March 2021
Cow Hollow Association Newsletter
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Welcome New Neighbors
NEW! La Côte Ouest Restaurant
Thank You, Neighbor!

Welcome New Neighbors
A sense of connectedness in these crazy days is important, and we want new residents to Cow Hollow to feel welcomed and connected to our community.

In doing so, we are putting a twist on the old tradition of showing up at the front door with a pie, and instead providing a friendly, mask-covered hello and a "covid-safe" plant.

If you’ve recently become part of Cow Hollow, don’t be surprised if you receive a welcome visit (masked and socially distanced, of course!) from a CHA Board member. And if you have not heard from us yet or you know of a new neighbor, please share with us so we can add them to the welcome list.

The Cow Hollow Association is comprised of neighbors and we strive to be your voice on issues that affect our community. As we share issues of concern with you, we rely upon your support to amplify the message and take action. If you have not already become a member, please consider joining us today.
La Côte Ouest
New Restaurant in Cow Hollow
Exciting News! La Côte Ouest (the West Coast), a French bistro, will be moving into the vacant Baker Street Bistro space at 2953 Baker Street between Greenwich and Lombard Streets. Laurent, from Northwestern France, and head chef Martin (previously at Le Garage in Sausalito) from Southwestern France, will be serving lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday with brunch offered on Saturday and Sunday. Laurent used to be a manager at the Baker Street Bistro in the early 2000s so knows the area well and is excited to return to the neighborhood. They hope to open later in March or April with a menu of traditional French specialties.

In other news, the former owners of the Baker Street Bistro, Danel and David, have opened a French bakery and tea house, Maison Danel, at 1030 Polk Street (between Post and Geary, near the new CPMC Van Ness campus).
Thank you, Neighbor!
Father and son team seen walking Cow Hollow picking up trash.  
We want to recognize those who take the extra step to make our beloved community better. If you witness acts of kindness or gestures that improve the quality of life in the Cow Hollow neighborhood, please share with us a one- or two-sentence note about the act.

If you happen to have a photo to share, that would be great and we would be happy to include it. Please ask for verbal approval from the person(s) in the photo and if they are willing to share with CHA, particularly if a child is included.
Cow Hollow Association Board
David Bancroft, Anne Bertrand, Lori Brooke, Don Emmons,
Cynthia Gissler, Barbara Heffernan, Karen Laughlin, 
Claire Mills, Victoria Osman, Veronica Taisch, Geoff Wood