News letter 3

23 October 2020
Update COVID-19
Update COVID-19

From October 12 all classes will be taught at school, we are carefully monitoring how this is going.

We are very satisfied with the outcome of this so far! The measures that have been taken seem to be sufficient for the current situation and it looks like we will be able to continue to teach all of our classes at school.

We do not have any pupils or teachers who have been tested positive for COVID-19, neither do we have any absences due to the quarantine rules.

We will remain responsible together to act properly when any symptoms might show. We still would like you to think of all precautions and we are happy with this collaboration!

Dropping off and picking up is going very well too. Since all pupils are back at school we have organised extra surveillance for this phase. They support us in checking the correct use of the face mask, the washing and sanitizing of hands, and ventilating the building.
Sick report
Procedure ziekmelding

❏ Calling in sick starts with you. When the first symptoms arise we kindly request you to follow our procedure by informing school about this at your earliest convenience, between 7am and 8.30 am. You could either phone or send an email to
Following DVG’s guidelines we will also advise you to contact your G.P. to take a coronatest.

❏ The above-mentioned information also goes when anyone in your family is experiencing
symptoms. This we would also like to be informed about at your earliest convenience. At this point we could discuss whether it is necessary for your child to to go into quarantine or not to await any test results.

❏ When a pupil, member of staff, or any of their members in the family/ household is found positive you follow the national quarantine measures.

❏ School has the obligation to notify JGZ (youth health service) and DVG in writing of sick
reports on a daily basis.

When your child develops symptoms at school, we will contact you and request you to pick up your child.
Testweek 2 / Schoolexam 1
The 2nd testweek will take place Monday 9 until Friday 13 November.

Next week your child will receive their schedule for the testweek in their school-mailbox. The schedule for the test week is part of the examination schedule, this is also sent through your child's school-mailbox separately.

Calling in sick during the test/ exam week:

Pupils who cannot participate in part of a test exam due to illness need to also notify Medwork of this via phone op +297 5878880 on the same day .
  • A Medwork consult costs AWG 35,- and this needs to be transferred to the Aruba Bank account no. 2356490190 with the CLEAR description “Verklaring [NAME PUPIL]”;
  • You send an email to Medwork with a scan of the pupil's ID attached, mentioning the name of the school and a telephone number where the pupil can be reached;
  • The doctor will contact the pupil on the number provided for a consult by phone;
  • Medwork will then send a report of the consult to the email address that was provided; in which it is established: whether or not the pupil is hindered from participating in the test or exam and how long this is estimated to take.
  • Pupils who show COVID-related symptoms will be referred to DVG/ DC.
TTO - Tweetalig onderwijs - Bilingual Education
Logo en motto tto
From next week on the nex tto logo and logo will become visible within school. Our focus is on the look towards the outside: “Into the world.”

The three guiding pillars for tto in this process are: 
Language awareness (measurable) 
World citizenship (demonstrable) (noticeable)
Personal development (noticeable

The three guiding pillars can be noticed in our new tto logo:
Joining Nuffic
We proudly inform you of the fact that are school has recently joined the Dutch organisation for the internationalization of education NUFFIC. We are now part of the Caribbean network of several other tto school in the Caribbean.

What does Nuffic do?
Nuffic is the national coordination point for bilingual education (tweetalig onderwijs -tto) in the Netherlands. They support school in their development of the bilingual curriculum, inform school, and help new tto schools in organising their curriculum and network. Together with the tto network they set the quality standard commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science.

To become a member of the tto network school must endorse the tto standards. Your school must also take part in a quality process for bilingual education and acquire the tto-label.

News letter in English
As you have noticed the news letter is now also translated into English as part of the tto standard. You will thus receive both a Dutch and an English version.
Interact Club of Aruba
The Interact Club of Aruba is a club for the pupils of the Schakel College, who volunteer to improve our community on Aruba.
One of our projects is helping out at FPNC (Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad) once a month. 

Interact is looking for new members who would like to help the people on the island and also give back to our community!

If your child might be interested in becoming a member of Interact, they can email us a letter of motivation.

This email must contain the following points of motivation:
  • Why would you like to become a member?
  • Why should we pick you?
  • What are your strong points?

The deadline for the letter of motivation is October 30. It can be emailed to A contribution of AWG 10,- must also be paid when your child becomes an official member!

We are looking forward to reading your letter of motivation.

Thank you in advance,

Interact Club of Aruba
New classrooms and schedule
New classrooms
From Monday October 26 we will start using w new classrooms. These are right next to the side-entrance in the mall, across from Save more.

Schedule from Monday October 26
Today your child will receive the adjusted schedule. This starts on Monday October 26 and will go until the Christmas holiday if the circumstance stay the same.
You can also check your child's schedule in SOMtoday with your log on details.
Side-entrance closes from 9am
The side-entrance will be closed from 9am in the morning. We kindly request you to please pick up your child at the roundabout of the main building.
If your child has classes in the side building they can be picked up there.
General rules : clothing protocol
In this news letter we would like to ask your attention for our clothing protocol. Our clothing protocol can be found in the school guide under "onze waarden en leefregels". 

Surveillance will address pupils who do not dress according to the protocol. We would also like to ask you to check if your child's clothing meets our standards. If your child's clothing style does not improve after they have been addressed several times, we will contact you.
We expect your child/ children to dress appropriately and kindly ask for you cooperation for this.

Please keep the following in mind:
* Hats, caps, and other sorts of headgear are not allowed inside school.
* Pupils come to school in appropriate clothing. Preferably not in shorts; shorts or skirts need to reach beyond the tips of the fingers. T-shirts en tops with a deep neckline and/ or belly button showing, and inappropriate texts/ pictures are not allowed. See-through clothing or baggy jeans are also not approved.
Important data

  • Information for parents of exam pupils: 30 October

  • Test week 2 / schoolexam 1: Monday 9 until Friday 13 November

  • Study afternoon team : Monday 9 November - lessons end at 12.15 hr

  • Makeup test afternoon : Friday 20 November
Stichting Onderwijs Combina
  • Peutergroep Prikichi
  • Basisschool de Schakel
  • Time 2 Play
  • Schakel College