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Students may wear a St. Veronica top and school bottoms.
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Tuesdays from 2:00 until 5:30 there is a  Farmers Market located in the south parking lot.  The market still has several weeks to go--lots of locally grown fresh vegetables, baked goods, local honey and homemade jams and jellies are available.

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FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,
     Yesterday's readings at Mass were all about love...and the greatest of these is love.  Fr. Alex spoke about the obligation we, as Christians, have to love one another as Jesus loves us.  The students even journaled about what love looks like and how we can show love to others.  What a great topic for discussion around the dinner table.
     Talking about showing love and kindness, the following was in the Catholic Telegraph and I thought I would share if:
To recognize the human dignity of those with whom I disagree, treat others with respect, and rise above attacks directed at me.

To root my political viewpoints in the Gospel and a well formed conscience, which involves prayer, conversation, study and listening.  I will stand up for my convictions and speak out when I witness language that disparages others' dignity, while also listening and seeking to understand others' experiences.
To encounter others with a tone and posture which affirms that I honor the dignity of others and invite others to do the same.  I will presume others' best intentions and listen to their stories with empathy.  I will strive to understand before seeking to be understood.
     As we move through this unprecedented year, some of the guidelines we have in place may get tweaked  as we all become more experienced with our protocols.  One area that we have reevaluated is Birthday Treats.  Originally, we had thought of having no birthday treats this year.  However, after some discussion, we are going to reinstate birthday treats with the following guidelines:
  1. All items must be store bought
  2. All items must be individually wrapped
  3. Parents must check with the teacher(s) to see if and what allergies may be in the classroom and then stick with the suggestions given by the teacher.
  4. Treat bags are not allowed.
     Teachers will pass out the treats either at lunch, so children can eat the treat in the cafeteria, or send the treats home with the children.
     Please be aware that if the school has a case of COVID, it is mandated that we contact the health department within 24 hours and notify parents if there is a case in the school.  Please understand we will not and cannot identify the person who is sick.  Also, please understand that there are many illnesses that have the same symptoms of Covid.  We will react on the side of caution and send students home to have their symptoms checked by a doctor, but that doesn't mean they have Covid.  If Covid is present in the building you will be notified.  If your child was within the bounds of concern, you will be contacted by the health department with further actions you need to take.
     This brings me back to what I have been saying all along: it is everyone's responsibility to keep our community healthy.  Wearing masks, washing hands and keeping socially distant are the best indications of keeping everyone healthy.
     The teachers are working to get things connected so that we can offer streaming for students who are absent due to sickness.  When everything is set, parents will get a document from their child's teachers(s) showing how to "stream in'' when home sick.  Parents need to email the HR teacher and the school office by 7:30 if a student is going to be absent and stream, or just absent.  A child cannot just show up in the online classroom, teachers must know he/she is attending virtually that day.  The homeroom teacher will reach out to the other teachers who the child might see on any given day, to make them aware of the student working virtually.
There are guidelines for streaming in the Parent Handbook in the back where it deals with Covid changes: 

Below are the online etiquette guidelines that we feel will be the most beneficial to the student at home, the students in the classroom and the teacher.  If your child is streaming or working online, please go over these guidelines so everyone knows what is expected.
Online Etiquette
  • Be prepared.  Have all your materials needed for class ready to go.
  • Be on time.
  • Use headphones/earbuds with a mic.
  • Use your camera on your laptop/tablet.  We need to see you.
  • Find a quiet work space without distractions.
  • Sit at a desk or table (not in bed, on the floor etc...)
  • Stay in one place during the session.  No walking around with the computer or phone
  • Dress for school.  Wear school appropriate clothing.
  • Do not wear hats.
  • Eliminate distractions.  No eating, chewing gum, playing with toys, or using a cell phone.  No playing with pets.  Students are to be focused on learning.
  • Keep yourself on mute and raise your hand to speak.
  • Keep comments relevant to the topic.
  • Be respectful to your teachers and classmates.
  • Be attentive.
     If a student does not follow these guidelines on a repeated basis, we (parents, teacher, administration) will evaluate whether online learning is the proper avenue for education at this time.
     Our Google system is closed so parents do not have direct access to their child's online calendar, however, their child can share their login so the parent can see the calendar and work with the students to plan homework, projects etc...  Google classroom does offer a module that will send daily or weekly updates to the parents on upcoming assignments, projects and missing work.  What Guardian will not do is give you access to grades.  That comes through MSP.   Teachers will set up, if they haven't already, the Guardian module and parents will get an invitation to join Guardian.  You must respond if you want to have access to Guardian and note if you want daily or weekly updates.  It is very important that teachers have the correct email address that you want them to use to communicate with you.  If you ever want to communicate with teachers, we all have emails that follow the same pattern:

