AY 2020-21 - Vol. 4.
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NEW | STAT 011
Conducting a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
in Biomedical Research
In this hands-on two-day online workshop, we will take participants through all the steps of conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis...
To enable you to effectively continue your online education, but not interfere with your other commitments, FAES Academic Programs has designed online courses that encourage active learning and are asynchronous, and therefore, you do not have to “Zoom in” on a scheduled basis. Pre-recorded content for each module is made available in advance and while working through course material when your schedule allows, all you need to keep in mind (other than new knowledge) are assignment and quiz deadlines, clearly outlined in the course syllabus.

Registration for Summer 2021 courses is now open and courses will begin on Monday, June 14, 2021. By popular demand, shorter courses are also introduced starting this summer. The regular 7-week term will now also include 3-week courses starting at the beginning of the term followed by another series of short courses beginning Monday, July 12, 2021.

A new “Bioinformatics Curiosity” digital badge was introduced earlier this year. This is the first in a series of digital badges that signal successful completion of varying levels of bioinformatics and data science courses and workshops offered by FAES Academic Programs. During the summer months you can fuel your interest of bioinformatics by taking some of our introductory level courses or workshops that will also allow you to earn and display this badge on your social media or career sites, such as LinkedIn. Please be sure to register for these exciting new pathways to building your knowledge and skill sets in bioinformatics and data science.

See you in Summer 2021!
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"It is easy for experts to underestimate their expertise and talk in very complicated language that is impossible for students to follow. That is not the fault of the student, if they were at that level of expertise, they would not need the course to begin with.”
-Dr. Ragavan Varadharajan Suresh, NIAID Postdoc Fellow and FAES Faculty Member (IMMU 403)

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