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April 7, 2023

Easter Sunday, April 9th

Join us this Sunday, April 9th, to recognize and celebrate Resurrection Sunday!

To start the morning, we'll gather for a Sunrise Service at 7:00 am in front of the sanctuary. After this brief service, all are invited to join us for breakfast at the Welcome Table anytime between 8:30 and 10:30.

Following breakfast, we hope you'll join us in the sanctuary at 11:00 for the Easter service.

Guest Preacher, Rev. John Edgar, to visit Haywood Street

Haywood Street Congregation is pleased to be hosting Rev. John Edgar Wednesday, April 12th. He will be the guest preacher during our 12:30 p.m. worship service.

Rev. John Edgar is the founding pastor of the United Methodist Church for All People, a racially and economically diverse congregation in Columbus, Ohio. Rev. Edgar is also the Executive Director of Community Development for All People, a multi-faceted nonprofit where All People are empowered to pursue their hopes, dreams, and aspirations on the South Side of Columbus.

In his new book "A Front Porch for All People," Rev. Edgar tells the story of laboring alongside low-income residents across two decades to transform the South Side of Columbus into an opportunity-rich community. The chapters set forth key principles, which shaped this journey, beginning with the affirmation that scarcity is a myth and all of us dwell inside a divine economy of abundance. 

For more information about Rev. Edgar's visit, contact April Nance at

Monday, April 10th, Staff Day of Rest

The Haywood Street building will be closed this Monday, April 10th, after Easter Sunday to give staff a day of rest. We will return to normal hours on Tuesday, April 11th.

Fresco Speaker Series, Part 3

The next Fresco Speaker Series will be Tuesday, April 18th at 1:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. We'll be joined by Wayne Blackwell, Haywood St.'s Community Care Minister, and Nicole Brown, Director of Haywood Street Respite.

The conversation will focus on Respite, how it is depicted in the Fresco, and how Haywood Street's mission of "Relationship above all else," informs not only Respite's past but its future. 

Respite Meal Train

Each night of the week there is an opportunity to provide dinner for our friends staying at Respite. If you would like to sign up to provide a meal, you can do so here.

Downtown Welcome Table

On-going opportunities to participate at the Welcome Table:

  • Have a meal! - Join us on Sunday or Wednesday to enjoy a meal with our community!

  • Dining Room Clean Up - As always, clean up is one of the places that we need companion support. We promise to make it fun! On Sundays, we need companions from 10:00-12:00, and on Wednesdays from 12:00-2:00

  • Kitchen Clean-Up - On Sundays from 10:00-12:00 and Wednesdays from 12:00-2:00, we would love for a couple of companions to help us clean up the kitchen and help serve the folks who come in during that time for a meal. You can sign up for this role on the sign-up sheet!

Haywood Street in Photos

Respite friends, companions, and staff got together last week to celebrate Kiffin's 72nd birthday!

John and Lora advertising some of Wednesday's fabulous desserts!

A glimpse into Wednesday's beautiful service that recognized Good Friday.

Weekly Ministry Opportunities:


Sundays at 11:00 and Wednesdays at 12:30 in the sanctuary

Tuesday Prayer Group:12:00 in the sanctuary. Gather for a time of communal prayer 


Thursday Card Making:10:00 am in the dining room. Gather together to make cards for our community and friends in prison or in the hospital. 

Grief Support Group: Tuesdays from 11 am-12 pm in the community room. We’ll strive towards healing together through relationship with each other.

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Weekly Sermon

You can read each week's sermon and previous sermons by visiting our website's Stories & Sermons page.

Community Resources

Click below to see a list of places in the community to donate and find clothes, and when recovery meetings are held.

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Fresco Viewing Hours:

Sundays 9-12 

Monday-Thursday 10-2

By appointment, contact April at


Welcome, Tiffany!

Introducing our new Community Engagement Coordinator, Tiffany Santiago

Hello! I’m Tiffany, the new Community Engagement Coordinator at Haywood Street. I heard about the great work Haywood St. was doing several years ago. They really came on my radar when Haywood Street produced a fundraising concert for the Fresco Project at the Wortham Center in 2019. I was the Operations Manager at the Wortham Center and was helping to organize the event at our venue. 

Since then, I have been longing for a job opportunity at Haywood Street. An opportunity presented itself to apply for a full-time position at Haywood St. in the summer of 2021 but my Mother-in-law had just passed away and I was stricken with major grief. Six months later my brother-in-law died of Covid a couple of days before Christmas. Six months after that, my Father died unexpectedly from Alzheimer’s disease. Life was heavy and messy, and my family was walking around in a constant state of fog and grief. My husband and I did our best to support our then 6-year-old daughter with her grief as we did our best to deal with ours. Our world continued to be a topsy-turvy of heartbreak, exhaustion, and anguish.

By the end of 2022, I finally felt I was coming out on the other side of grief. On a whim, at the beginning of January, I visited the Haywood St. website hoping to see a job opportunity. I was floored when I saw the Community Engagement Coordinator position and instantly knew I was capable and had the skill set for the job. Yet, the search for a job turned into a yearning to be a part of something bigger and more meaningful. I am truly blown away and humbled by what everyone at Haywood St. has envisioned and how they bring it to life daily. And doing so with grace and compassion, all while continuing to grow and expand. It's a rarity and it's remarkable and I deeply wanted to be a part of it. 

Honestly, I'm finding it difficult to put into words the impact the last 5 weeks have had on me. I’m an extremely passionate person and quite the chatterer, so it’s rare when I’m at a loss for words. This place and position have been one of the most incredible and powerful experiences of my life. Our staff, companions, friends, and community inspire me every second of every day. My life has transformed because of Haywood St. 

My husband and our 7-year-old daughter have been able to join me at Haywood St. My favorite story to share is my daughter’s take on it. These are the words she expressed about experiencing Haywood Street: "Mama, your job is the coolest, and Haywood St. has a little bit of everything. At times I was very uncomfortable. But then the more I walked around and met people, and walked through the garden, visited the art room and your office, I realized something. What I really feel is love. There is so much love at Haywood Street." 

She puts into words what so many of us experience at Haywood St. but don't quite know how to express. It’s my wish that everyone can experience it for themselves. 

I’m looking forward to growing with our community and cultivating new relationships at Haywood St. I’ll be working closely with groups interested in volunteering in different capacities such as beautification projects and gardening projects just to name a couple. During the summer months, I’ll facilitate various projects with visiting youth groups. I’ll also be reaching out to churches and civic groups to share about Haywood Street and see how we can work together.

I’m a people person and love to share stories and laughter. If you haven’t met me yet, please stop by my office in the Hair Salon, off of the main lobby.

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A witness to include the most excluded, Haywood Street not only welcomes every child of God–especially sisters and brothers of every mental illness and physical disability, addiction and diagnosis, living condition and employment status, gender identity and sexual orientation, class, color, and creed–but we celebrate your presence, certain that the kingdom of God is coming closer because you are here.