     Lunchtime has been working well.  The students are getting into the routine of spacing out at the tables and staying on the blue dots while in line.  One of the hardest things for the students to remember is to leave their chairs out instead of tucking them in so we can sanitize them more easily.
     One of the many things that has changed in the cafeteria is that students cannot get their own napkins, spoons, drinks, condiments, etc....  Also,  once students are sitting, they are asked not to stand up until they are dismissed.  So, anything a student needs must be gotten for them by the person on duty in the cafeteria.  It would be really helpful if packers could bring their own spoons if they are going to need them, I know it sounds like a small thing, but retrieving spoons and napkins, which are kept at either end of the cafeteria, involves a lot of steps back and forth during the three lunch periods.  Of course, if a child forgets or drops theirs on the ground, whatever the child needs will be provided.    

     With the cooler weather starting, and everyone back in the building, it's that time of the year when lice rears its head - no pun intended.  We have had one isolated case in the building and wanted to give families a heads up - no pun intended.  Signs to watch for are: increased scratching of the head, redness behind the ears and on the neck, visible nits on the head.  Please call our Nurses office if you have any questions.

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2020  
(Make Up Day and TH/F Preschool-9/24
M/W/F Preschool 9/30)
Glutz has offered two days for you to bring your online student into their studio for pictures -  9/18 from 9:00-12:00 or 9/21 from 9:00-3:00.  Please contact them directly to schedule your photo appointment@ 513-528-5888  


The St. Veronica Music Department, with the support of the Fine Arts Boosters and St. Veronica School, is committed to providing as many of our amazing music ensembles for the benefit and well-being of the students as we can safely provide. We will implement a number of safety measures as recommended by scientific research studied over the summer months as well as the Health Department of the State of Ohio. Please read below to find out the current plan:

Advanced Band (GR. 5-8): The Advanced Band will rehearse outdoors whenever possible on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:30PM. Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, September 22. CLICK HERE to download more information, including safety measures and a registration form. 

Beginning Band (4th Grade): Due to the nature of Beginning Band, and the fact that students and directors need to stay at a close distance in order to teach how to properly begin learning an instrument, there will be no Beginning Band for the start of the school year. We will reevaluate the situation after Christmas.

Vocal Ensemble (Gr. 5-8): The VE will rehearse outdoors whenever possible on Mondays from 3:15-4:30PM. Rehearsals begin on Monday, October 5. CLICK HERE to download more information, including safety measures and a registration form. 

Show Choir (Gr. 7-8): The Show Choir will rehearse outdoors whenever possible immediately following VE rehearsals from 4:30-5:00PM. Rehearsals begin on Monday, October 5. CLICK HERE to download more information and the registration form.

School Musical (Gr. 3-8): We do not believe it possible to have an on-stage performance this year. However, we want to give all of our actors and actresses a chance to shine! We will be offering some type of virtual production for an online spring performance. More details to come in the future.

Want a chance at winning a $50 gift card to the store or restaurant of your choice? Send in your Fine Arts Boosters Sponsorship and you will be entered to win! Good news - the deadline to be entered has been extended from Friday 9/18 to Monday 9/21. Even better news - we are giving away TWO $50 gift cards to TWO winners!

This year, your $25 sponsorship helps to support the following, and so much more!
* Music class drumsticks, dowel rods, and dancing scarves for students across all grade levels
* High school scholarships awarded to 8th graders in the areas of art, band, theater, and vocals
* Band and vocal ensemble music & instrument covers
* Christmas show licensing & scripts
* Annual classroom music & virtual needs subscriptions
* Art paper

3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls
Basketball registration for boys and girls is open to St. Veronica students and active REP students in grades 3rd-8th. Deadline for registration is October 11th. Booster fees are $75 if not paid for a fall sport, and basketball registration is $75. Late fee of $50 if registering after the

K-2nd Boys & Girls Hoopsters Instructional Program
  • $40 Registration Fee
  • All players receive a T-shirt
  • 6-Week Program - Saturday mornings, beginning 10/31
Registrations for basketball and Hoopsters can be done online CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Coaches Applications
Parents interested in coaching grades 3rd-8th need to complete the coaching application located HERE
 (downloads as Word doc) and submit to Angie Ford (girls) at or Rob Buehner (boys) at All coaches
must be Virtus trained.

St Veronica Cub Scouts Pack 135 -  
Are you still interested in your child joining cub scouts and missed the information meeting? No worries, you can still join! Contact Cubmaster Jason Schuster ( and he will provide all of the details. Remember, cub scouts are open to all boys and girls in grades K-5.