Thursday, September 24, 2020


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Tuesdays from 2:00 until 5:30 there is a  Farmers Market located in the south parking lot.  The market still has several weeks to go--lots of locally grown fresh vegetables, baked goods, local honey and homemade jams and jellies are available.

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FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,
     Karate is here!  Starting next week, students from preschool through grade 8 (excluding our preschool students who are only with us 3 hours a day) will be having karate classes in the school building.  US Martial Arts Academy (USMAA) on Ohio Pike is working with us to bring at least five weeks of Martial Arts training to our students.  If the first five weeks go well, we are hoping to extend the program for two additional weeks, taking us up to the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is part of our program to provide different types of physical fitness to our students.
     As part of this program, USMAA is offering additional classes to our students at a reduced rate.  Coming home with your child today is a brochure about USMAA and a flyer with this completely optional offer for classes outside school hours.  If, after your child has experienced the free classes at school, you want to extend their learning you are able to do so with the registration on the flyer.  There is a due date on the flyer of October 2, but you can actually sign-up for additional classes at any time during the initial five weeks of the in-school class.
     So, are your kids ready to kick-up their heels!
     We all knew this year would be filled with new challenges and struggles, and ideas on how to meet those challenges.  We knew sometimes the solutions would work and  sometimes they would need to be tweaked or pitched.  
     Last week I wrote about how we would work to allow absent students to stream into the classroom, so they wouldn't miss instruction.  After some tries this past week with absent students in various grade levels, we need to change our protocol on this.  We found that with the younger students this was not going to work at this time.  The students, if they are truly sick, would not be in any shape to stream online and the younger students, nor their parents, are familiar enough at this time to stream in.  So, we are going to step back from having all absent students stream in and instead, follow the plan below.
K-2nd grade - teachers will follow the same plan as in previous years.  Materials will be gathered and sent to the office or home with a sibling, at the end of each absent day.
3-5th grade - teachers will upload all documents needed for the absent day(s), however students will not stream in.  Teachers will be available to answer questions during school hours or when the student returns.
6-8th grade - middle school students have all the information needed to stream, so the middle school will keep streaming as an option for our absent students in those grades.

     If there are any parents out there with college degrees of any kind, and who are looking for employment, or a way to help out, St. Veronica is looking for substitute teachers.  Due to Covid, we have lost many of our regular substitutes and we are hoping to add more.  To be a substitute teacher you must do, or have, the following:  
  1. A substitute teacher license through the Ohio Department of Education.
  2. Current Virtus training along with FBI and BCI fingerprinting.
  3. Interview with me, and then fill out paperwork to get on our payroll.
     If you are interested in learning more about becoming a substitute teacher, please call the school office and we will walk you through the process.

     I ask that families take a second look at some aspects of the Parent/Student Handbook.  Regarding the dress code, we are seeing that not all students are following the dress code in the following areas:
  • Skirt Lengths - Please check this with your daughters.  The guideline states that the length of a uniform skirt should be no higher than two inches above the back crease of the knee.  We tried to make this as clear as possible but we are still worried that some of our young ladies are not dressing modestly.  Our care is for them, not for just following the rules.  If you are in need of a longer skirt or jumper, Mrs. Bowman has bunches of uniforms that she would gladly share with anyone who needs a longer uniform.  Starting next week uniform violations will be given. After so many dress code violations for skirt length, students may be asked to wear pants instead of the skirt or jumper.
  • Electronics in School  - I know there are many watches, and phones that we think the students can't do without.  However, with many devices being equipped with internet access, we simply cannot have them in the building unmonitored.  We ask that if a child must have some type of technology to keep him/her safe after school hours, that they keep the device in their locker and make sure it is turned off.
  • Lunches - I know this is an unusual year; and parents cannot join their students for lunch, as they have in the past, however, the solution is not to take the student(s) out to lunch, just because.  I know, at times, there will be situations when a student needs to be pulled from school, but these times should be avoided if at all possible.
      In the virtual learning environment students should not be logging into the classroom and chatting with other virtual students without the teacher there to monitor.  Google just rolled out a new update that allows the teacher to control the waiting room and classroom.  Students and parents should watch for these changes.
     Google has also made it possible for virtual students to blur their background as they are streaming with a class.  We ask parents to use this new update so what is happening at home (laundry being folded, groceries being unloaded, pets running through the screen, etc...) does not distract the teacher and students in the classroom.  Also, it would be great to have the virtual student mute his side so the teacher and class do not overhear discussions or activities that families would rather keep private.

     During last spring and over the summer, we gave access to families to do AR tests at home.  Now that most of us are back in school, we would like all the students who are in the building to take AR tests in the building.  By taking the tests in the building, we will get a more accurate placement of the student's reading ability and comprehension skills.  Only virtual students should be taking AR tests at home.  Teachers will only accept school-based AR tests from school-based students.

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls
Basketball registration for boys and girls is open to St. Veronica students and active REP students in grades 3rd-8th. Deadline for registration is October 11th. Booster fees are $75 if not paid for a fall sport, and basketball registration is $75. Late fee of $50 if registering after the

K-2nd Boys & Girls Hoopsters Instructional Program
  • $40 Registration Fee
  • All players receive a T-shirt
  • 6-Week Program - Saturday mornings, beginning 10/31
Registrations for basketball and Hoopsters can be done online CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Coaches Applications
Parents interested in coaching grades 3rd-8th need to complete the coaching application located HERE
 (downloads as Word doc) and submit to Angie Ford (girls) at or Rob Buehner (boys) at All coaches
must be Virtus trained.

St Veronica Cub Scouts Pack 135 -  
Are you still interested in your child joining cub scouts and missed the information meeting? No worries, you can still join! Contact Cubmaster Jason Schuster ( and he will provide all of the details. Remember, cub scouts are open to all boys and girls in grades K-5.