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Lightning Online Point of Sale

By Computer Perfect
Newsletter 46 

With great pleasure, on Monday, March 12th
begin your journey to preview Lightning E-Commerce. 

Here is your chance to preview the exciting stuff we have been working on for our E-Commerce platform.

Within Lightning Online Point of Sale, including your iPhone and iPad, click 'E-Commerce'......Go for it

Your fully integrated Store/E-Commerce Solution
Enjoy all of the options, including:

My Dashboard:
Displays the status of each open order.  

Real-Time Inventory Options:
Control how you want website visitors to see your inventory, especially handling of items that you don't have in stock, but are expected in shortly.
Delivery Options:
Will pickup at store, please deliver with TIP, gift wrap and more.
Rewards Program:
If your store has a rewards program, then customers can see their points, dollar value, plus accumulate additional points for online purchases.  Customers can also redeem points during the check-out process. 

Home Page Options:
Select from preset images, tailored to your industry, to quickly jazz up your site, then define which items will be showcased, along with Staff Picks and New Additions if needed.

21 Check Options:
If your business model requires customers to aknowledge they are twenty-one or higher, then this is for you.  Select when they must agree....when the home page loads or at checkout.  

Sales Tax Handling:
See which options work best for your environment.

Store/Delivery Hours:
Define your store hours and delivery hours (if applicable)    

Event Calendar:
Our event calendar is designed to impress.

Email Options:
Customize your automatic emails such as Welcome, Order Received, Canceled Order Acknowledgment, Forgot Password and more.
Shipping / Return Policies:
Each item can have its own shipping or return policy which is managed in Lightning.  Plus return eligibility status clearly shows on each item on the invoice/order history.  

Return Processing Reporting:
Refund at Store or Ship, plus define prompts on why an item being returned.  I.E. Defective, Not as Described, etc.
Our fully integrated e-commerce package will be released in the coming months which will be free for all users for the first six months.*

Watch how your store and e-commerce become ONE! Let your journey begin

Psst..... we are also working on a mobile app for your clients to download. Have your own branded mobile app on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Stay up to date with all things E-commerce by clicking the link below. 

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* Customers are responsible for the purchase of their domain name and SSL certificate.  
Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959