Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Tuesdays from 2:00 until 5:30 there is a  Farmers Market located in the south parking lot.  The market still has several weeks to go--lots of locally grown fresh vegetables, baked goods, local honey and homemade jams and jellies are available.

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FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,
     Our first days with all the students present have worked wonderfully.  The protocols we have put in place, and that the students practiced in small groups, are continuing to work well.  I do have to say that we have had some technology issues with streaming in some grade levels but we continue to work on making this better.  When we get the classroom cameras which are currently on back order, things should go a lot smoother.
      I want to thank all of our families for their continued effort to make this time before and after school run smoothly for everyone.  All of our new families/parents seem to have the hang of  how to exit in the afternoon car line.  As you are pulling in the back lot between 2:30 and 3, I ask that you watch how the people before you are lined up and try to follow suit and keep the lines as straight as possible; this will make for a quicker exit when the time comes.
      We are finishing up our first week of virtual learning.  If, after experiencing virtual learning, you feel that it is NOT a good fit for your child and you would like to switch your position and have your child attend in person, we will allow that but the school office must know by September 20th.  Once a switch is made it must stay that way until the end of the trimester.
     We are also now struggling with developing the protocol for students who have opted for in-person schooling, but who are sick for a day or two.  Should those students be offered the chance to stream classes while they are home sick.  The first inclination is to say of course, however, I need to speak with my teachers to see how doable that is in the real world.  What, from the outside, looks like a pretty easy answer may, in fact, pose a series of issues for both student and teacher.  Please give us some time to figure this out and we will be back in touch about what needs to happen when students are out sick for a day or two.  This should not be confused with the need to be quarantined due to Covid that could last up to two weeks.  These are questions and scenarios that were not even imagined before this year.
     Wearing face masks, social distancing, and hand
washing are keeping all of us safe.  Thank you for reinforcing these safeguards at home. We are purchasing barriers for the cafeteria and the Art and Spanish rooms to continue to do the best we can to keep our students and staff safe.
     As you are out and about, please keep your eyes open for sanitizing wipes.  We are going through these at a quick pace, especially in the younger grades.  Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time.  If you see them please consider purchasing some for the school.     
      We had our first Fire Drill on Wednesday, September 9.  The students did a wonderful job of exiting the building and lining up quickly to be counted.  In fact, they moved so quickly and efficiently, we were out and back in the building within six minutes.  That is really good for our first drill.  Kudos to our teachers and students!
     We have uploaded the new school calendar onto the website.  In actuality the number of days didn't increase, we just traded four of our off school days for online learning days.  I thought this would be the least disruptive to family calendars that were already set.  Students will have some online work to complete each of these four days.  Our first one is coming up in October and will coincide with the teachers' Spiritual Day.  The other days are in November during Thanksgiving week, in December on the first day of Christmas vacation, and in February on the Friday of our 4-day weekend.
     I have been talking with US Marshal Arts Academy as they expressed interest in working with St. Veronica to bring karate to our students.  We are working on a schedule to have them come to the school building for six weeks.  The Academy has also wondered if parents would be interested in paying $5 a week during the weeks they are with St. Veronica, which would entitle students to a class at the studio during the same time period.  I would like some feedback on this possibility.  Do you think families would take advantage of this opportunity?
  Also, two of our parents, Kris Durand and Jennie Link are working together to provide some aerobic and skill training for students.  They will be developing areas around the school and blacktop where teachers can take students during down time or PE time.  Combined with the Circuit Training, Boy Scout Sebastian Rahe is working on, this will give the students plenty of outdoor activities.
     Our First through Fifth grade teachers posted videos or hosted a real-time virtual meeting to help parents understand how the different classrooms run, handle discipline, homework and absences.  Our Middle School and Special teachers posted their videos today.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher(s).  CLICK HERE for the Junior High and Specials Teachers Meet the Teacher Night videos and CLICK HERE for the Grades 1-5.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2020  
(Make Up Day and TH/F Preschool-9/24)

The first PTO Information Sharing Session of this school year is tonight, Thursday September 10. The session begins at 6:45 PM, and will be held in a virtual format.
The link to join the session is here:
The PTO board would love to have you join as they discuss events coming up for this year, get an update from Ms. Bresler on happenings around school, and discuss and approve this year's PTO budget.
There will be a gift card drawing for the parents and teachers that attend. One of the winners could be you! Please join us!

St Veronica Cub Scouts Pack 135 - Join Scout Night
Monday, September 14th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM
St. Veronica Ministry Center - OLMC Room
4462 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road, Cincinnati, OH
Meeting considerations:
  • If possible, please limit attendees to 1 parent and 1 Scout
  • Park in the rear of the Ministry Center  
  • Text 513-313-3491 to confirm you are ready to enter the building
  • All attendees must wear a mask
  • You will be met at the door and have your temperature taken. Temperatures over 100 will not be allowed to participate
  • Single-use packets and pens will be distributed
  • Table & chair surfaces will be sanitized before each use
    • 2020/2021 dues - $115/Scout. $125/Scout with Boy's Life subscription
    • Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. Make checks payable to Pack 135
    • First Pack Meeting 9/20 2-4 PM in St. Veronica Church/school parking lot. Raingutter regatta. New Scouts' raingutter boats and rank books distributed at JSN.