June 2020
Cow Hollow Association Newsletter
The Cow Hollow Association is dedicated to protecting and preserving the quality of life and residential character in the Cow Hollow neighborhood. We welcome your involvement and support.
What is RescueSF?
RescueSF is a coalition of residents from across the city who seek to improve the quality of life for all San Franciscans.

RescueSF began here with CHA members taking their frustration and turning it into positive action. Our mission is to bring clean and safe streets to all San Franciscans and this begins by finding solutions for helping the unsheltered off the streets and for preventing more people from becoming homeless. We are not ideological. We are looking at data and best practices. What policies have worked here and elsewhere? What could work best for San Francisco going forward? 

When our coalition formulates the outlines of a solution, we will take our message to City Hall with a united, citywide voice. Currently, the coalition has grown to 30 organizations across San Francisco and our outreach includes neighborhood, tenant and business associations along with homeless advocates, faith-based groups, the legal community, and innovative non-profits. 

As part of our journey to find better solutions, we are launching a speakers series -- called RescueSF Speakers -- to educate ourselves and everyone about the homelessness situation in San Francisco . We want to hear from all stakeholders who have been involved with the homelessness crisis to help develop a framework of effective, common sense, bold solutions that provide transparency and accountability to the public.

RescueSF Speakers
Dr. Margot Kushel
Director, UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations

Thursday, June 18
Noon - 1pm
Kevin Fagan
Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Wednesday, June 24
Noon - 1pm
David Faigman
Dean, Hastings Law School

Wednesday, July 1
Noon - 1pm
Please join the citywide coalition at RescueSF.org . Sign up to receive email updates. Register for our speaker series. People-powered activism can succeed. 
Contact:  info@rescuesf.org
Visit website:  RescueSF.org
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Cow Hollow Association Board
David Bancroft, Anne Bertrand, Lori Brooke, Don Emmons,
Cynthia Gissler, Barbara Heffernan, Karen Laughlin, 
Claire Mills, Victoria Osman, Veronica Taisch, Geoff Wood