on a Confirmation Class next Year. If this is something that you are interested in for your child, please contact Kate
Looking forward to Sunday School next year, if you would like to register your child(ren) for Sunday School, please fill out this form, 

Please prayerfully consider volunteering to teach or assist next year. The "job description" is below:

Get to know the youths’ names, interests, and activities; respect what they have to share.
Participate in the games, activities, or discussions.
Display a positive attitude (or fake it!).
Encourage spiritual growth.
Praise positive behaviors.
Lead by example.
Have fun!
Recommended skills: Sense of humor, Flexibility, Patience, An open mind, Listening, Talking/Sharing, Creativity, Ability to act immature but still be responsible
Optional Skills: Dance Experience, Singing Ability, Guitar Strumming, Harmonica Blowing, Tambourine Shaking, Toe Tapping!

To either confirm your previous role, or volunteer for a new role ministering to our youth, please contact Kate or fill out the volunteer form here,  We would love to have you join this amazing team of people!
Capital Campaign Updates
Building Plan Feedback?
*These are mock up photos, actual building and garden space may look different once project is complete
Capital Campaign Pledge Update
We continue gathering gifts and pledges for our Capital Campaign. To date we have received 86 pledge cards representing $1,233,375.00 in three year pledges and parish commitments. Please know that every gift and pledge will help us address our space issues at St. Augustine.
Capital Campaign Update for April 29th

Our biggest construction update this week is that the new parking lot has been poured! It’s an odd thing to learn how much planning goes into a slab of concrete or asphalt, but these new parking spaces have drainage beneath them, level handicapped spaces nearer to the door, and a slight slant in the northernmost stalls to help water runoff get to the drain into our new rain garden drainage feature. Mike Procopio, our site manager, is looking into different options to clean up our existing parking as well – we have a basic seal-and-stripe built in to the original budget proposal, and we’ll have some other options to consider as well that might be efficient chances to update that while we’re under construction.

Meanwhile, we’ve been able to do quite a lot of work with Darryl Prater at Church Development over the past weeks. He’s helped us write and send out a mailing to Friends and Family of our church community to invite them to participate in our campaign, and he’s helped us formally launch a Fourth Year for the campaign.
You’ll be hearing a lot about the Fourth Year over the next few weeks, and receiving a letter in the mail from the Vestry, the Finance Committee, and me about it. From the beginning, we knew that we’d have a three-year campaign, with the option of committing to a fourth year as well, and we expected that we might need that to keep our financing trim and manageable.

We’re planning a Q&A zoom session the afternoon of Sunday, May 16th for people to tune in and learn more, but in general, we’re in a really good and exciting moment in the campaign, and we know that a strong fourth year will help our church in a really powerful long-term way over the coming decade or so at least.

As always, please feel free to direct building questions to Fr Ben or our Junior Warden, Grant Suhr.
Capital Campaign Q&A Session May 16th, 1:30 pm

On Sunday, May 16th, at 1:30 pm, we will have a brief presentation about our progress, our current schedule, and the Fourth Year of our campaign. A zoom link will be included in next week’s e-mail and announcements. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about some of our nuts and bolts, and to bring any questions about what comes next in our planning!
Thanks to Bill Smith for the Drone photos and Jim Keepers for the photos of the inside (taken 3-26-21)
Friday, April 30

  • 8:00 AM -Men's Bible Study via Zoom CLICK HERE
  • Meeting ID: 725 959 1126

Sunday, May 2

  • 9:45 AM -In Person Sunday School

  • 10:30 AM -Eucharist in person & via Facebook Live CLICK HERE

Tuesday, May 4

  • 6:30 PM -EFM (Contact Jack for Zoom Link)

Wednesday, May 5

  • 6:00 PM -Youth Group

Rector's Reflection
Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shoots and Signs

In the church garden, daffodils are proudly waving their fool heads around at anyone who comes by to look. At our house, tended by significantly less-accomplished gardeners, we’re just now starting to see some green shoots come up, promising flowers and vegetables in the future. (I should hasten to say that this is almost entirely due to my wife’s planning and industry, with me providing the practical assistance of schlepping heavy items or minding the resident toddler who rules our domain.)

Still, there’s always something hopeful when a buried seed starts to show its flourishing and achieve its potential. There’s a reason that the light and lilting hymn, “Now the Green Blade Riseth” is an Eastertime favorite.

I’ve been feeling that way quite a bit about our church home and family at St Augustine’s in these past weeks as well. Some of it is the “green walls riseth-ing” as our new spaces take their shape and get sealed and built up into rooms and halls that we can fill with laughter and conversation and ministry. There really is a deep joy in sitting down to say, “What classes can sit in these spaces? What celebrations can take place in this hall? What children can learn here next? Who can we invite over?” Green blades rising, all.

But the deeper background is seeing the church itself – that is to say, of course, the people – start to emerge from our buried state. To have people back at worship, pushing through the extra step of an online sign-up and risking the use of a port-a-potty in our Sunday morning hours, has been a profound gift. It is so good to see one another again.

It is also, at the same time, a painful reminder that our emergence is still in process, and that the garden of our church family needs more tending and care before we’ll be in “full bloom” again. The early signs of Spring are here, but the full glory of, shall we say, “May flowers,” is not quite arrived.

I can’t help but lean on the metaphor of Jesus as that first green blade rising from the buried tomb one more time, here. The first sign of resurrection and renewed life and community was, after all, a fairly small one. Considering that nothing short of an eternal shattering of the grip of sin and death had been accomplished, the first signs in our world were jaw-droppingly understated. A conversation with a friend, Mary, who had come to remember him in a garden, only to find Jesus wholly full of life, and power, and a new possibility to permanently emblazon on the hearts of his followers, changing their lives and then changing the world forever.

 Is that too grandiose a metaphor for our little country church, and our family at St Augustine’s? Surely Christian humility calls on us not to dare to hope quite so much out of our next restoration and calling back to life?

… Yet the promise that we have from Jesus is exactly that daring. To understand that when the seed is buried, and nourished, it splits open from what it is now into something astonishingly greater. To know that when we are called back into good air and sunlight and a goodly fellowship with others following in the way of love that is made known in the living Son of God, we are absolutely promised to be a part of a permanent transformation, which restores us to the full glory of what God has made us to be, and then invites us to be a part of that same Spirit’s power pouring forth from us over all this old Creation, as it comes home to the vision of its loving Creator for what it might be.

We have been buried grain, but our green blades are rising. Love and change are on the wind. And if we think our simple conversations in love and fellowship aren’t a radical sign of God’s most holy promises and most powerful possibilities, we might remember Mary, who met Jesus in a garden, to begin all things again.

St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church
285 S 208th Street
Elkhorn, NE 68022
Church Communication and Announcements
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