February 2022
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Cow Hollow Cleanup: Resounding Success, Sign-Up Now
San Francisco D2 Redistricting: Feb 23 at 10am
SFPD Updates: Newsletters
Presidio Tunnel Tops: Award

Cow Hollow Cleanup: Resounding Success
CHA held its first neighborhood clean-up on January 28th. It was a fun event and a great way to meet your neighbors and make an impact on the quality of life in your community. It's a great way to teach and experience civic pride.

We collected 18 bags of garbage, left them on a corner, and used the 311 app to let the City know where to pick up the bags (you can do this anytime when you see large amounts of trash on the street - in the last CHA newsletter). This clean-up effort is part of a program Refuse Refuse started by a dedicated San Franciscan, Vince Yuen.

You can help continue this effort in several ways:

  • Today -- Take a moment to sweep up the trash in front and near your home. Good deeds inspire others!

  • Monthly -- Volunteer with the CHA neighborhood monthly clean-up held on the third Friday of each month from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. We meet at the corner of Baker and Union Streets. You can sign up online.

  • Ongoing -- Start your own neighborhood clean-up by adopting several blocks. CHA can lend you trash pickers and vests. If you’re interested in this option, please let us know.

  • Weekends -- We’re also thinking of creating a weekend clean-up that would be easier for families with school-age children. If this interests you, please let us know.
San Francisco Redistricting
There is a citywide redistricting effort underway which may have implications for the residents of District 2. Christopher Bowman, of CSFN, has prepared an informative history on redistricting and specific recommendations for this year's effort. See full report.

This is his recommendation for District 2:

"District 3, in turn, would transfer the rest of Russian Hill (9,136 residents) to District 2 so that Russian Hill would be made whole, and District 2 in turn, would transfer Sea Cliff and the Lake Street corridor (4,783 residents) to District 1."

There is a public D2 Redistricting Task Force Meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 23rd at 10am. At that time, San Francisco residents will be asked to voice their opinions and redistricting preferences. Here is a link for details on how to participate (the information will appear closer to the date).

SFPD Updates
Here are the recent newsletters for the two SFPD Stations within our boundaries, including the announcement of a new commanding officer for the Northern Station, Captain Derrick Jackson. 

Presidio Tunnel Tops Photo Exposition
Fun Note: CHA Board Member, Claire Mills' photo was selected out of thousands of entries from individuals worldwide for the Presidio Tunnel Tops Photo Exposition!  It’s part of the collection at the “Main Post East” location in the parking lot of the Presidio YMCA.

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