Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, July 2016
We'd like to acknowledge a firecracker
employee of the month....

On our RBE website it says that this person has been “herding cats since 1824, so she knows just how to get things done.”  Well that’s just silly, Dr. Weeks wasn’t even in practice until 1890, but that cat thing? well, you decide….  Here’s a “day in the life” look at our mystery person, see if you can figure out who it is through this photo essay. 

Through it all this person perseveres…  keeping us all on track, putting the “rock" in Rocky Bay!  Yes, indeed it’s the one and only Karol Nayer, the best darn cat herder and chaos coordinator around and our employee of the month.
Please join Lottie in thanking her for all her hard work, we all appreciate how difficult cat herding can be, cheers to you Karol!

Rocky Bay Equine, Horse Care Clinic I  
Physical Examination & Emergency Preparedness

When:    Saturday, July 23, 2016  starts at 10 AM to noon  (light snacks provided)
Where:  Rocky Bay Equine Hospital,  12604 189th Avenue KPN, Gig Harbor, WA
Cost:      FREE, but you must sign up to attend, limited to the first 20 people                 
              call now to reserve your spot  (253) 858-4529  

Excellent horse care & management requires mastery of the basics of equine health.  You have the potential to know your horse better than any one else and to be his/her best advocate.  Turn that potential into reality in this clinic by learning and applying the basics of horse health care practices.  

In this 3 hour, "hands on" clinic we'll cover the physical examination; what makes up a comprehensive evaluation and how to perform it on a live horse.  Among other things, you'll learn how to use a stethoscope, take a rectal temperature and evaluate intestinal motility.   We'll send you home with a check list of what is considered normal for each system we examine.   We'll go over basic emergency protocols, how to best prepare for the most common emergencies and what to do before the vet gets there. 

July Special Offer

Karol is your best friend when you need a travel agent for your animals and she's come up with a 10% off bonus for getting those out of state travel documents in order!  That's 10% off the cost of Coggins, health certificates, brand inspections... through the month of July.  Schedule your visit today!  
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Gig Harbor, WA 98394           find us on Facebook