January 2022
Cow Hollow Association Newsletter
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Cow Hollow Cleanup: Citizen Action
When to Use 311: Submit Request for Service App
Adopt-a-Drain: Clear Out Strom Drains
SF SAFE: Build Safer Neighborhoods
Shine On SF: Volunteer in Our City

Cow Hollow Cleanup
"Keeping our city clean is up to us. Our local government does not have the money or resources to do it alone, so it's up to us, the citizens, to take responsibility. We aim to motivate fellow San Franciscans to take the actions needed to clean our streets, beautify our neighborhoods, and encourage others to join our cause. We organize our own events and cleanup opportunities, as well as partner with other local organizations with the ultimate goal of keeping San Francisco free of refuse."
-- Refuse Refuse

Cow Hollow Association, in partnership with Refuse Refuse, is conducting a pilot cleanup for several blocks in our neighborhood at the end of January. We will use the pilot to understand the logistics and processes for a larger rollout of an ongoing cleanup effort in our neighborhood.

When to Use 311
SF311 is the primary customer service center for the City of San Francisco. 311 is available 24/ via phone, web, mobile, and Twitter.

  • Call 3-1-1, visit 311sf.org or use the SF 311 mobile app to report garbage, debris, and human and animal waste. The City will remove human or animal waste within 24 hours and loose garbage and debris within 48 hours.

  • Call 9-1-1 for emergencies or to get help from the City’s Street Response Teams, who respond to urgent needs and address behavioral health, overdoses, and perform wellness checks.

  • Call the SFPD Non-Emergency Line (415-553-0123) to report non-emergency illegal activity.

With the app on your phone, you can easily submit a request for service. Simply choose the service, take a picture, identify the location, and send the request!
Adopt-a-Drain is an initiative of the City to encourage residents to clear out blocked storm drains by adopting one or more of San Francisco's 25,000+ storm drains (also called catch basins). By pledging to keep your drain free of leaves and debris, you are joining your neighbors in helping to protect the environment, manage stormwater, and minimize flooding.

Free Tools and Training
They invite drain adopters to periodic events during the rainy season where they can receive drain cleaning training, and free tools and supplies. You will also receive email reminders from the SFPUC to clear your drains when rain is expected.

SF SAFE was created in 1976 as a project of the SFPD. In 1980, SF SAFE became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, and 40 years later, continues to act as the crime prevention component of the police department. 

SF SAFE engages, educates, and empowers San Franciscans to build safer neighborhoods through crime prevention, education, and public safety services that result in stronger, more vibrant, and resilient communities. 

SF SAFE’s services provide people with the tools, knowledge, and skills to help address and prevent crime and violence and to become advocates for safety and wellness in their neighborhoods. Most services are provided cost-free to the San Francisco community. Ultimately, SF SAFE’s work is about working together to create a safer San Francisco.

Shine On SF
Shine On SF is a coalition of individuals and organizations that, in partnership with the City and County of San Francisco, are committed to igniting civic pride and creating a clean and cared-for San Francisco.

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